Richard Hertz 

The Perfect Length Skirt

My mom sent me a cute outfit -- a lacy blue top with yellow trim, and a matching miniskirt. I like it, but, you know how moms are -- they just don't understand fashion. Doesn't she realize I can't go out dressed this way? The top is fine -- a little sheer, so my nipples can see the sunshine. But people would laugh at my skirt, it's so long. I would feel like I'm hiding something under there. Not that I am, of course -- the only thing under this skirt is me -- but you know how people are. If they saw me in such a long skirt they would wonder if I'm wearing panties or something.


I still want to wear the skirt, so I have to shorten it somehow. As you can see, it almost completely covers my butt, which is unacceptable. Sure, it's OK if part of my butt is covered -- maybe half of it. But this skirt is way too long. I would be afraid a Dress Code Inspector would see me and think I'm wearing a thong or something. At the very least, I should show enough skin so people can see I'm not violating the Dress Code. I need to fix the skirt somehow, so it covers the top part of my butt crack, almost down to my asshole.


I think I've found the solution: By rolling the waist, I can shorten the skirt to about 2 or 3 inches. Skirts really shouldn't be any longer than that, or they just look rediculous. Sitting here, I can see my butt is mostly out in the open, like it should be. The only problem is now people can't see the pretty blue lace. I really should get out my sewing machine and fix it properly, but I just don't have time now. I'll see how it goes. I hope it's short enough. I would hate to go out in a skirt that's still too long, even after I roll the waist. As long as my asshole isn't covered, I think I'll be fine.


A skirt should cover a girl's pussy almost completely. I would be embarrassed if people could see very much of it. Oh, a little glimpse now and then won't hurt me, but I don't want people to think I'm flashing it, you know? So I check every now and then to make sure it's covered up, but not too much. The best length of a skirt is to be exactly covered, and not even a fraction of an inch more. When I look down, I want to be able to see my whole leg, right up to the crease where my abdomen meets it. If I can't see that crease, I know my skirt is too long, and I need to give the waist one more roll.

Like I said, moms don't know anything about today's fashions, but they mean well. It's a cute outfit, and with a little fixing up, I know I'll not only look good, but feel good in it, too.


Now I've got it fixed up just right, and I'm ready to go out on the town!


"Oh, Crysta, I've missed you so much!" Donna dropped her suitcases and ran into their room. The girls hugged, and then kissed. Crysta's lips tasted all the sweeter after the long summer.

When the girls finally separated, Crysta took Donna's hands, and stepped back. "Donna, what have you done with yourself? You're more beautiful than I remembered!"

Donna giggled. "Nothing special," she lied like a rug: she had been working on her tan and her shyness all summer. She managed to convince her father to let her sunbathe in the nude in her back yard. At first, he didn't like the idea, because the neighbors could see over the fence. But she kept begging until he eventually gave in, letting her sunbathe in the nude. "You look gorgeous, Crysta. Have you lost weight?"

"A little, maybe," Crysta lied. She had dieted and exercised like crazy all summer, and lost nearly twenty pounds off her belly, making her already huge tits look even bigger. "Let's see what you're wearing," Crysta said to change the subject. Donna's long slinky legs looked tan beneath her t-shirt. Crysta giggled, "Are you bottomless?" Donna swatted her hands away playfully as she reached beneath her t-shirt. "What's this?"

Donna rolled her eyes. "Panties," she said.

Crysta pulled them down to her knees, and both girls laughed. They were still laughing when Donna's parents appeared at the door. "Oops!" Crysta said. She started to pull Donna's panties up, but Donna swatted her away. She would bravely do the introductions with her panties about her knees.

"Crysta, this is my mom, and my dad. Mom and dad, this is Crysta." Donna's mom smiled sweetly at Crysta, but her dad could only glare at her panties.

"What have I told you about being decent in public?" he growled.

"I'm sorry, daddy," said Donna. She walked over to him and hugged him, letting her panties fall to the floor.

He put his arms around her, and patted her bare ass as they hugged. Donna and her dad had become closer during the summer. "It's OK, darling. Just don't let it happen again, OK?"

Donna kicked her panties aside. "OK, daddy."

Her dad's face brightened. "It's good to finally meet you, Crysta." He hugged her, lifting her dress slightly, ending the hug with a friendly pat on the butt.

When daddy went over to the window to look out over the campus, Donna's curiosity got the better of her. "Did my dad feel your bare ass?" she whispered.

"No, silly," Crysta replied hugging her long-lost friend. "I put panties on this morning, just like you."

"No you didn't!" Donna reached under her friend's dress, and was amazed to feel soft cotton.

"I did!" she laughed. Crysta was wearing her "granny panties".

"What are you two giggling about," Donna's dad asked, turning away from the window.

Donna quickly pulled her hand out of Crysta's dress. "Nothing, Daddy."

"It's the Dress Code, isn't it," he said. The girls blanched.

Crysta whispered to Donna, "he knows about the Dress Code?"

He heard her, saying "Oh, yes, I know all about it, Crysta. I've got a copy of it right here." He pulled a pamphlet out of his pocket.

The girls gaped at him. He knows the girls aren't allowed to wear panties? He knows about the inspections, which seem to the girls like nothing more than a lame excuse to find half a dozen poor, decent, shy girls every day, and strip them naked in public? My God! What is he going to do about this?

"I've gotta say, girls, I'm a little concerned about this." Oh, no, Crysta thought. What kind of trouble is he going to cause? "It says here that dresses and skirts must be knee-length or longer, and that underwear is mandatory."

The girls looked at each other. That's not *our* Dress Code, they thought. "Can I see that?" Crysta asked.

Donna's dad handed it over. It was illustrated with pictures that look like they came out of the 1950's -- girls wearing pant-suits and long dresses. "I'm think it's a little restrictive, considering the fashions of today, don't you think, Crysta?"

"Oh, um. Well, I think--"

"I mean girls don't want to wear such long dresses any more, am I right, Donna?"

Donna batted her eyes at her dad, "yes, daddy," she said.

"And I learned this summer that underwear is old-fashioned. Girls just don't wear panties any more, am I right?"

The girls looked at each other. Crysta smiled, and Donna shrugged, being careful not to shrug too much, wearing just a t-shirt.

Donna's dad went on, "I hate to think of you girls all bundled up in outmoded clothes just because of some stupid Dress Code." He gestured in a direction he imagined was the administration building. "I think I'll go over and talk to the Dean of Students about--"

"No, daddy, don't do that." Donna gently guided her dad's hand back to his side. "It's OK, really."

Crysta added, "We think the Dress Code is just fine, honest."

Donna's dad looked at his watch. "It was very nice to finally meet you, Crysta." On his way to the door, Donna's dad picked up is daughter's panties off the floor, and handed them to her. "Well, put these on, honey. I don't want you to get in trouble."

"OK, daddy. Bye, mom."

When they were gone the girls put their foreheads together and laughed uncontrollably. "Girls just don't wear panties any more, am I right?" Crysta mocked, and they laughed some more.

"It's funny to think: I'm bottomless, and you're wearing panties! What a switch!"

"I figured I might as well dress up, at least until they start enforcing the Dress Code."

"Yeah, it is kind of nice to be able to wear anything we want for a few days. When does the Dress Code go into effect?"

"The day after tomorrow," Crysta said. "After all the mommies and daddies disappear." Crysta fixed Donna with an odd look. "And speaking of daddies, how did you train yours so well?"

Donna laughed. "Oh, that. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy. I never really got over my shyness last year, so I really wanted to work on that over the summer. My goal was to work up to a point where I was wearing even less clothes over the summer, so I could come to school and feel decent. My plan was to wear just t-shirts around the house, and then 'forget' to put anything else on to go out with my friends."

"Did that plan work?"

"Not at first. I tried wearing a size 'large' t-shirt to go out with my friends to the mall. I've worn baggy t-shirts before with shorts, and sometimes the shorts are completely covered. So who would know I was bottomless this one day? With my friends all around me I said 'bye dad', and started out the door, but this time he asked me what I was wearing under the shirt."

"With all your friends there? How embarrassing!"

"Tell me about it. I said shorts, but he didn't believe me. He made me lift up my shirt to show him."

"What happened when he saw you were bottomless?"

"Well, he got really mad because it took me a long time to lift up my shirt. I kept hoping one more inch would do it, and he would say 'OK'. But he made me lift up my shirt higher than my belly button, with everyone looking at me. It was so obvious I was naked, but he still made me lift my shirt higher, so it was covering my face. Everyone was so quiet, just looking at my utter humiliation, it made me juicy, which only made it worse. Then he pulled my shirt right off me. I was so embarrassed standing there naked with all my friends around me. He sent me to my room to put on some panties. I found a pair of panties that left very little to the imagination, just to spite my dad. He looked at my crotch, and shook his head with dismay, but he let me have my shirt back. I climaxed as I felt it cover my tits. I ran out the door because I didn't want him to know how turned on I got by being humiliated that way."

"Wow, that's rough," Crysta said. "What did you do to turn him around?"

"This is kinda funny," Donna said. "I know one of the receptionists where my dad works. Her name is Willow, which is a good name for her, so tall and thin, with long, straight hair. She was a year ahead of me in High School. I told her that I needed to convince my dad that girls just don't wear panties any more, and she said she would help me. One day, she wore her shortest dress -- a sexy dark blue metalic micro-mini skirt, really tight with slits up the sides to her waist."

"I have one like that. You just can't wear panties under that kind of dress."

"Right. Even a thong wouldn't look right -- the straps would show through the slits. And let me tell you, this dress was really cute on her. The front covered her so exactly that any movement, no matter how slight, was enough to flash her cute little pussy."

"How about the back of the dress? Did it cover her asshole, at least?"

"Let me put it this way: in this dress, she had to use only what nature gave her to keep her goodies covered from the back."

"It sounds like a sexy dress. But how did that help you?"

"Well as soon as he did that double-take, you know what I mean?" Crysta nodded, knowingly. "As soon as he did that, she said 'Thank you'."

"Then he must have said something like 'um, you're welcome', and then she said 'you know it's a lot easier for us girls now that panties have gone out of style'."

"Out of style! That's a good one."

"Yeah, I told her no matter what she had to say that panties have gone out of style. Then he said something like 'out of style? really?' and then she said 'Oh yeah, do you think I could have worn panties under this dress? They just don't make clothes you can wear panties with any more.' "

Crysta laughed. "Oh, that's priceless!"

Donna agreed, "She really did a number on him. The next day I went out with my friends in a 'medium' t-shirt, so I could show off my cheeks a bit. My dad made me lift my shirt in front of my friends, which was really embarrassing, because I still wanted to keep them guessing whether I was wearing panties."

"Did he make you put anything on under your t-shirt?"

"No. I turned on the charm. I lifted my shirt up all the way past my tits to show him I was completely naked under it, and then I said 'daddy, please don't make me wear panties, because girls just don't wear panties any more'"

Crysta laughed, "I can just picture you with your perky little tits holding up your shirt, standing with your legs apart, batting your sexy eyelashes at your dad. It worked, did it?"

"For a minute I wasn't sure. He asked my friend, Faith, whether she wears panties. Faith said no, and I was desperately hoping that would be good enough for my dad, and maybe it would have been except for her boyfriend, Hayden, who teased her. 'Why don't you prove you're not wearing panties,' picking at her top, trying to lift it up. It was a game to those two, but not to me. I was afraid Faith would be wearing panties, and that would destroy all my plans. Before long, Hayden caught up to Faith, and stripped her naked on our front lawn. What luck! Faith wasn't wearing any panties, either. My dad laughed, and told us to have a good time, convinced now that panties are out of style."

"That was a stroke of luck that Faith was bottomless, too."

"Not really. Bless their hearts, the girls got together and decided to forgo the panties just in case, to help me out. The other girl, Lauren, was prepared to strip, too, if necessary. She's really shy, though, so she was glad she didn't have to strip for my dad, the way Faith did."

"Sounds like you made a clean getaway."

"Yeah, except..." Donna laughed as she recalled what happened next. "Hayden still had Faith's top, so she got in the back seat of the convertable, naked. Lauren and I sat next to her. With all the excitement, I had forgotten to pull my top back down over my tits, and the boys thought that was very funny. They said Lauren would have to show her tits, too, or else Faith wouldn't get her top back. But Lauren was too shy. I begged her to lift up her top for the boys, but she just wouldn't do it. The boys drove to the mall, and got out, leaving us three girls in the back seat, and poor Faith was stark naked. We didn't want to leave her by herself that way, so we stayed with her, hoping the boys would take pity on her and bring her top back. Finally, Hayden returned and told us how Faith could get her top back. Lauren and I would have to give Hayden our tops, and then the three of us would have to walk -- completely naked -- from one end of the mall to the other. Then we would all get our tops back."

"Did you trust Hayden to live up to his end of the bargain?"

"Not completely, but Faith really wanted to do it, so I said OK. I took off my shirt, and gave it to Hayden. I felt embarrassed already to be naked, and we were only in the parking lot. Faith was nice to me, though, soothing me with her touch. In a way, the heat was off us, because we were already naked. I leaned back and relaxed, as Faith stroked my thighs. It was a bit cramped with the three of us in the back seat of the convertable, though, and so I told Lauren that there wasn't anything that could be done, except just to do it."

"Had Lauren ever been naked in public before?"

"I don't think so. I don't even think she had ever gone bottomless before. The poor girl started crying. She begged to be driven home. Faith and I gently tugged at her top, saying it was all just in fun, and she should go along with it. I noticed Lauren's pussy was open like a pretty pink flower. She flinched as my hand accidently brushed against her juicy pussy. I pressed my palm against it, with my fingers curled between her butt cheeks, and felt her pulsing. After she came, she relaxed, and let us take off her top, which we handed over to Hayden. Lauren said she had never felt anything like that before in her life, and if it took being stripped naked to feel that way again, she was all for it."

"Sounds like she's another convert."

"I think so. Lauren and I had a lot of fun in the mall. While Faith spent most of her time trying to hide behind things, Lauren and I jumped in the fountain and splashed each other. Lauren hugged and kissed me a lot, too. I was a little embarrassed because Lauren's kisses excited me, and she knew it. She did everything she could to excite me more. I sat on her lap, facing her, while she gave me the world's best back rub -- from the shoulder blades, down between my butt cheeks, and then along my inner thighs, teasing me mercilessly while she kissed me. She giggled when I came. 'Isn't this fun?' she said. I had to agree. It was almost a disappointment when we reached the end of our walk, and Hayden finally handed us our tops. We stopped kissing long enough to slip them on, but then we kissed some more. We didn't even care that our butts weren't covered, we were having so much fun."

"You trained Lauren well."

"Well, Lauren was ready. She just needed a little push." Donna laughed, remembering what Lauren did next. "Lauren told me she felt like a new girl. She said she had been reborn. And the catalyst was going out of her house just once bottomless. She told me she was through wearing panties."

"Was she serious?"

"I think so. Anyway, for the whole rest of the summer I never saw her in panties again. She had the same trouble with her parents, though. Lauren called me up one day to say she wanted to wear a really cute outfit but her mother wouldn't let her out of the house. She begged me to come over, naked from the waist down, so her mother could see other girls dress that way."

"Naked from the waist down?"

"That's what I said. I asked her if that was a little extreme, but she begged me, and said I would understand when I saw how cute her outfit was. I tried on all my t-shirts, and none of them were small enough. Naked from the wasit down," Donna repeated, as if she could scarsely believe it. "Do you know that means naked from the belly button down? Take a look," she drew a line across her body. "The belly button is at the same level as the hips. Do you realize that means naked from the small of the back on down?" Donna shook her head in dismay as she recalled the enormity of what Lauren asked her to do.

"So did you do it?"

"Relax, Crysta. I'll tell you. Just sit back, and enjoy the story. Here, let me help you with your panties."

Crysta leaned back so Donna could slip them off.

Donna sat down next to Crysta, and rested a hand in her lap. "Now, where was I? Oh, yeah. None of my t-shirts were small enough, but I remembered a cute little yellow camisole I had tucked away in the top drawer of my dresser. I picked it up. My God! I could see right through it. But it was cute, so what the heck, I tried it on."

"How did it look on you?"

"Like a million bucks! I felt really sexy in it -- maybe a little too sexy. You see, it didn't completely hide my breasts. But then I thought about it, and I realized no one would notice my breasts anyway, since I would be naked below the waist." A look of horror came over Donna's pretty face. "Naked below the waist. I just couldn't do it."

"But you promised your friend--"

"I know, but when it came down to it, I got cold feet."

"So what did you do?"

"I had an idea how I could get out of it. I went downstairs, dressed only in my sexy yellow camisole, and as luck would have it, both my mom and dad were in the kitchen. I went in and fixed myself a bowl of cereal, pretending nothing was wrong. I saw my dad look me up and down, so I knew the wheels were turning in his head, but he didn't say anything right away. My mom asked me what my plans were for the day, and I said I was gonna drop by Lauren's house for a bit. My mom asked me if I was going to put something on first, and so I played dumb. What do you mean? I asked her. She said something like a skirt, maybe, or-- but I cut her off and said OR PANTIES? Then I started in on them. The two of you are something else! I yelled. Always fixated on me wearing panties! Can't you get it through your thick heads that girls just don't wear panties any more?"

"Wow! Do you always yell at your parents that way?"

Donna laughed. "No, never. I was really trying to get them to make me wear panties, or ground me, or anything to prevent me from going, half naked, to Lauren's house. Anything to get me off the hook."

"So what happened?"

"It totally backfired. Both my parents started saying things like oh, honey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you so upset. My dad came over to me and gave me a hug." Donna laughed when she remembered her dad's hug. "He didn't know where to put his hands. Eventually, one of them settled on my butt. He stroked it sweetly as he said how sorry he was, and that he just wasn't thinking about today's fashions. I'm sure my dad didn't realize it, but his fingertips brushed very close to my butthole with each gentle stroke, and it was making me excited. How embarrassing is that? To be turned on by your dad!"

"It was completely innocent, though."

"I know, but I was still embarrassed, and with my pussy such an open book, so to speak, I didn't want my mom to see it, either. So I just got out of there."

"Oh, my God!" Crysta lifted her dress up over her belly button to imagine what it must have been like for Donna. "You poor dear,ot just bottomless, but nothing from the waist down. You must have felt almost naked!"

"You can't believe it, Crysta. Lauren's house was just a few blocks away, but *everyone* was out that day. It was horrible. I smiled sweetly at the people I passed, but I was dying inside. The only thing that saved me was that little yellow top. I was past caring whether people could see my nipples through it, I was just so thankful to have it. I closed my eyes and imagined it expanding in size, so that it covered my naked ass, and my nubile pussy. Then I opened them slowly, careful not to look at myself, and the illusion held. I was able to hold my head up high, imagining I was fully covered by that sexy little top."

"That's wonderful, Donna. I'm so happy you were able to do that!" Crysta stroked Donna's pussy, and smiled when she noticed it was wet.

Donna leaned back, enjoying Crysta's attention. "Yes, it's the only thing that kept me sane on my walk. But then reality came crashing back on me when I arrived at Lauren's house. I remembered why I was there, dressed that way. I had to convince her mother that all the girls dress this way. I rang the bell, and waited. I crossed my legs, and looked around. Luckily, no one was about just then. The door opened. I was so hoping it would be Lauren, but it was her mom. You must be Donna, she said. Yes, hi, I said, waving at her. I felt so silly, standing in her front hall. I could feel her eyes searing my naked flesh. Where was Lauren? It seemed like ages before she appeared at the top of the stairs. Her eyes widened when she saw me. 'Oh, my God!' she exclaimed. 'You're practically naked!' Yes, I said. Wasn't that the plan? She was wearing a thin blue micro-minidress. As I watched her come down the stairs, I could see she wasn't wearing anything under the dress. 'You didn't have to wear such a short top, though. Did you walk over here like that?' I was a bit confused. It turned out the girl was confused about femail anatomy. She didn't know where her waist was. Maybe she meant 'hips' or something. Anyway, what's done is done, she said. She turned to her mom and told her all the girls are going bottomless. 'See?' she said, gesturing to me. Her mom rolled her eyes, and said, 'Yes, I see.' Then she turned to me and said, come on in and meet the family. GULP! Family? She led me into their family room. 'This is Lauren's uncle, Milton, and her cousins Alice and Brooke.' The girls looked to be in their early teens, sitting on the floor watching TV. I said hi to the girls, and noticed they weren't wearing any panties, either. 'Oh, that's sweet,' I whispered to Lauren, 'you got your little cousins to play along,' Uncle Milton patted the couch, and asked me to have a seat. I said sure, and sat between the young girls instead. The last thing I wanted was that old man's hands all over me. The girls loved my outfit, and one of them asked her dad if they could take off their skirts, too. He thought about it, and said, 'well, I guess it would be OK.' The girls giggled, and one of them took off her skirt. The other one hesitated, and I could see why: her outfit was one piece -- the top and skirt were attached. Her sister asked her what she was waiting for, and she shrugged, and took off her clothes. Can you picture it? She was really pretty, and just old enough to have puffy little tits. The little girls were so cute! They leaned their heads on my shoulders, and rested their hands in my lap. I wished they would move their hands because I was pretty wet, and I was afraid they would be put off by that. But they wiggled their little fingers into my pussy, and played with me while we watched TV. I had mixed feelings when Lauren got me up to go out with her: I was glad showing up bottomless convinced her mom it was OK for her to wear that micro-minidress, but I was a embarrassed that her cute little half-naked cousins got me almost to orgasm with their dirty old dad watching. With seconds to go before cumming, I stood up, and said what a pleasure it was to have met everyone. Lauren took my hand, and we were out the door."

"Wow," said Crysta. "What a family."

"I know. It was an indescribable experience having two little girls stroke me, their innocent little fingers probing me everywhere. I was so afraid I would cum, I was actually shaking."

"What makes their touch so much better than someone a little less innocent?"

"You'll think I'm silly..."

"I promise I won't." Crysta had taken off her top, and sat naked on the bed.

"Well, they were so little, I didn't think I could touch them. Not in a sexual way, anyway. Especially with their dad watching us. So it was all one-sided. It was all about my pleasure. And something about trying so hard not to cum just made the whole thing that much more exciting for me."

"Wow," repeated Crysta.

"As soon as we were out the door I grabbed Lauren with both arms and begged her to finish me. Let me tell you, for a skinny girl, she's pretty strong. She threw me down her front lawn, and got down on her hands and knees over me, with her ass facing the people looking at us from inside the house, and my pussy facing the sidewalk where I prayed no little old ladies would walk by. Donna, it was horrible! She teased me mercilessly, tickling my feet, and stroking the whole length of my legs, forcing me to spread them wide and arch my back. All it would take was one lick of my pussy and I would be done. But she dragged it out something horrible. I grabbed her beautiful butt, and lapped her like a dog, from her pussy to her asshole, over and over, but she still wouldn't finish me. At one point, as I was licking her cute little pucker, she ripped off her own dress and started screaming! I reached up as high as I could, rubbing her back, her belly, her thighs, and licking her like a thirsty dog. She's so cute when she cums, Donna. She arched her back and screamed as her juices gushed out of her pussy. Then she collapsed in a heap on top of me with her face right on my pussy. Only then did she give me the one or two licks I had been begging for, and I came, too."

"That was sweet. I'm so glad you found such a good friend," Crysta said, stroking Donna's belly with her fingertips. "So what happened next?"

"Well, as soon as we both came, we ran to her car, and took off. We knew everyone had been watching us from inside the house, and so we didn't want to stick around. We laughed hysterically about the show we must have put on for the neighbors, but we were so happy we didn't care. Then, after we had been driving for about five minutes, I noticed Lauren had forgotten her dress! She had left it on the front lawn. Lauren hit the brake. She wanted to turn around and get it, but I urged her to keep going. She hit the gas, but then reconsidered, and hit the brake again. We must have lurched three or four times before Lauren finally decided she wouldn't be able to take another afternoon naked in public. By the time we got back to her house, everyone was out on the front lawn, including her two naked cousins. One of them was holding Lauren's dress. She giggled as she handed it over. One beautiful naked girl handing a micro-minidress to another beautiful naked girl -- a real Kodak moment! Lauren took the dress, and got back in the car. We all waved bye again, and took off."

"'Listen, honey,' Lauren said, once we were underway again. 'I'm really sorry I asked you to be naked from the waist down. I really just meant for you to be, you know, bottomless, but still more or less covered. Do you think you'll be OK where we're going?' That's when I realized I didn't have any idea where we were going. 'Oh, didn't I tell you?' Lauren said, 'We're going to meet Hayden and Faith at the park for a picnic.' "

"That's nice," said Crysta.

Donna looked down at her pussy and saw it was pretty ripe. "Is my story getting to you?"

"It's Lauren's cute little naked cousin girls with their probing little hands. I just can't get them out of my mind!"

"I know what you mean," Donna said, "but wait till you hear what came next. We got to the park, and there was Hayden, in basketball shorts and a tank top, and Faith -- stark naked! Lauren was so glad to see her friend she left her dress in the car. Now I was the only one with a stitch of clothes on, can you believe it? I asked Faith why she was naked, and she said she just felt like it. Hayden said, 'tell her the real reason, Faith.' Faith looked down at the ground. 'I've been bad,' she said, sadly. Lauren and I looked at Hayden, who put up his arms in a gesture of innocence. 'She agreed to be on time, and she was a minute late. She knew the punishment.' Faith said, 'Tell them what you did next, sweety,' Hayden blushed. 'She was only supposed to be naked for a minute or two, but then I accidentally locked the keys in the trunk.' Lauren and I burst out laughing, and Faith laughed, too, even though she was still mad."

"Poor Faith! How many times does she have to be stripped before she breaks up with Hayden?"

"I think she secretly enjoys it."

"You mean she wants to be naked in public, but she doesn't want to be responsible for it?"

"I couldn't have said it better myself!" Donna laughed, because she knew Crysta was describing herself.

"But then the cops showed up."

"The cops! Were you doing anything illegal?"

"Apparently so. There's a park regulation against naked girls. The cops said I was fine because I wasn't completely naked, but the other two girls had to put something on or they would be hauled off to jail. I started to tell Lauren to get her dress out of the car, but she shushed me."

"Did she *want* to get hauled off to jail?"

"No, she had something else on her cute little mind. She asked the cops if it would be OK to wear Hayden's shorts. They looked at each other, and said OK. Hayden said what about my shirt instead? Lauren said he should give that to Faith. The cops nodded, and waited for Hayden to strip. He took off his shorts first, and we could see he already had a pretty big boner. He gave them to Lauren, who pulled them up. She tried to tighten the string, but it was no use. As tight as it would go, she was still swimming in his shorts, and had to hold them up. Next, he took off his shirt, and gave it to Faith. It came down to her knees, but it was so loose it really didn't hide her boobs at all. In spite of their shortcomings, Hayden's clothes fit the girls well enough to satisfy the cops. They let the girls off with a warning, which they each had to sign. We all laughed -- even the cops -- when Lauren had to use two hands to sign the ticket, because as soon as she let go of her shorts, they fell to the ground, leaving her naked as a jaybird!"

"What happened to Hayden? Since he was naked, didn't he have to go off to jail?"

"Apparently there's no law against naked boys, only naked girls."

"That's sexist!"

"Well, it worked to the girls' advantage this time. Hayden was really embarrassed by his boner. Every time it would go down, one of us pointed it out. Sometimes that was all it took to give him another hard-on. Other times, one of us would kiss him, and rub his chest while the others would watch it rise. His dick was really pretty, if I can use that word. He shaved completely, the same as us, so it was really fun to lick it. Lauren giggled every time she licked his balls because of the way they contracted. The three of us held him down on his back and attacked the poor boy mercilessly until he begged us to let him out of his misery. We were all pretty wet, but Faith was the wettest, I think, and besides Hayden is Faith's boy, so she lowered herself onto him, and he came right away while Lauren kissed him and stroked his chest. Meanwhile I knelt over Hayden's head, facing Faith, and stroked her tits. Then, as Hayden licked me, I hugged Faith, rubbing her back, and her butt. Hayden was still hard, and Faith was moving up and down, letting the full length of his penis in and out as I rubbed her cheeks, and fingered her asshole. Hayden kept licking me the whole time, and before long, Faith and I came together. Hayden, bless his heart, kept licking me as Faith and I kissed. Mmmmm," Donna hugged Crysta, as she recalled the sweet taste of Faith's lips. "Mmmmm, we kissed for five minutes. I think I came again, and maybe Faith did, too, as I kept fingering her ass, and she kept riding up and down on Hayden. Either that or we had one really long orgasm! It was really delicious."

Donna looked up to find herself kissing Crysta, who was sitting on Donna's lap, facing her. Donna had been so wrapped up in her story that she didn't even notice she had been re-enacting the story, hugging Crysta with one hand, and fingering her asshole with the other. When she realized Crysta was about to cum, Donna rubbed her pussy with the palm of one hand, and fingered her asshole with the other. "Ohhhh!" Crysta said as she arched her back. After a few seconds, she softened, and the girls hugged tenderly. "That was a good story, Donna."

Girl Stripped By Tree!

The Amazing Case of Girl Stripped by Tree

"I never would have imagined it," said Bambi after her ordeal was over. "I dressed myself in what I consider to be decent attire," said the soft-spoken young college co-ed, as she shivered before reporters, too distraught to dress herself.

"What were you wearing?" yelled one reporter.

"A gray bikini bathing suit," she replied, her nipples belying her calm exterior.


"How did it happen?" asked another reporter.

"If you'll just stop asking questions for a minute, I'll tell you!"

Silence fell over the crowd as cameras rolled. One reporter whispered to another, "Boy is she gonna be sorry she forgot to put her clothes back on!"

"Everything was hunky dory until I--"

"Hunky dory?" yelled an incredulous reporter.

Bambi tried again. "Everything was copasetic until I--"

Reporters stirred. Bambi glared at them.


"I was feeling fine until I came to that birch tree over there. Then a feeling came over me. It's hard to describe. I felt like I was stuck in some kind of cobweb. I felt claustrophobic. It was hard to breathe. My little bathing suit felt really tight. I thought something was wrong with it, like maybe it was shrinking. I was really afraid it would kill me, but I was embarrassed to take it off. I didn't know what to do, but the pain got so bad, I realized it was a choice between my modesty and my life. Faced with that choice, what would you do?"

Bambi pointed at the prettiest reporter, and all heads turned to see her blush.

"I did what anyone would do. I took off my top. I hid behind the tree as best I could, not daring to move from its cover. But then my bottoms started feeling tight, too. They dug in between my lips so hard I was afraid they would cut me. So I took them off, too. I must have screamed, because a whole bunch of people gathered to see me hiding behind the tree, and well, it just isn't big enough to hide behind, so I was really embarrassed."


"What did you do?" asked the pretty reporter.

"Listen, honey," Bambi said, her hands on her pretty little hips, "If you keep interrupting me, I'm gonna make you stand by that tree and we'll see how long you can keep that dress on." Bambi paused as if she was going to resume her story. Instead, she continued taunting the reporter. "I already know you're commando under that dress."

"I am no such thing!" the reporter insisted. She realized too late she was in a no-win situation, and blushed as all the other reporters laughed.

The laughter died down, and the reporters, even the pretty lady, were interested to hear Bambi's story. But Bambi just wouldn't let the pretty reporter off the hook. "Lift up your dress, then, and let's see your panties."

"This isn't about me or my panties," she said. "This is about you, the 'girl stripped by tree' "

"Panties! Panties!" hollered the other reporters, as they laughed and teased their colleague.

"OK, OK," said the pretty lady reporter. "If I lift up my dress and show you my panties, then can we hear Bambi's story?" She was smiling partly because she was in the midst of a silly distraction from an important story, and partly from embarrassment.

A whole lot of clapping and cheering broke out.

The lady slowly lifted the hem of her dress, then said "I'm sorry, I just can't do it."

"Wait a minute," said a handsome young reporter. "The question here is not to see this lovely lady's panties, but to answer the important question of whether she's going commando, right?"

There was a murmur of agreement. Bambi was delighted the focus of the news conference had shifted away from her.

"So I'll just feel around under her dress, and I'll let you know whether she's wearing any panties, OK?"

Everyone voiced their agreement with this idea. Then one person yelled, "what if she's not wearing any panties?"

"If she's not wearing any panties, then I'll strip her naked for lying to us."

As people cheered, the beautiful reporter tried to get away, but the man restrained her. "It'll be OK," he whispered as he began feeling her thighs. All eyes were on him as his fingers tickled her most tender area. She relaxed as he probed between her cheeks, letting him fondle her asshole, and then she spread her legs as he felt her wet inner lips."

She closed her eyes as he stroked her clit. "Please," she begged. She couldn't say anything more as she was on the edge of cumming.

He withdrew his hands. "She's wearing panties," he lied.

As the crowd murmured disappointment, she came. His act of kindness toward her was all it took. Suddenly, the naked girl standing before the reporters describing her urgent need to get naked seemed unimportant. As the other reporters continued to pepper the poor girl with questions, all she wanted to do was wrap her arms around her savior and kiss him. He clasped her cheeks with his strong hands beneath her short dress. She felt his excitement as their bodies pressed together. She wrapped her legs around him and held on tight. Feeling his strong fingers on her asshole, she came again. She had picked a very good day to forget her panties.


Girls' Muff Guide

Some girls are shy when they first grow their bush, because they've grown up thinking their bush still needs to be covered up. This is a pictorial guide for you, the shy girl who wants to get over her shyness in time for our annual Muff Day celebration!


Like most girls, you haven't fully understood that your bush *is* the cover you crave. When you think about going out in public for the first time wearing only your bush, you should take a good look at yourself in the mirror, the way a boy would look at you. You should try to be casual in front of the mirror, letting your legs part slightly. Focusing closely between your legs (you know the boys will be doing that) you should look for any signs that you aren't fully covered.


Go ahead. Stare directly between your legs. Are you fully covered? Of course not. But are you ever fully covered? I bet you're able to make out the shape of your outer lips. There they are, of course, for all to see. But wait! Are your lips really any more evident than they would be if you were clean-shaven, wearing a pair of tight white shorts? The cameltoe effect of the shorts would reveal your lips in even greater detail, so you should take some comfort in the protection afforded by your bush.


After surviving the mirror test, you should feel pretty comfortable about yourself. Still looking in the mirror, try to relax a bit more. Sit up straighter at first,


then stand up, and really look at yourself closely. If your heart is beating fast, and you think you won't be able to face the public dressed only in your own fur, don't despair. It takes time -- some girls take several days -- to get used to the idea that you aren't really naked if you're covered by a tasteful bush. Spend a good amount of time each day, looking at yourself, and imagining yourself in various public situations. Before long, you will say, My gosh! I am so happy with my bush. It covers me as well as any bikini. Maybe even better.


Now is the time to try various poses -- the sorts of things you will be doing in public during the day. Bending forward, for example, isn't all that tricky. Usually, even if you're wearing clothes, you try to position yourself so there's no one directly behind you. When you are naked, this is all the more important, because your bush covers your rear more sparsely than it does your pussy. So for bending forward, you should keep these tips in mind: Try to make eye contact with people who are watching you, and remember to smile. This will make them look away briefly. If possible, bring your legs together, and bend slightly at the knee. And finally, don't worry about your cute little butt hole. Everyone has one. So what if people see yours once in a while? The most important thing is to trust your bush to hide your most tender areas from view.


It's a leap of faith, to trust your bush covers you. It's an idea that takes some time to get used to. To gain confidence, it's always a good idea to relax in front of other people. Smile, and be happy. They may glance at your pussy, but they'll be more attracted by your pretty face.


When you get truly comfortable, you will find it easier to relax. Gone are the days when you will worry whether someone will see your pussy. Go ahead, and spread your legs apart. Lean back, and enjoy the sensation of the cool breeze tickling your thighs. With worry over your pussy a thing of the past, you can start to think about other parts of your body. Mmmm, it feels good to stroke your chest once in a while, and raise up those little nipples. Sure, this might cause your pussy to get a little juicy, but that's what your muff is for -- a little privacy in your time of sensual pleasure.


As you get excited, your pussy will open up a little bit, but you have plenty of hair to keep it covered. If it throbs with desire, go ahead and stroke it. Your muff affords you the joy of being naked and fully clothed at the same time -- naked so you can stroke your pussy whenever the mood strikes you, and fully clothed by your muff so no one will know you've been enjoying yourself. It will be your private pleasure.


Whenever you like, you may feel free to spread your legs wide, and enjoy the moist warm delights that await you. You're a busy girl, so you certainly have to enjoy the moments you can. Then, when you're interrupted, you can quietly put your legs together, and with your heart beating wildly, wait for that visitor to leave, so you can get back to your pleasure.


Once you begin stroking your pussy, you will find it hard to resist continuing, because it will feel so nice. Close your eyes, and enjoy the experience. Some girls use long, smooth strokes, from their adorable little ass-pucker between their cheeks, then between their lips to the hood covering their clit. Other girls prefer shorter, more focused strokes. It is important for you to feel free to try all the varieties available to you, and this is exactly the sort of options you gain by using your muff in place of clothing.


There is always the risk that someone will discover you in a heightened state of sexual excitement, and the temptation will be to close your legs when you hear footsteps. But you should practice resisting the urge to hide your pleasure, because if another girl finds you this way, she will comploetely understand.


There's absolutely no reason to hide your excitement from another girl, and, in fact, there is good reason to share your feelings with her. It is almost certain that you and the girl who discovers you will share a mutual interest. Upon seeing your pink inner pussy lips, she may want to pet your pussy. This is the time to relax, and tell her it's OK. If she doesn't know you well, she may not realize that it's OK to gently stroke your moist inner lips, and press her lips against yours, if she likes. So be sure and tell her it's OK by verbal and non-verbal cues.


If you're standing when she catches you, don't be shy. With your muff covering you so completely, she might not even realize you're excited. It feels so good, you shouldn't keep it a secret. Go up to her, and press your naked pussy against her. Not only will that feel good to you, but it will give her the idea that it's OK to touch you. If she's wearing clothes, then you can offer to take them off for her. Many girls wear clothes only because they think that's what *you* want. But what she wants is almost certainly the same thing you want, which is to share intimacy, while remaining modest with a good amount of thatch covering your love hole. Once you get her naked, or if she's naked already, then don't forget to check to see whether her pussy is adorned with a tasteful bush, like yours. If it is, then you can help her to learn that her bush really is her clothing, and no additional clothing is needed. But if she's bald down there, you can offer to keep your hand over her pussy while you're in public, since she has no natural covering of her own. Most fully shaved girls are really grateful when they find a friend who is willing to keep them covered in public, because it frees them from the need to wear clothing -- the same freedom you enjoy, day in and day out.


Then, after your pleasure is complete, you and your wonderful bush can return to your busy life without the bother or annoyance of having to deal with clothing. Don't be alarmed if your pussy is still quite wet from the encounter. Remember, if boys are around, you should keep your legs together, to protect your tender pussy from any unwanted attention.


Then, when the coast is clear, close your eyes, spread your legs, and replay your most recent sexual thoughts in your mind. In a semi-private setting, like your kitchen, or even in a fully public setting, such as a city street, with a dense muff to hide your pussy, you need not worry that someone might interrupt your reverie, so feel free to relax with your legs splayed.


Once you are satisfied that your bush is all the clothing you will need, then you are ready to swing into action, and face the public!


Dress Code -- Short Shirt

Short Shirt

For a sexy look, a girl may opt for the "short shirt". This is a shirt short enough to show a little cleavage, but long enough to cover her nipples.


As you can see from this photo, her left nipple is just barely exposed, but this is an unusual view. She should not be worried that her nipples are likely to be seen most days.

Feeling Decent

What does it take to feel decent? That's the question girls are asking themselves all across campus. You see, they're caught in a terrible conflict. Naturally, they want to feel decent, but if they cover themselves up too much, they look suspicious. Maybe I should explain. Here at the College, we have a Dress Code designed to ensure that all girls have an equal opportunity to dress in a modest and appropriate way. The Dress Code doesn't specify any particular clothing that must be worn, and it certainly doesn't set limits on the length of the hem of a girl's dress, because to spell out such arbitrary rules was judged antithetical to the spirit of freedom nurtured by the College. So another way had to be found to gently guide the girls toward a path of decency and modesty without being harshly autocratic or restrictive.

Before the first version of the Dress Code was even a glimmer in the College's eye, administration officials surveyed not just our campus but campuses all across our great country to see what girls were wearing. To their horror, some girls were wearing such short minidresses that their matching panties showed. One of our officials stopped a girl and questioned her about her attire. "What's the big deal?" she asked. "My dress is plenty long enough. And besides," she added, "my panties are *meant* to be seen."

The official was aghast. "Take them off right now," she demanded.

"What?!" The poor girl couldn't believe her ears. But the official didn't back down. Trembling, the girl obeyed, removing her panties in the center of a crowded square, with her astonished classmates looking on. She held onto her panties, hoping the crazy lady would let her put them back on.

"Throw them in the fountain," she ordered. The girl hesitated for just a minute, but feeling she had no choice, she complied. For a minute, everyone watched the panties move up and down with the current. Then all eyes returned to the girl, her minidress just barely covering her. She stood very still, knowing even the slightest movement might disturb her dress sufficiently to uncover some of her most private places.

"Is your dress still plenty long enough?" asked the official.

"There's nothing wrong with my dress," said the girl very quietly. She was trembling.

"Then reach for the sky."

"Please," she whimpered. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She glanced at her panties in the fountain. By this time, quite a crowd had gathered. Students whispered to each other, pointing to the panties in the fountain. Some students laughed. Others were shocked and dismayed. Those standing behind the poor girl were able to see the bottoms of her nicely rounded butt cheeks.

"Reach for the sky and be glad I'm not making you touch your toes!"

"What do you want from me?" begged the girl.

"I want you to admit that your dress isn't long enough."

"Why don't you leave me alone," she asked, unable to hold back her tears.

"Are you crying because you know your dress is too short?" demanded the lady. The girl didn't answer. "Are you crying because the boys standing behind you can see all the way between your legs?" She reached behind her back in an effort to regain a modicum of dignity. "Hands at your sides!"

This was finally too much for the poor girl. She lost all composure, and began bawling like a baby. She hunched forward, holding her head in her hands, and covering her face as she wept. Oddly, she kept her feet planted as she had been ordered, oblivious to the gasps of the spectators as they took in the girl's underlying beauty.

The administrator finally took pity on the sobbing wreck before her, hugging her, and smoothing her dress against her backside. "I know, honey," she said as she stroked the girl's bare lower buttocks. "I know," she repeated. The girl seemed not to notice that the lady ran her fingers gently between her cheeks as she consoled her. Whispering in her ear, the lady said, "I want you to leave your panties off for the rest of the day as a reminder to you that your dress is too short. Will you do that for me?" she smiled.

The girl stopped crying, and looked up at the administrator. "OK," she sniffed, letting one last crocodile tear roll down her cheek before she wandered off. The administrator smiled as she watched the girl's naked lower cheeks vanish into the crowd.

And thus was born the central concept of our Dress Code: If a girl is forced to go without panties, she will naturally want to wear a longer -- and more decent -- dress. And without realizing it, this administrator also planted the seed of the second major feature of the Dress Code: public inspections. By inspecting the girls publicly, and threatening to humiliating them if they don't comply, the girls are very reluctent to violate the Dress Code, or even *appear* to violate it.

The Dress Code has been in force for several years at the College, so people seldom stop to consider how well it works. The compliance rate is very high, with less than one percent of girls wearing anything under their dresses. So every girl knows she has to wear a dress long enough for her to feel sufficiently decent. We achieve such high compliance through public inspections. Several times each day, a girl who looks like she might be violating the Dress Code is singled out as she walks about campus, and forced to strip. These inspections are a fact of life at the College, and, for the most part, girls take them in stride. Naturally, no girl *wants* to be inspected, because it's hard to suppress those feelings of embarrassment that go hand-in-hand with being forced to remove her clothing in a public setting. So girls strive to avoid even the appearance that they might be violating the Dress Code.

This sets up an interplay of opposing forces in each girl as she dresses for the day. Since she can't wear panties, she must wear something that helps her feel decent, but she can't cover herself completely for fear of looking guilty to an inspector. An equilibrium is established for each girl, in which she's comfortable that she's dressed sufficiently modestly, given the constraints of the Dress Code, and also that she is revealing enough bare skin to make her a less attractive target for inspection.

Fashion choices are available to help make a girl's job easier. Some girls swear by backless dresses. Although a girl's ass is fully visible in a backless dress, she feels decent because her front is covered. With practice, a girl can put out of her mind the possibility that gawkers may lurk behind her. And it's very rare that a girl wearing a backless dress is ever inspected.

Other girls wear such short dresses that it would be impossible for them to be wearing panties -- even a thong -- without it being seen. Some girls try to get away with showing just the very lower part of their cheeks, which looks cute on them, but such dresses might be too long to be certain of avoiding the risk of inspection.


To be assured she won't be insepected, it's unfortunately necessary for a girl to expose the entire lower half of her rump, from her tailbone on down, because a thong strap would emerge from between her cheeks just south of her tailbone. Luckily, a dress this short can be tailored so that it covers most of her vulva, leaving only the barest lower part of her vertical smile out in the sunshine. For many girls, such a dress is plenty long enough for her to feel decent. It's all a matter of convincing herself that the part of her pussy that *is* covered represents her entire pussy.

She is able to convince herself that she's done a sufficient job of covering herself, in effect transferring the blame for flashing from herself to the person who sees her. Even a token covering is enough for her to transfer blame. If she catches someone looking at her pussy, she completes the transfer of blame by huffing, or showing some other sign of displeasure (or even by smiling sweetly), and then rearranging what little she has to cover herself. This is what any girl would naturally do when someone goes out of their way to peer between her legs. The trick, here, is to pull it off even when the person need not go out of his way to see her pussy.


Even if she's wearing the shortest dress she thinks she can get away with, and still feel decent, in the back of her mind, a girl will always worry that she might be inspected. Being stripped in public is something no girl is ever fully prepared for. Certainly, if her dress is so short she's more or less bottomless to begin with, then you would think the spectre of being publicly stripped would not loom large in her mind. But it's one thing to go about your business quietly exposing your underside to one or two people who might glance your way, and quite another thing to be physically restrained and have your inspection announced in a way designed to draw a large crowd.


Some girls find inspections flat-out degrading. The girl pictured, below, for example, was forced to sit on a park bench, with her legs apart, which was OK. She understood the need to make sure she wasn't wearing any panties. But then the inspector forced her to expose her boobs. She found this udderly humiliating, and so she hesitated before unbuttoning her blouse. That's all the provocation the inspector needed to suspect her of indecency. In this case, he ended up citing her for indecency, and taking all of her clothing as evidence to be used against her in a hearing, which was scheduled for a later date. To make matters worse, she was late for class, so she had no time to go back to her dorm to get anything to wear. She had to attend class in the nude, and endure the giggling of her classmates who accused her of being "miss proper" because she had been wearing panties, or so they thought.


It's not hard to see, then, why a girl might opt for something a little more skimpy just to avoid inspections altogether. It's an individual choice, which is left up to the girls themselves. The College is confident that no girl will opt to wear clothing in which she feels uncomfortable just to avoid the mere chance of an inspection, because if she did that, she would have to endure that discomfort every minute of every day she was wearing such skimpy clothing. So we feel the Dress Code, as implemented, strikes a good balance between the need to inspect girls and punish them if necessary on the one hand, and the girl's need to feel decent on the other.

As girls explore their own femininity through fashion, they shorten their dresses or skirts day by day to discover their own "breaking point" of discomfort. Some girls have found that going topless, while technically a violation of the Code of Conduct, is rarely enforced, and their bare breasts often distract other students from their miniscule skirts. This allows them to expose their pretty little pussies without feeling as if people are staring between their legs (because they're staring at their tits instead). The feeling of freedom a girl gets from letting her yabbos out in public lets her explore even shorter skirts without feeling awkward, especially if they are large and firm.

Off-the-shelf miniskirts often have a minimum length -- even after rolling the waist -- of about three inches, which is often too long, leaving a girl feeling vulnerable to inspection. Thus, many girls have taken to wearing belts as an alternative to the minidress. It is perfectly logical to consider a belt the limiting case of a miniskirt whose length has shrunk to a couple inches, or maybe even less.


A belt is a tricky accessory, and not every girl can pull off this look. For a girl to feel decent in a belt, it should be worn as low as possible, so that it covers at least part of her pussy, while at the same time drawing the eye away from her pussy so she feels less naked. Paradoxically, girls feel less naked if they are topless, because eyes are drawn north, away from their most private areas. By wearing her belt as low as she can, a girl can also cover part of her backside as well. Many girls like to position the back of the belt just below their tailbone, so their assholes are less evident. However, a girl takes a big risk by wearing her belt this low: it may fall off altogether, and clatter to the ground at the most inopportune moment. There are very few things a girl finds more embarrassing that bending over -- stark naked -- to pick up a belt that has fallen off her.


The biggest problem a girl faces after she's made the decision to shrink her miniskirt to the size of a belt is drawing the eye away from her pussy. You see, a belt, no matter how carefully it is worn, is really not big enough to even hint at covering her pussy. One attractive style that some girls have adopted is the "belt and garter". By wearing a garter high on her leg, she draws the eye toward her beautiful legs, and away from her sexy little pussy, making her feel much more comfortable. As you can see, this girl not only looks decent, but she feels decent as well, knowing her garter draws the eye from her private area, hiding it from view as effectively as a miniskirt. And the best thing is that she is much less vulerable to a humiliating inspection.


Does this girl feel decent dressed in just a belt and garter? Let's ask her.

"No, to be perfectly honest, I don't feel completely decent. No matter what I do, I have a nagging suspicion that someone might be looking at my tits, or staring between my legs. When my back is turned, I'm afraid to bend too far forward for fear someone might see my asshole, or worse, my pussy. But I don't dwell on it. Most of the time I'm busy doing something -- going to class, or lunch, or shopping -- so I don't think about whether someone's looking at me." She paused, then smiled. "Besides," she added, "there's nothing more indecent than an inspection. I've had a few of them, and I've hated every one of them."

We wanted to know, have you ever been found guilty of indecency?

"Oh, it was terrible, yes. And it wasn't my fault, either. I was caught up in mass inspection. It seems the College received a report that a girl was wearing a bra under her shirt, so every girl wearing a shirt was asked to take it off and prove she wasn't wearing anything under it. No big deal. All the girls were gladly taking off their shirts. They didn't mind because they could keep their skirts on. I don't know any girls who mind showing just their boobs."

So did you take off your shirt?

"No, I was wearing a dress. The problem was that it looked a lot like a shirt. It buttoned down the front, and it was short, like a shirt. But it really was a dress. It covered the top of my butt crack, and most of my pussy, as well. I told the inspector it wasn't fair to make me take off my dress, because then I would be naked. None of the other girls had to get naked, I pointed out. Well, that just sent him over the edge. He handcuffed me to a tree in a really uncomfortable way. He put the handcuffs over a high branch before snapping them over my wrists. I had to stand on my tippy toes or else they cut into me. Needless to say, with my arms stretched so far over my head, my little dress wasn't covering much any more. The inspector made an announcement that I was resisting the inspection, and suggested that I was probably the culprit they were looking for. He told people to gather around to see an indecent girl get what's coming to her. I'm ashamed to say I found the experience not only humiliating but a bit exciting, too. I felt my nipples harden against my dress. The worst thing is that some of the people in the crowd were friends of mind. They didn't know what to do. One girl came to me and consoled me. She kissed me, and stroked me gently, helping me to forget my troubles. I asked her if my pussy was wet. She said she could see it was. Please check, I begged her. She felt me gently between my lips, up and down, in and out. I spread my legs as far as I could to help her, and I nearly came because she was very thorough. You're really wet, she said, finally. The inspector was mean, though. He made my friend stand back with the crowd, and told me I had to take off my shirt. It was a dress, I reminded him, but he didn't seem to hear me. After a while, I asked him how he expected me to take off my dress with my hands tied up over my head, and all he would say is that I had to ask for some help. So I called to my friend, asking her to take off my shirt for me, but the Inspector said I had to get a stranger to help me. I begged for someone in the crowd to please take off my shirt. Finally, a boy came over to me. He kissed me, but I didn't kiss him back. You're going to have to be nicer to me, he said, if you want me to help you. So I kissed him back. He undid the bottom button, and stroked my ass. He made me spread my legs even farther, which hurt my wrists, but he didn't seem to care. He stroked me all over, especially between my cheeks, and between my lips, and damn it if that didn't feel good. I hated myself for juicing up for him. He undid another button, then he undid a button on his pants. Oh, shit, I said to myself. By the time my shirt was unbuttoned, his pants were off, and he had quite a hard-on, let me tell you. Are you going to let him rape me, I asked the inspector. He just moved to the side, and watched. I tried to stop him, but he was too strong, and I was already too wet. He slipped right in. I tried not to cum, but I couldn't help myself. He knew it, too. I hate it when I cum during a rape. I know it was my fault I got raped, though. I shouldn't have let myself get wet. When the boy was finished with me, he put his pants back on, and left me hanging from the tree, my dress wide open, tits and pussy fully on display. I know there's a rule that inspections can't last more than five minutes, but this one must have already been going on for twenty minutes, and I stayed there for another ten minutes at least, while people milled about, some fondling me, others just looking. Finally, the inspector told me he would let me down if I promised not to complain about the rape. For a minute, I thought he would let me keep my dress, but he took it, leaving me naked, and cum still dripping out of my pussy. They never did find the girl wearing a bra."


I guess compared to an inspection, wearing a belt and garter makes you feel pretty decent, then.

"You got that right!"


Message to College Co-Eds: Keep your top covered!

Message to College Co-Eds
from the College Dress Code Office

Please, girls: Keep your tops covered!

On rare occasions it is necessary to reenforce the message of decorum and decency which is the centerpiece of our Dress Code. Alas, such an occasion has arisen today. With the advent of warm weather, girls have turned to skimpier dresses than they wore during the winter. This, in and of itself, is certainly not a problem. The Dress Code does not prohibit even the skimpiest of dresses; rather, the judgment of proper coverage of a girl's most private regions is left up to the girl herself -- who better to judge her own modesty?

One of these very private regions, which all girls should keep carefully covered, is her breasts. A girl's breasts make her uniquely feminine. They are soft, and beautiful. To reveal them would cause distractions that might detract from our serious academic environment at the College.


It is appropriate in this message to provide clear guidance to help you select and wear clothing that keep your delicious melons nicely wrapped. If you wear a dress, as most girls do, then obviously you don't wear anything under it, because the Dress Code requires you to go "commando" under your dress. The purpose of this rule, of course, is to encourage you to wear a dress in which you feel comfortable. A dress that is too short will not fully cover you, leaving you feeling vulnerable. On the other hand, if your dress is too long, as many of you know from experience, you are more likely to be inspected, as long dresses have been used by some unscrupulous girls to conceal panties or other forbidden undergarments.

We have asked one of our co-eds to model a dress she feels is a perfect length. It balances her need to be covered with the College's need to ensure that girls are following the Dress Code. As you can see, the dress covers her completely, and ensures that she is very modest indeed.


This dress is typical of dresses worn by girls all across our great campus. Its straps have a way of slipping off the girl's shoulders. When this happens, the girl's breasts are subject to being revealed, which is something she wants to avoid at all costs. A girl can begin down the right track when she selects the dress in the first place. She should make sure the dress is snug about her breasts. If her breasts are nice and large, they will fill the dress out nicely. But if her breasts are small, or medium sized, she must ensure her dress fits snugly about her chest. This way, when the straps slip off her shoulders, her dress will continue to shield her mamamary cargo from casual view.

What can a girl do, if she feels her golden bozos slipping out of her dress? As this lovely girl demonstrates, she can lift one or both legs, pressing them against her succulent yabbos to keep her dress in place. As long as she remains perfectly still, her love apples remain nicely wrapped.


To prove a point, we asked the girl to lower her legs, and then we watched as her dress slipped downward, coming dangerously close to exposing her hooters. We told her jokes, hoping to provoke belly laugh sufficiently powerful to dislodge her bodacious tatas.


But none of our tricks worked. Her cup cakes remained nicely covered. We were about to end the photo shoot with great disappointment, as we had not had a chance to capture her dairy section on film, when she unexpectedly sniffed the plastic flowers on the table. "Mmmm," she said as she inhaled deeply their nonexistent fragrance. She was lost in the moment, not realizing that a single instant of inattention to her dress was all it would take to unveil her cute little boobies. Naturally, we snapped away, to capture the moment as a lesson to all you girls on campus. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS if you wear a dress that doesn't fit you snugly, especially if you are not heroically endowed with golden winnebagoes.


"OK, you caught me," she said, totally embarrassed that she finally let her dress slip down, revealing her luscious scoops of flesh. "But I love this dress," she continued. "What can I do to avoid showing my titties in public?"

She was really concerned, so we gave her some advice. First of all, we told her, although the dress is light, it could be a lot lighter. It's a good four or five inches longer than necessary, and the weight of that fabric, pulling down against her chest area -- well, it makes a difference.

"OK," she said, "I'll cut it down. Is there anything else?"

Well, yes, since you asked. We noticed that your nipples are soft. This might have contributed to your dress slipping off your casabas. If you rest your hand in your lap --

"Like this?" she asked

-- yes, and stroke gently up and down, that's right -- then your headlights will naturally hold your dress in place a lot better.

"Oh, thank you," she said, beaming.


Assistant Dean Lays Down The Law

"Quick! Get some clothes on! Mrs. Dean is coming!"

Thank God one of the girls in the dorm just happened to see her. It was evening, and most of the dorm's residents were relaxing in the cozy basement. The warning came just in time. Just about all of the naked girls managed to get up the stairs before the dean lady burst in the door. "Get your sexy little asses down here!" she bellowed as she descended the stairs to the rec room, leading a gaggle of assistants.

Donna and Trixie shared a smile. "The dean lady is a trip," Trixie said.

Donna agreed. The two girls remained in the rec room, because, as luck would have it, they still had their clothes on, skimpy though they were. Donna had taken off her skirt, but she left on her "wife-beater" t-shirt, not for modesty -- it barely covered her belly button -- but for warmth. It was soft, and so it cuddled her mid-sized breasts nicely.

All the girls knew about the no-nudity rule, but for various reasons, it always seemed inconvenient to find clothes to wear in the evening. As girls return from their hard day at school, the last thing they want to do is worry about whether their pussy shows, or whether their breasts are covered, so it's a relief for them to take off their clothes and just relax among friends.

But rules are rules. Every now and then, there's a crackdown, and some poor girl is chosen as an example. They cite her for indecency, and give her a well-publicized show trial, find her guilty, and give her some horrible punishment. Then, for a while, the girls obey the rule, but then after a while, they forget, and just go naked in the evenings.

One by one, the girls, now dressed, filtered into the room. Some wore just panties, but others wore both tops and bottoms, not wanting to risk offending the dean lady.

"I like what you're wearing," said the dean lady.

Trixie pointed at herself, and raised her eyebrows. She was wearing a pair of black knee-length nylons with pink lace, and a black and white plaid skirt, with no top.

"Yes, you," said Mrs. Dean. "Stand up. Let's get a good look at you."

Hesitantly, Trixie stood up. As everyone stared at her, she covered her breasts out of embarrassment. One of the dean's entourage stood in front of Trixie and positioned his camera.


"Have a seat," said the dean "What's your name?"

Trixie looked around for a place to sit, and noticed the dean was indicating a little table. She lifted her skirt daintily as she sat, and wouldn't you know it? The photographer snapped another picture, managing to capture her just at that moment!


"Trixie," she said, trying to ignore the photographer.

"It's nice to meet you, Trixie. We're writing a pamphlet to help girls select skirts of the right length," explained the dean, "because we've received so many complaints from girls who feel they're being harrassed by Inspectors for wearing skirts that are too long, and then when they wear shorter skirts, they feel immodest."


"Yes, I know it's odd that a girl would feel that way, even if she's wearing a skirt that's a perfect length, like the one you have on today. I'm hoping when these pictures are published, then all the girls will see how modest you are in this skirt, and then they'll feel more comfortable in their own skirts, even if they're a little shorter than this one."

This put Trixie's mind at ease. For a while she had been afraid the dean lady was on a witch hunt for the star of the next indecency trial. She thought about one poor victim, and shuddered. What was her name? Zelda? Anyway, she was forced to stand, naked, with her hands tied together over her head, and the only way she could avoid breaking her wrists was to stand on inverted 5-gallon paint cans -- one foot on each one. The paint cans were several feet apart, so she had no choice but to spread her legs wide. But that wasn't the worst of it. Along with her were five of her closest girlfriends, who weren't even on trial.

During the trial, the judge ordered Zelda to give up the names of her closest friends. At first she refused, so the judge ordered her to be raped. She was taken into the judge's chambers, and rumor has it the judge did the job himself. With cum still dripping from her cunt, she was placed back on the witness stand, and ordered again to give up her friends' names. Again she refused, so she was taken behind closed doors and raped again. The judge reminded her that there was no shortage of court officers willing to punish her if she continued to show contempt of court, but she still refused to betray her friends. Since the rapes weren't working, the judge ordered the girl to bend over, and spread her legs. Reminding her that the TV cameras were broadcasting the trial on the Collge TV station, he spanked her. With each whack, the girl let out a little scream. The pain was such that she was beyond caring that her asshole and pussy were wide open, and being seen by the entire student body. Evidently, her friends couldn't take seeing the poor girl tortured this way, so they turned themselves in to spare her any further punishment.

Now, the day after the trial, all five of Zelda's friends were tied up, with their arms over their heads, just like Zelda. The only difference was that they were allowed to keep their clothes on. But there was a catch. Every time Zelda came, one of the girls was stripped naked. A court officer was on hand to make sure the bizzare order was carried out to the letter. He encouraged people to fondle Zelda, and he even provided vibrators and dildos for people to insert into her various holes. In case Zelda dried up, the court officer had plenty of K-Y jelly to keep her lubricated. Poor Zelda. Inevitably, she came, and then she had to pick one of her friends to be stripped. When she did, the court officer threatened to smear them with K-Y as well if they didn't spread their legs. It was a terrible experience for Zelda, not to mention her loyal friends.

Trixie noticed everyone was looking at her as she woke up from her daydream. "What?" she said sheepishly.

"I said, would you please lean forward, and put your hands on the table? Keep your legs straight." She nodded to the photographer. "Often, girls feel vulnerable in short skirts if they need to lean forward, as the skirt has a tendency to rise up on the back." The photographer snapped a picture as the dean continued, "but this fear is unfounded, because a girl is decent as long as her asshole remains fully covered by the skirt."


Trixie wasn't sure she believed this, but she went along with it anyway. Days later, she would see her picture, above, in the pamphlet, and agree that she was decent. As the dean lady predicted, it did put her mind at ease, because she realized the skirt covered her more than she had thought.

"Now I want you to put one knee on the table," said the dean.

Trixie did as she was told, and felt a breeze between her legs. As the photographer crouched down behind her, she felt quite vulnerable. "What about my--"

"Your pussy?" asked the dean. Giggles rose up from the girls watching this drama unfold. "Right now, the camera is catching you at your must vulnerable angle. In real life, it's very unlikely that anyone will see you from this angle, but," she paused for dramatic effect, "even if they do, they will still find that your skirt covers you almost completely. Your asshole, in particular, is fully covered, even from this extreme angle."


Again, days later, when Trixie reviewed the pamphlet, she had to admit that with her knee high up on the table and legs wide apart, the camera was still only able to catch the smallest glimpse of her pussy, and none of her precious asshole. The pamphlet had the desired effect: after the girls saw it, they felt more at ease in short skirts, knowing they were fully covered from all but the most ridiculous angles.

As she read the pamphlet, Trixie was relieved to see she wasn't the only girl on campus to be featured in it. Many of the girls who play sports, and even some of the cheerleaders, were featured as well. This tennis player, for example, was caught waiting for a serve. She had always felt vulnerable, bent forward this way. In the back of her mind, she wondered if some of the spectators might be looking at her butt crack instead of paying attention to the match. But after reading the pamphlet, all the girls were much relieved to learn their dresses and skirts covered them much more fully than they had feared.


Earlier another girl at the beach was happy to be photographed, because she felt her skirt was plenty long.


She was happy to turn around and let him snap photos from both sides.


She was a little reluctant to sit down, because she knew she was a bit more vulnerable from that angle, but she kept her legs together, and avoided showing too much skin.


After he took that photo, she demanded to see his camera to make sure she didn't give away too much. She was so disappointed that the camera caught a glimpse of her pussy, she said she might as well not wear the skirt at all. The cameraman disagreed, saying her skirt kept her more covered than not. "Take off your skirt," he suggested.

"Absolutely not!" said the girl, indignantly.

"Why not? You just said you might as well be naked. So what's the big deal?"

She clutched her skirt jealously. "This is the last shred of decency I have! And you want me to abandon it?"

"See?" said the cameraman. "Even though everyone can see your pussy when you're sitting down, it still keeps you decent. That's what I've been trying to tell you."

She didn't have a good answer for him, so he continued. "Listen. I have an idea. Let me take a picture of you without your skirt on, and then compare it to the picture I just took that you think is so indecent. I bet you'll see a big difference."


"Do you see how much more decent you are with the skirt on?" asked the cameraman.

"Well," she began, not sure she really was that much more decent with the skirt on.

With that, the cameraman began running away with the girl's skirt. "Hey, wait a minute!" she said, and took off after him. Quite a few heads turned as they watched the naked girl run after the man down the boardwalk.

He was slowed by the crowds near the movie theater. "OK, OK," she panted, once she finally caught him. "You made your point. Now give me my skirt!"

"Right after you sign this release, giving me permission to publish all the pictures I took of you."

"OK, but not the naked picture," said the girl. "That was just for comparison." He didn't respond. "Please tell me the naked picture won't go in the pamphlet." She put her hands on her hips, with her legs slightly separated. She was so upset she didn't even notice the people who stopped to watch a naked girl arguing with her photographer. Some of them even took their own pictures of her. Finally, she realized it was fruitless to argue, and she signed the release.

"Girls, before I leave you, I must tell you a heartwarming story about our cheerleaders. These girls had been whining about the rule against wearing panties, saying they should be allowed to wear panties, especially at the football games, because so many people from outside the college attend those games. They don't understand our rules, they complained." Mocking the girls, the dean continued, "They'll see our pussies!" This brought on some laughter from the girls, especially Trixie, who agrees with the dean that some of the cheerleaders need to be brought down a peg.


Well, we went to see one of the cheerleaders at practice. We asked her how she feels about not being allowed to wear panties. She lifted her skirt to show how easy it is for everyone to see her pussy, and said "It sucks. It's like we're naked. In fact, it's worse than being naked. Especially at the games. I dread some of our routines, because I know exactly what part my skirt flies up, and there's nothing I can do about it."

I told her she can put her dress down. She laughed as she let it go. She didn't realize she was still holding it up. Even though she was leaning back on her hands, her skirt covered her completely. I pointed this out to her, and she had to admit that her skirt was plenty long. "But it's certain routines that cause problems," she explained. "We really need to wear panties because of those routines."


"Show me," I said.

"Will you try to get us panties to wear at the games?" She asked.

"If you can convince me your cheerleading skirt is too short, then I'll think about it," I promised.

Sensing that was the best she would get out of me, she jumped up, and led me and my photographer to the grass, where she started doing her routine.


She did one high kick after another, but she stayed covered. "I'm not convinced," I said, and to my photographer, I said, "Let's go." He took a few more pictures before he followed me, but none of them convinced me the cheerleaders are anything but snivling whiners.

"If anything their dresses are too long," the dean said. "Don't you agree that shorter skirts would add a little sparkle to their routines? Here's one of the pictures he took just before he followed me off the field. He does good work, don't you think? This picture really supports my point of view, showing that if anything, their skirts are just too long."


"Finally, the poor girl got her skirt to fly up during a kick, but I wasn't interested any more. She claims it happens to all the girls at least once during every game, but frankly, I don't believe her. She had to try awfully hard to make her pussy show."


"After her routine, she reached over the bench for her water, and as you can see, she's almost completely covered by her skirt, affording only the merest glimpse of her privates, and only from an extreme angle that's very unlikely to ever happen. Like I said, the cheerleaders should really stop whining about the rules against panties, and start being glad their skirts are as long as they are, because next year I'm seriously thinking of lopping off a couple inches."


The pamphlet sends a pretty convincing message, which is that most girls' skirts are plenty long -- if not too long -- and their cute little bottoms are covered much better than they think. In general, girls worry too much, and that's sad, because they should be happy and carefree.

"Thank you all, girls," she said as she got up to leave. "I'm leaving now, and I shan't be back tonight to see whether you keep your clothes on, but I know you're all good girls, so I trust you." She winked at them as she left the room.

It was nice to be the center of attention, but Trixie was very releaved to see her go. All the attention to her asshole and pussy had made her a little wet. She sat on the piano bench, and released some of her tension. The cameraman, that sneaky bastard, managed to catch her in the act.


And wouldn't you know it, even this picture made it into the pamphlet, with a caption that extolled the convenience of short skirts!

College Code of Conduct

1.0 College Code of Conduct

This document contains the rules and regulations that comprise the code of conduct ("CCC") for students who attend this college ("College").

1.1 Introduction

This section describes the purpose and application of the Code.

1.1.1 Purpose

The purpose of the CCC is to provide standards of decent behavior for students who attend the College, so they can have a learning environment characterized by modesty, decency, and dignity. This is achieved through the use of clear, unambiguous, and categorical rules, together with two layers of enforcement. These two layers, together with the two layers of enforcement of the Dress Code fit into a tightly interlocked four-layer scheme of enforcement, which is designed to encourage proper behavior and dress while at the same time maximizing the opportunity for freedom of expression through style.

1.1.2 Categorical Rules

The rules in this code are, wherever possible, categorical as opposed to relative. That is, the rules tend to forbid an entire class of behavior rather than allow behavior up to a certain point. In this way, enforcement of the standard is unambiguous, and not subject to varying interpretations.

1.1.3 Layers of Enforcement

There are two layers of enforcement of the CCC. The students of the College enforce the rules of the CCC themselves, by following the guidelines contained herein. That way, the standards of behavior outlined in this CCC are self-correcting, when employed together with the rules in the Dress Code.

1.1.4 Format of the CCC

Each section of the code is numbered, and gives a rule or definition. Some of the sections contain a recommendation, denoted by the word "Recommendation". The recommendation is given to help clarify the rule, and to provide an understanding of how each rule is likely to be applied in practice.

1.1.5 Gender Applicability

Proper conduct for boys is different from proper conduct for girls, partly because their standards of dress are different, and also because of gender differences, including the obvious anatomical ones. Moreover, the interlocking of the enforcement of the CCC with that of the Dress Code, together with the gender differences inherent in the Dress Code require significantly different standards of behavior for girls compared to those for boys. It should be understood that this does not reflect sexism or gender bias of any kind, but merely the realities of gender and fashion.

1.2 Violations

Violations of the CCC are determined entirely by fellow students. In rare cases, a student may erroneously report violation, where none has actually occurred. In these cases, the student who has been wronged is asked to enlist the help of fellow students to help right the wrong. If this fails, the next step is to try to overlook the error; chalk it up to a simple honest mistake, which can happen from time to time. If this, too, fails, then the wronged student may file a Grievance with the administration, by following the Grievance Procedure. The Grievance Procedure is arduous, and its decision may not be appealed, so it is only used as a last resort in practice.

2 Public Displays of Sexual Excitement are Prohibited

Girls may not exhibit signs of sexual excitement in any setting in which boys might see the excitement. This rule exists for two reasons. The primary reason is that an excited girl might tend to excite a nearby boy, and thus distract him from other objectives. In addition, the rule encourages girls, all of whom become excited from time to time, to wear modest clothing so that their excitement is not readily apparent. In this way, the CCC tends to reenforce the Dress Code.

2.1 Signs of Sexual Excitement

Girls must refrain from exhibiting outward signs of sexual excitement. Vaginal secretions, swelling or redness of the labia, and firm, erect nipples are all signs of sexual excitement which must be avoided. This rule is unequivocal. There is no excuse for violating this rule.

2.2 "Asking for it"

Outward symptoms of sexual excitement are nature's way for a girl to communicate sexual desire, whether or not the girl wishes to express this desire at a conscious level. In other words, the wetness, pinkness, and engorgement of certain body parts, most notably labia and nipples, express a desire on the girl's part to engage in sexual activity. It is well understood that there are appropriate places and times for sexual activity, and well-traveled brightly lit public places during the middle of the day don't figure among such places or times. This is why girls are not permitted to express such desires in this manner in any public place.

Recommendation: Since the expression of sexual excitement is taken as "asking for sex", and most girls would agree that such a public request is inappropriate, girls should do two things to avoid "asking for it": First, they should wear clothing that adequately covers their most private areas (vagina and breasts) so that if they should become excited, this exitement is not readily apparent. Second, if their most private areas are visible, they should make every effort to refrain from becoming sexually excited so as to avoid unconsciously asking for sex.

2.3 Giving Her What She Asks For

The unconscious expression of a desire to engage in sex is most effectively punished by allowing that desire to be fulfilled in a public setting. For this reason, a boy who sees these expressions of sexual excitement is not only permitted, but actually required to give the girl the very thing she desires. It is not necessary for her to agree at a conscious level to engage in sex. In fact, it is generally understood that the girl would prefer, at a conscious level, not to engage in a sordid public display. So any sex act done to her without her conscious approval is a form of rape, a punishment sanctioned by the CCC. This punishment is termed "Consensual Rape" because a girl who expresses her unconscious inner desires for sex by exhibiting outward signs of sexual exictement is giving tacit consent for sexual relations.

2.4 Consensual Rape

If a girl takes any action, whether voluntary or involuntary, whether conscious or unconscious, which can reasonably be construed as a request to engage in sex, then a boy may (in fact, must) fulfill her request. If her action was involuntary or unconscious, such as allowing her vagina to secrete moisture, or allowing her nipples to become hard, then her involuntary or unconscious request for sex is at odds with her conscious interest in remaining modest and proper. In this case, any advances on her are against her conscious will, and therefore they constitute rape. But she has involuntarily or unconsiously given consent to be raped, and so the sex act is termed "Consensual Rape", which is permitted by the CCC as a punishment that will tend to keep girls in line.

3 Bare Skin Between Thighs and Neck

It is expected that a girl who adheres to the spirit of the Dress Code will dress so that the majority of a her torso, as well as her upper thighs, would be covered by clothing. Therefore, if she leaves any of her skin in these areas bare, then it is clear that her intent was risque; to increase her sex appeal at the expense of modesty. Boys (and, for that matter, other girls) may find themselves unable to resist touching the skin that was left bare in this way, so it would be unfair not to let them touch it. Moreover, to the extent that being touched is undesirable, girls will be motivated to cover themselves more fully. Thus, allowing the touching of skin that a girl has intentionally left bare might serve to deter bare skin, and improve overall decency on campus. Therefore, the following rule is included in the CCC:

3.1 Girls Are Not Permitted to Resist Being Touched

A girl may not resist, either actively or passively, the touching or fondling by another person of exposed skin on her thighs, buttocks, and torso. Examples of active resistance include such things as running away or fighting. Passive resistance includes such seemingly innocent behavior as "covering up" with the hands, and is best illustrated by an example: if a girl's thighs are exposed, she may not squeeze her legs together to stop a boy from touching the soft, tender skin between them. To avoid being groped, girls know they should wear modest clothing and keep themselves covered up, which is the main purpose of this rule.

Recommendation: If you choose to wear revealing clothing, do so with the expectation that you will be "felt up" from time to time. When you are fondled, take the touching in the gentle spirit in which it is given. Smile, and move closer to your fondler to avoid giving the impression of resisting him. At the same time, refrain from becoming sexually excited, so as not to violate any provisions of the CCC.

3.2 Bare Breasts

If a girl leaves her breasts bare, she can expect other students to touch them from time to time. When her breasts are groped, it is important for a girl to refrain from allowing her nipples to become hard, as this small sign of sexual excitement is forbidden by the CCC.

Note: If a girl is entirely topless, then she may not enter a school building displaying a sign near the entrance which reads, "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" (unless she is naked).

3.3 Bare Thighs

If a girl is wearing a short skirt, she might be fondled in the neighborhood of her upper thighs. Her fondler is not permitted to reach beneath her dress, but he may fondle the girl right up to her hem line. If her hem line is at or above her crotch, then he may freely fondle her vaginal area, and the girl is not permitted to resist his advances.

3.4 Bare Bottom

If a girl leaves any part of her bottom bare, she can expect to have her cheeks palmed now and again. This can happen if she is wearing a micro-minidress, for example, which covers most of her butt, but leaves the cutest part of her little cheeks open below the dress. When another student gently strokes her lower cheeks, she should spread her legs slightly to avoid giving the appearance of resisting the touching. Her groper may ease a finger between her cheeks, and thereby gain access to her anus, perineum, vulva, and vagina from the rear. Some girls find it difficult to stay dry while during an anal massage, but all girls must make the attempt.

3.5 Deals

A fondler is allowed to propose a deal in which he receives certain favors from the girl in exchange for ceasing to fondle her. Such deal-making is in keeping with the spirit of the CCC because it encourages girls to dress and behave more modestly. A modestly dressed girl is not at risk of fondling, and so she has less to lose (and a potential fondler has less to offer) in such deals. Thus, allowing potential fondlers to propse deals with scantily clad girls will, in the long run, encourage girls to cover themselves up more fully.

Recommendation: A girl should accept such a deal only if the terms are very favorable to her. If the terms include removing some clothing, then the deal is almost certainly a bad idea for the girl, because by exposing more skin, she opens herself up to an even greater opportunity for fondling, perhaps by someone else, later in the day.

3.6 Flinching

The clenching of legs or buttocks, a semi-involuntary response to being touched in certain ways, is forbidden. If another student slips his fingers between a girl's cheeks, she is required to relax her cheeks. It is helpful to spread the legs slightly in response to being touched this way. Similarly, if a girl's thighs are touched, she should relax her legs and allow them to gently separate.

Recommendation: girls who intend to leave their thighs or buttocks bare should practice relaxing in response to being "goosed". It is helpful for pairs of girls to practice relaxation techniques while touching each other. That way, when a random student touches her in a sensitive area, she will be prepared to respond without flinching.

4 Decorum Rules

Decorum rules ensure propriety and good taste in conduct, manners, and appearance.

4.1 No "covering up"

Girls are required to rely on their clothing to cover their body. Covering up with the hands or other non-clothing objects is not allowed. Also, keeping the buttocks clenched or the legs tightly crossed with the intent of covering up is not permitted. Although in the short run this rule prevents a girl from being modest, in the long run it will encourage modestly. Girls who opt to wear clothing that leaves bare skin do so at their own risk, and in defiance of the spirit of modesty embodied in both the Dress Code and the CCC. If, in a public situation, a girl has second thoughts about her choice of clothing, and wishes her skin were more fully covered, she might be tempted to cover herself with her hands, or by crossing her legs tightly. If girls were allowed to cover themselves, the pressure on them to dress modestly would be reduced. For this reason, "covering up" is prohibited.

Recommendation: When you realize that people can see up your dress, you may "cold feet" or have second thoughts about wearing such a short dress. In this case, you might be tempted to cover up by resting your hands in your lap or by crossing your legs tightly. You are not only required to resist this impulse, but you should realize that it is also smart to resist it. By covering up, you are acknowledging that you are aware of your inadequate coverage. By resisting that temptation, you put the entire sin of looking up your dress on the other person while you retain an air of innocence.

4.2 Public Masturbation is Prohibited

You are not permitted to massage your own private regions for the purpose of increasing your level of sexual excitement, whether or not these private regions are covered by clothing. However, you may touch another person, and you may allow another person to touch your private regions, even if they are covered by clothing.

Recommendation: If your private areas are adequately covered by clothing, then there is little risk in allowing yourself to become sexually excited, since the excitement will not be publicly visible. Since you are forbidden from stimulating yourself, you should ask a close friend to stimulate you, and you can return the favor. When girls get to know each other well, they will know without asking when their friend is in need of stimulation. This practice is termed "mutual masturbation", and is perfectly acceptable under the terms of the CCC.

4.3 No Groping with Intent to Cause Sexual Excitement

A boy is not permitted to grope a scantily clad girl with the intent of causing public sexual excitement just so that the boy can consensually rape the girl. The scenario: a girl wears a short dress, which does not completely cover her ass, leaving her lower rumps open for touching. A boy spots this, and begins fondling the girl. The girl follows the rules -- she doesn't flinch; she spreads her legs slightly; she appears to enjoy the attention. The boy extends his touching to the very sensitive area between the girl's legs in the hopes of causing her to become sexually excited. The girl, meanwhile, tries her hardest to stay dry, but ultimately loses that battle. Once the girl has become very wet, the boy is entitled to rape her under the rules. This scenario allows a boy to use the CCC to his unfair advantage: he can find a girl and take action that results in coercing concent from the girl to be raped. For this reason, the fondling of girls with intent cause sexual excitement (which can lead to Consensual Rape) prohibited.

4.4 No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

For health reasons, many of the buildings on campus bear a sign reading, "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service". Girls who are topless may not enter these buildings, which include all classrooms and the dining hall. The only exception to this rule is for naked girls, who are allowed to enter such buildings while remaining naked. Trash recepticles are provided near all entrances to allow girls to deposit their clothing in order to comply with this rule.

Recommendation: In the warmer weather, many girls wear thin throw-away tops for comfort. As the temperature increases, they remove their top to stay cool. She remains modest by continuing to wear a skirt or panties. This way, she covers the areas which, to her, are the most important ones for modesty. The only drawback for the topless girl comes when she needs to enter a building to attend a class, for example. Inside buildings, girls are required to wear shirts unless they are naked. A topless girl typically sheds her bottom at this point in order to comply with the rule. A girl who intends to spend considerable time topless may wish to grow out her pubic hair, so her vagina can be covered modestly even while she is naked. The disadvantage is that a girl with pubic hair must remain bottomless at all times. The advantage is that when she is required to get naked, she is still modestly covered by her pubic hair. Each girl must evaluate the trade-offs, and decide for herself whether to grow out her pubes.

5. Grievance Procedure

If a student feels she (or he) has been wronged by a fellow student or by a representative of the College, then she may follow the grievance procedure.

5.1 Reporting a Grievance

To report a grievance, the student must come to the Administration Building before 9:00 AM any Monday for a walk-in appointment with a councellor. In order for an orderly process in the event that more than one student appears to report a grievance, students are taken in the following order: boys first, then bottomless (nothing below the belly button) girls, and finally all other girls. Depending on the volume of students on any given Monday, it is possible that some students will be sent away, and asked to return the following Monday.

5.2 Meeting with a Councellor

When a student has an opportunity to meet with a councellor, she will explain the nature of her grievance, and describe what she hopes to receive in compensation for her problems. The councellor will offer at least sympathy. If the student's case is very good, the councellor will schedule a hearing. At the hearing, the student, if she is a girl, must appear in the nude. The nudity requirement exists simply to discourage girls from filing frivolous grievances.

5.3 Grievance Hearing

The student who filed the grievance appears before a judge (in the nude, if she is a girl). She explains her problem, and then other interested parties might also give their side of the story. Finally, the judge makes a decision, which is binding on the parties.

5.4 Frivolous Grievances

Frivolous grievances are discouraged in a number of ways: First, boys are usually not inclined to file grievances, because they generally feel that the rules in the Dress Code and CCC are fair. Next, it is rare for girls who show up fully dressed to even get a hearing with a councellor. Next, a girl is required to be nude in order to receive a Grievance Hearing, which carries with it a number of risks that are quite possibly worse than the original grievance. Next, the judge takes a dim view of frivolous grievances, and is as likely as not to severely punish girls who whine excessively.

6. Toilet Policy

Public toilets are provided for bottomless girls only, to speed their trip through otherwise congested facilities.

6.1 Justification

It has been determined that long lines outside the girls' bathrooms are caused by excessive time spent by girls taking off and putting on their clothes. Therefore, all girls bathrooms at the College are "bottomless only" facilities. Girls must remove all clothing from their hips down before entering a bathroom. In addition, designated high-traffic bathrooms will be designated "naked only" facilities. Before entering these facilities, girls must remove all their clothing. The need for privacy having been obviated, stalls, doors, and in some cases, walls will be removed to speed traffic flow in and out of the bathroom area.

6.2 Privacy and Viewing

Spectator viewing areas will be provided outside the bathrooms, with visibility into the bathroom provided in some cases by large windows. It is expected that girls will not object to the windows, since their privacy has already been compromised by the need to strip publicly before entering.

6.3 Public Changing Areas

Cubby-holes are provided outside the bathrooms for girls to store their clothing while they are inside. On exiting the bathroom, if a girl discovers her clothes are missing, she may "shop" among the clothes that other girls have left. However, it is requested that each girl take no more than one item of clothing that doesn't belong to her, so that all the girls will have some clothes waiting for them (their own or those of other girls) when they exit the facility.

Mass Inspection

"I'm not happy about this," Donna said as she squirmed inside her "wife-beater" t-shirt.

"What's the matter?" Crysta asked, still half-asleep.

"This t-shirt is so thin, you can see right through it!"

That woke Crysta up. She sat up in bed and admired her beautiful roommate through her tiny shirt. Normally, Crysta would lie to reassure Donna that her shirt covers her lovely body, but this time there was no use. The shirt was too thin and too short to have any hope of convincing her she was anything but naked in it. "Don't you have anything else to wear?"

Uh-oh. Crysta took cover, literally as Donna began her rampage. "Sure! I have lots of nice things to wear." She reached in her drawer and grabbed a handful of sexy panties -- some lacy ones, some sheer, bikinis and thongs -- and threw them at Crysta. "But with the goddamn dress code, I can't wear any of them!"

Gently Crysta suggested "maybe you could wear a top that isn't so..."

Donna was still upset. "So sheer? So fucking tiny that my pussy is totally on display for everyone to see?"

"Well, yeah."

"Did you hear about the mass inspection yesterday?"

Crysta laughed. "You mean the 'Hands Up' inspection? I think I heard something about that."

Donna nodded. "It wasn't so funny. All the girls who passed through the commons had to raise their hands up over their heads or they would be stripped naked. They were told their belly buttons had better be showing, or they would be in big trouble."

"Belly buttons? Wow!"

"Yeah. Wow. You know most girls nowadays wear either a micro-minidress or a t-shirt as a dress, but even so, they had to really reach for the sky to try to uncover their belly buttons."

"I can imagine." Crysta's pussy was a glistening mirror of her imagination.

Donna smiled as she imagined all the girls reaching for the sky, hoping their belly buttons would show. But her smile faded as she thought about the next part of the story. "But did you hear what they did to some of those poor girls?"

"I heard they got an inspection. That's par for the course. Inspections are no big deal." Crysta wanted to reassure Donna, but her tone just irritated her.

"No big deal? I don't know if you heard the whole story. Girls whose shirts were long enough to cover their belly buttons were picked at random and told to hang on the monkey bars."

"Monkey bars?"

"You know, the chin-up bars just outside the dining hall."

"Oh yeah, I know what you mean." Crysta laughed. "You mean they had to hang there wearing only a shirt? Oh, that's cute!" Her pussy got even wetter imagining all the bottomless girls hanging there.

"You got the picture. The poor girls had to hang on, because if they let go, and fell to the ground, they were stripped naked, and cited for indecency." A tear rolled down Donna's cheek.

Crysta went to Donna and stroked her hair, running her hands over her shoulders and back. "It's OK, honey. This kind of thing happens. Don't dwell on it."

Somehow, though Crysta's intention was to stop Donna from crying, her soothing words had the opposite effect. Barely controlling her sobs, Donna continued, "But do you know what they were *doing* to those poor girls while they tried to hang on?"

Crysta shook her head, and continued stroking her distraught roommmate.

"They were touching the girls. It was awful!"

"Who was touching them?"

"Boys!" Donna took a deep breath to try to control her sobbing. "There were boys, everywhere, touching, touching!"

"Boys do that, Donna." Crysta wiped a tear off her cheek. "They touch girls. There's not a whole lot you can do about that."

"Yeah, I know," Donna said. "It's in the code of conduct. But it was worse than that."

"Really?" Crysta leaned forward to hear every detail.

"One poor girl was hanging onto the bar, with her ass barely covered by her t-shirt when a boy came up to her and started touching her legs. She held her legs together because she was helpless to protect herself any other way. The inspector saw this, and smacked her on the butt, telling her she decided to leave her legs uncovered when she dressed this morning, and so the boy had a right to touch them. He smacked her again, harder, and then again. Finally, the girl spread her legs apart, and waited for the boy to resume touching them."

"Did he touch her some more?"

"Not right away. That was the saddest thing. Picture the poor girl, hanging on for dear life because she knew she would be stripped and cited for indecency if she didn't. She's wearing only a t-shirt, and hanging higher than everyone, so people naturally look up at her and see everything. Worse, she had to keep her legs apart, and she had no way to protect herself. When he did start touching her again, he didn't just massage her legs. He stroked her inner thighs. He lifted her shirt up over her tits, and she was helpless to prevent it. He stroked her belly in the most sensuous way, and even kissed it as he continued rubbing her tits and ass."

"Was she able to stay dry?"

"Are you kidding? Of course not. The poor girl was practically cumming the way he was touching her."

"Why do you think the boy singled out this one girl?"

"He didn't! He did this to three or four of the girls."

"He got them all wet at the same time?"

"Yep, and get this. He told them all to hang on because he was going to rape the next girl to drop."

"Oh, my God! Did he follow through on his threat?"

"This is the sad thing. As the girls hung there, they all knew it was a matter of time before they would lose their grip, and fall to the ground. One by one, as the girls fell, they were stripped and cited, and in a way, it was a relief. Even though she was naked, the girl could finish her day. And there were enough girls being stripped in this mass inspection that people understood. Somehow, being naked wasn't so bad if everyone knew there was a big inspection that day. But now, with this new threat of rape on top of all the other humiliation, the girls really tried to hang on."

"How long did they hang on?"

"I don't know, but it must have been terrible for them -- their hands and arms burning, their pussies aching. And every time the girls tried to rest their tired legs, the inspector would whack them on their red little asses. Finally, one girl lost her grip, and fell to the ground in a heap."

"Did the boy follow through on his threat?"

"His pants were off as soon as she hit the ground. He ripped her shirt off her, and fucked her hard."

"Did she try to resist?"

"Nope. She was too tired."

"What did the other girls do?"

"As soon as they saw their comrade getting fucked, they dropped like flies. They thought they were just going to get stripped by the Inspector but a whole bunch of boys surrounded them. Most of the boys had already taken off their pants, and some already sported major hard-ons."

"Oh, crap!"

"Exactly. And the Inspector just stood by and watched as the girls were gang-raped, because there was nothing he could do. The boys were following the consensual rape rule in the Code of Conduct which states that any girl who displays visible signs of sexual excitement is giving consent to be raped."

"That's terrible. Did any of the girls escape?"

"Not one. They were all raped at least once, and quite a few of the girls were raped several times, in both their assholes and their pussies." Donna was quiet for some time after she finished her story. Then she looked down at her own pussy, and started crying again.

Crysta had heard about the mass inspection, and she had thought it was a clever idea to test the girls by putting them on the monkey bars. It seemed like a good way to deter girls from wearing dresses that are too long. Making them hang onto a bar, dangling over the heads of onlookers seemed like just a mild punishment. She pictured the girls, squirming as people looked up at them as they hung on the bar. She liked the way their hands were immobilized, so they would be unable to be even the least bit modest in this predicament. And it was also fitting that the girls would decide when they would let go and then be strippped naked. Crysta had supposed all the girls hoped if they hung on long enough, the Inspector would let them go. But she never considered the ugly prospect of rape. Somehow, that took all the fairy-tale cuteness out of the story. No longer were the girls hanging on for a few sexy minutes waiting to be stripped -- they were hanging on for dear life, postponing as long as they could the horrible fate of being raped. She considered how the poor girls still hanging on must have felt as they watched their cohorts getting raped one by one as they fell from the bar. How many sharp slaps to the ass would it take, each girl must have wondered, before she succumbed to the same fate?

Donna cried softly as she sat on the bed next to Crysta. Crysta stroked her long, brown hair, her soft cheeks, and her tender breasts. They shared a soft, warm kiss. Crysta straightened the hem of Donna's little t-shirt, which fell about half way between her belly button and her pussy. "It's fine, Donna." They kissed again. "Your shirt is fine."

Donna stood up, and stretched her shirt down, covering as much of her beautiful body as it would cover. "Is it fine?" she asked.

After she stretched it, her shirt even covered her pussy, except it was so thin that it really didn't cover anything completely. "It's just fine," Crysta repeated.

Donna still seemed a bit worried about it. She stared in the mirror at herself, wondering if her pussy was really covered. The hem of the shirt came down exactly even with her pussy, so it was really hard to tell. "I guess the important thing is whether I would survive a mass inspection."

"Raise your arms, and I'll tell you."

Donna raised her arms, and her shirt rode up, but not high enough to uncover her belly button. "Higher," commanded Crysta.

Donna got up on her tip-toes, which made Crysta smile, because it did nothing for her shirt. At the same time she reached just a little higher, but her belly button was still covered by about two inches of fabric.

"Donna, I think what you'll need to do is just hike up your shirt a little bit if you suspect you're walking into a mass inspection trap."

"Oh, you mean like this?" She tucked a section of her shirt under her boobs, revealing her belly button, even with her hands down.

"That's perfect!"

Donna smiled, and it was contageous. Her smile warmed Crysta, and Crysta smiled. The girls sat on Crysta's bed, facing each other, their legs around each other's body. Their pussies were almost touching as they hugged. Donna loved the way Crysta's breasts felt against her chest, so warm and soft. She looked into Crysta's eyes and felt a deep love for her friend. "Have you ever felt uncomfortable being bottomless?"

Crysta tilted her head back, and thought about it. "Twice," she said.

Donna laughed. "Just twice?"

Crysta smiled as she thought about her innocent years. "The first time was in high school," she began. "I was late, as usual, and my dad drove me to school. I couldn't find my shorts anywhere, and he was waiting for me by the door. All I had on was a t-shirt. I was going crazy. Then I remembered my shorts were in his car. What are you looking for? my dad asked. I couldn't tell him my shorts because then he would know I had nothing on under my t-shirt."

"No panties?"

"No, they would make panty lines."

"Couldn't your dad see you were bottomless?"

"Apparently not. My t-shirt was just the right length so that I looked bottomless even if I was wearing shorts, because it covered them up. I guess my dad was used to seeing me that way, and he just assumed I had my shorts on."

"That's a nice story."

"Wait, it's not over. So I get in the car with my dad, and I try to pull my shirt down so he can't see I'm not wearing my shorts. I figure I'll get them out of his trunk when we get to school. The whole way he keeps looking at my legs and I'm deathly afraid he'll see, you know, between my legs"

"That's so cute! You can't say 'pussy' when the story is about your dad"

"Shut up. Do you want to hear the story or not?"

Donna laughed. "Sorry. Go on."

"So we finally get to school, and I get out of his car as carefully as I can so none of my stupid little friends would see I wasn't wearing any bottoms. I asked my dad to pop the trunk but he must not have heard me. He just drove off!"

"Oh my gosh! You must have been mortified!"

"I yelled. D-A-D! And I ran after him. Luckily he saw me in his rear view mirror, and he stopped."

"Were your stupid friends getting a rear-view, too?"

"OK, that's it. I'm done with this story." Crysta folded her arms over her ample chest.

"No, tell me, please. I'll be good."

"OK, so my dad stopped, and he popped the trunk. That God my gym bag was in there. I grabbed it, and sent him on his way. I went to the girls' room as quick as I could, and opened my gym bag -- Nothing!"

"It was empty?"

"Totally empty. I never found out what happened to my stuff. Later, my mom said something about washing it, but that doesn't explain why the bag was still in my dad's car."

"Well, was your stuff in the wash?"

"I guess so. It turned up later. But that didn't help me that day. I was at school wearing only a t-shirt."

"But it was a t-shirt that covered you enough that people figured you must have shorts under it, right?"

"That's what I kept telling myself, but I was uncomfortable all day. I was constantly worried that someone would see me."

"Did anyone see you?"

"I'll never know."

"That's good then. You needn't have worried so much."

Crysta smiled. "That's what I keep telling you!"

"Well then you know what I feel like when you say it, don't you." The girls laughed together, and rubbed each others' backs as they hugged. "What was your other story?"

"Oh, it was my first plane trip by myself. I was going to meet my best friend from High School who had moved away. It was spring break, my senior year of high school, and we were going to Mexico."

"Oh, that sounds like fun."

"It was fun, but a little scary."


"Well, I wasn't sure how to pack, and I didn't want to be uncomfortable on the plane, so I wore a baby-doll dress."

"You're comfortable in a baby-doll dress?"

"Sure, it's loose-fitting, and not too long. Very casual. I know I look good in a short blousy dress, and when I look good, I feel good, too."

"Did the dress come with matching panties?"

"Yes. If I was just lounging around the house or with my friends I didn't always wear the panties, but trust me -- I always wore them when I went out in public. The dress might have been long enough to cover me, but if the wind blew or if I went up an escalator, who knows?"

Donna laughed, and toyed with Crysta's nipples. "So you trust your friends not to look up your dress, but not strangers?"

"Exactly," Crysta laughed. "So I checked my suitcase, and then I felt so light -- I had only my ticket and my little disco purse. I checked the ticket. Gate 43. I looked up, and followed the signs. Before long I was standing in a long line for the metal detectors. I had nothing to inspect but my purse, so I put it on the conveyor belt and walked through the metal detector. It beeped, so the guard -- a middle aged lady -- made me step back and try again. It still beeped, so she had me take off my shoes. No good. She took a good look at all my clothing and concluded that it must be a little metalic ornament on my panties that was setting off the alarm. By now there were a lot of unhappy people behind me, so I asked her if I could just go. She said no, I had to step back and take off my panties, to see if that was the problem."

"She made you take off your panties?"

"She said a lot of girls have to take them off. It's standard procedure. I said maybe other girls have dresses long enough to cover their panties, so it's not so much a problem for them. She told me: One, stop being such a baby, and two, if I was that concerned about being covered I should have worn a longer dress, and three, it'll all be over in a few seconds. I cast a furtive glance behind me, and saw a bunch of men in business suits licking their lips."


"Exactly. But what else could I do? I took off my panties as daintily as I could, and laid them neatly on the conveyor belt. Then I passed through the metal detector without a peep. I felt so vulnerable in that dress, not so much because it's short, but because it's so light and airy. It's the scariest feeling -- nothing. I felt the dress against my belly, and along the top of my ass, but I felt nothing below that. I was scared to look down and see bare skin, so I didn't. I just looked straight ahead. I picked up my purse from the conveyor belt, and waited for my panties. Other people's stuff came out, and they pushed me aside to get it, but my panties were lost. The machine swallowed them, apparently. Excuse me, I said to the guards, but they seemed like they were too busy to talk to me. Excuse me, I seem to have lost my panties, I said. I didn't want to say it too loud, you understand, because I already felt like quite a spectacle."

"Oh, that's terrible! Did you ever get them back?"

"Well, finally I got the attention of one of the guards, and he asked me if I checked the Lost and Found. Lost and Found? I said. They're tangled up in your machine somewhere! He told me to calm down or else I would be escorted off the premises. Then he said he would check the Lost and Found for me if I could describe the panties. I told him they match my dress, and then I watched his eyes go up and down my dress, taking it in. I didn't know if he could see my pussy, but it was close. I felt the dress against my skin just above my pussy, but I felt nothing but breeze on my pussy itself. A strange thought occurred to me then: I'm glad I'm freshly shaved. Can you believe it? It was bad enough having people look at my pussy, but at least it's not stubbly. Well, these are the thoughts that went through my head as he looked me up and down. Then he cleared his throat and asked me if he could borrow my dress just for a minute. Borrow it? I was incredulous. Just for a minute, he said, to match it up with the panties. Well, first of all, I thought, the panties won't be in the Lost and Found because they just got lost in the machine. And secondly, can't you just remember what my dress looks like?"

"Did you say that to the guard?"

"No. I just thought it. I didn't know what to say."

"So what did you do?"

"I don't know what came over me. The guard was standing there with his hand out, expecting me to just hand over my dress. The more I thought about it later, the more unreasonable the request sounded, but at the time I felt stuck. I wasn't going to get my panties back unless I handed over my dress, and I really, really wanted to get my panties back, so I--"

"You didn't!"

"I did. I took it off."

"Right in the middle of the airport?"

"With all the business men around me, grabbing their brief cases, I stripped, and handed over my dress, and the guard disappeared with it. I was standing there, naked, covering my boobs with my hands, when one of the guards took pity on me. You can have a seat over there, he said, indicating a row of empty seats about 50 feet down the hallway. I'll call you when someone finds your panties. I sat, and waited for a few minutes, as people walked by me, looking. The worst part was when little children asked their parents, why is that lady naked? The parents shushed the kids and kept walking. After a while I was afraid I would miss my flight, and I went back to the guards, and asked them if it would be much longer. They told me to go ahead and get on the plane, and they would bring my clothes to me, but I didn't want to do that. I said I would rather miss the plane."

"So did you miss it?"

"No, with just seconds to spare, the guard showed up with my dress. He had a sad look on his face, and shook his head. No panties? I asked. I didn't really expect him to find my panties. I was just glad to get my dress back. But then he smiled, and produced them from behind his back. I was so happy I kissed him. There was no time to put my clothes on, though, because my plane was about to leave. I just grabbed everything and ran for gate 43. I got there just as the attendant was closing it, and I managed to get my dress on in the jetway, and carried my panties to my seat. Wouldn't you know it? The plane was packed and I had the middle seat, between two good looking young men. The one on the aisle got up, and so I slid past him and sat down. I had planned to put on my panties, but now I was embarrassed. And when I looked down at my lap, I saw my dress covered me, so I tucked the panties in the seat pocket in front of me, and hoped the boys didn't notice."

"Do you think they did?"

"It's hard to tell, but they both spent a lot of time looking at my legs. The flight wasn't too long, but I was afraid the coffee I drank earlier in the day would require a trip to the john. I imagined myself standing up, and with my ass in the face of the guy in the aisle seat, getting out of that cramped row -- not a pretty picture. But luckily, nothing like that happened. When the flight was over, I waited until the aisle was clear ahead of me before I even got up. My greatest concern was keeping myself covered as much as possible, from all angles. At the exit, the captain said goodbye to everyone, and I saw him do that up-and-down double-take, and suddenly remembered my panties in the seat pocket. I should have gone back for them at that moment, but something came over me -- maybe it was the joy of being in Mexico, and looking forward to my vacation, but it suddenly seemed less important now to get my panties than to get on with my vacation."

"Let me get this straight. The panties that you stripped for, the panties that you sat naked and waited for -- you just left them in the seat pocket?"

"Crazy, isn't it? I just felt all giddy, and somehow being naked under my dress felt really good at that moment. Maybe part of it was that I made it through a whole flight without anyone noticing my lack of panties, so I felt I could keep up the charade a lot longer. I knew my dress covered me, and even though the bottoms of my butt cheeks showed beneath my dress, most people would figure I've got a thong on, and not give it a second thought."

"I suppose you're right. As long as your dress isn't too short, you can get away without panties, and you'll be the only one who knows your little secret."

"That's what I was thinking -- that is, until I approached a full-length mirror in the hallway of the airport. It was right in front of me as the hallway turned left, and I watched myself approach it. And worse, I watched the reactions of the people around me, who were apparently too focused on my bottom to notice me watching them in the mirror. That's when I realized this cute little dress that I wore all through high school either got smaller or else I got bigger. Either way, it wasn't covering nearly as much of me as I thought it was."

"What did you do?"

"I really should have run back to the plane to get my panties, but for some reason I didn't think of that. I just smoothed the dress down as much as I could, and kept waking as if nothing was wrong. I figured I would get my suitcase, and change clothes in the ladies' room. So I just headed for the baggage claim, and enjoyed the breezy feeling on my bottom. It was liberating in a way. Now that I knew my ass was fully visible, there was no point in being careful when I bent over -- there was nothing covering me anyway. I was no longer afraid to lift my arms for fear my dress would rise up dangerously -- it was already dangerous."

"And apparently, no one minded seeing you dressed this way."

"Exactly! I was just about to say that. Now that I realized I was bottomless, I thought back to all the people who must have seen my pussy and my asshole, and just kept it to themselves. It didn't bother them, so why should it bother me? I started to feel liberated. And I was feeling a little excited, too, and brazen as I might have felt at the time, I wasn't ready for people to see that, and I was also afraid of leaving a puddle when I sat down. My heart was beating fast, and I thought at any minute my luck would run out, so I wanted to get my suitcase, and change into something a little more conservative. The suitcases started coming down the conveyor belt, and circled the baggage area, and one by one everyone took their suitcases. Except mine. Where was it? First my panties disappear, now my suitcase! What next?"

"You poor thing!" Donna gently stroked Crysta's belly.

"Yeah, poor me. There was a desk there, and I asked about my suitcase. They asked me what hotel I was staying at, and said they would send it around when they found it. It was probably on another flight, and it would show up any minute, they were sure. I got on the bus to the hotel, and met my friend in the lobby. She saw I was bottomless and asked what happened. Don't ask, I told her, but then I told her the whole story."

"Did you ever get your suitcase back?"

"Nope. Someone somewhere is a happy girl with all my stuff, I suppose. But my friend took pity on me, and although she didn't have much clothing, either, she shared what she had."

"That was sweet of her."

"Yes, it was. I thanked her by giving her the only thing I had -- my babydoll dress, which really looked good on her."

"Did she wear panties under it?"

"Yes, she started off with panties, but you know how spring break is -- somewhere along the line she misplaced them."

"It sounds like you had a fun vacation."

"It really was. So much fun I had trouble leaving. And also, I was naked, so it was a bit embarrassing."

"Completely naked?"

"Yes, I gave my dress to my friend, and I returned all the clothes she lent me, so I had nothing to wear."

"That must have been hard for you."

"Actually, it was easier than you might think. For one thing, I breezed through security. For another, I found out that a stark naked girl gets prompt attention wherever she goes. People seemed a lot nicer to me when I was naked. I kind of liked it."

"I really enjoyed those stories, Crysta. Thanks." Donna kissed her on the lips, and Crysta grabbed her face, and kissed her back.

"So don't worry about the length of your t-shirt, Donna. Just let it fall around your waist. It's kind of a funny thing that people will look at the edges of whatever you have on, but they won't notice that you're naked beyond those edges. Just enjoy the clothing you have on, and if you feel a mass inspection coming on, make sure your belly button is showing!"

"OK, Crysta." The girls kissed again as Crysta gently stroked Donna's lips with her fingers.

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