College Toilet Policy 

College Toilet Policy

College Toilet Policy

There have been many complaints all across campus that there are too few girls' toilets, and of long lines to get into them. It is very important, therefore, that something substantial be done to address this issue.

The Study

Cameras were installed in eleven of the rest room areas to monitor the use of the toilets. Each girl who enters the bathroom was observed to determine the length of time required for each phase of her visit. On the average, it was determined that a girl spends fourteen seconds selecting a stall, eight seconds locking the door, a full minute and eight seconds to pull down or remove her clothing, forty-three seconds doing her business, a minute and fifty-three seconds putting her clothes back on, and eight seconds unlocking the door.

0:14 selecting a stall
0:08 locking the door
1:08 pull down or remove her clothing
0:43 doing her business
1:53 putting her clothes back on
0:08 unlocking the door
4:14 total time

The Analysis

The components of a girl's rest room activity were analyzed to determine not only the cause of the long delays, but specifically which components might be streamlined to speed the flow of traffic through the rest room. It was immediately apparent that the two most time-consuming activities were removing and replacing clothing. A great deal of thought was put into the matter to ascertain whether it would be possible to speed up these activities.


The analysts recommended that girls should remove their clothing before entering the rest room area, which would completely eliminate the most time-consuming parts of their bathroom activities. A pilot study was conducted, in which one rest room -- the busiest one, in the lobby of the main cafeteria -- was set aside for naked girls only. Lockers were provided near the entrance to the rest room, so that girls would be able to disrobe in the hallway, and store their clothes in the lockers while the do their business. It was found that the wait time for this bathroom decreased markedly, but so did the number of girls who used it. Interviews with girls in the vicinity, including naked girls waiting to use the bathroom as well as fully clothed girls who opted to travel to other bathrooms, revealed that while the majority of girls understood the benefits of removing their clothing in advance, it is unneccessary for girls to remove their tops. The analysts agreed that forcing girls to free their boobs from the confines of their tops served no purpose. However, they expressed concern that if allowed to keep their tops on, girls might leave their dresses on as well, rationalizing that the dress is just a top. In the end, a compromise was reached, in which girls would be allowed to keep their tops on, as long as she remains completely naked from the hips down.

Major Recommendations

The analysts developed several recommendations.

1. Benches and lockers are provided in the hallway outside of each of the girls restrooms so that girls may remove their bottoms before entering the restroom. Bottomless girls should line up outside the restroom, do their business quickly, and then leave the restroom area to don their clothes.

2. Girls who remove their clothing in public and wait patiently without the benefit of clothing find that the additional privacy afforded by stall doors is insignificant, so the stall doors -- and in many cases, the stalls themselves -- are removed to save the 30 seconds each girl spends selecting, locking, and unlocking the stalls.

3. The cost of providing bathroom facilities for girls is greatly reduced when privacy considerations such as walls, and even doors and walls, are eliminated. Auxilliary toilets can be provided in the public areas such as low-traffic hallways and outdoor areas, with nearby lockers and benches for girls to use in the removal of their clothing.

Additional Recommendations

Because a high concentration of bottomless girls is likely to draw interest on the part of boys, it is recommended that additional seating be provided near the entrance to the girls' bathrooms so that boys may congregate there to watch the parade of near-naked girls entering and leaving the facility.

If some public toilet areas are still so busy that bottomless girls must line up, then it may be necessary to set aside some bathrooms for completely naked girls only. Many girls will opt to go to more distant bathrooms where they can leave their tops on, reducing the demand for naked-only bathrooms.

Code of Conduct

In light of the recommendations, the following section will be added to the Code of Conduct:

Toilet Policy

It has been determined that long lines outside the girls' bathrooms are caused by excessive time spent by girls taking off and putting on their clothes. Therefore, all girls bathrooms at the College are "bottomless only" facilities. Girls must remove all clothing from their hips down before entering a bathroom. In addition, designated high-traffic bathrooms will be designated "naked only" facilities. Before entering these facilities, girls must remove all their clothing. The need for privacy having been obviated, stalls, doors, and in some cases, walls will be removed to speed traffic flow in and out of the bathroom area.

Spectator viewing areas will be provided outside the bathrooms, with visibility into the bathroom provided in some cases by large windows. It is expected that girls will not object to the windows, since their privacy has already been compromised by the need to strip publicly before entering.

Cubby-holes are provided outside the bathrooms for girls to store their clothing while they are inside. On exiting the bathroom, if a girl discovers her clothes are missing, she may "shop" among the clothes that other girls have left. However, it is requested that each girl take no more than one item of clothing that doesn't belong to her, so that all the girls will have some clothes waiting for them (their own or those of other girls) when they exit the facility.

A college co-ed makes use of one of the bottomless toilets on campus, in full view of spectators.

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Comment Sir, it has come to our attention you are having some difficulties with long lines at ladies restrooms. Men's restroom move efficiently, since men have urinals to relieve themselves. In the old school of thought, females must occupy a stall regardless of needs. This problem has been solved by our New and Improved Female Urinal Model #2890-3B\A. I will send a catalog of all our fine products to you, but let me take this opportunity to describe how our N&I Female Urinal Model 2890-3B\A will solve your problems. This urinal does not require any enclosure or shelter. Running water and a waste line is all that is required. The urinal resembles a long trough with a constant stream of water running down the middle. Females simply straddle the trough to urinate. Several females may use the 2890-3B/A at the same time. That is the N&I feature over the -2A\A model where only two females could use it at once. We have found through research and extensive testing that females wearing pants or shorts should remove them prior to straddling the 2890-3B\A. Ladies in dresses find it more convenient to remove them rather the unpleasantness of dampening their hemlines. Girls wearing short skirts often find raising the garment to their waistline enjoy the quickest relief. The series of 2890 models all have built in sensors that determine when it is not in use. Through our survey feedbacks, we added a fountain feature to the -3B\A model. A water show delights and amuses the passing crowds taking their minds off the practical aspects of the model. Research is continuing on the reasons why increase functional use of the running fountain models has been observed. Whatever the reason, the increase capacity of the 2890-3B\A more than offsets the increased demand observed. We've nearly solved the software coding error that sometimes causes the fountain to start with ladies still straddling the model. Our marketing people like to call it the bidet feature. Our problem has been an underreporting of occurrances to fully determine the root cause. Please feel free to contact me at any time during normal business hours. We can arrange to have a demonstration model delivered in two business days. Sincerely yours, Ian Paul Daley. Wasted Resources,Inc. - Sr. Salesman. Ask for a demostration of our Golden Showers.

Fri Jan 20, 2006 8:03 pm MST by I.P. Daley

Comment Mr. Hertz: I have no idea where this college is, or how the administration comes up with these rules, but I must say that this toilet policy doesn't make much sense. At my college, we also had a problem with long lines at the girls' bathroom. To move us through quicker, they instituted the two-at-a-time rule, officially known as the Tandem Urination Imperative. The rule is that if all the toilets are occupied you are required to pee in one of the toilets already in use by another girl. One way to do this is to sit on the other girl's lap facing in the same direction as her. The other girl has to spread her legs really wide apart, and you have to arch your back and lean forward while you pee between her legs. Itís a little tricky for the girl on top to "aim" right while doing this, and in a lot of cases the bottom girl gets her pubic area peed on. This caused delays and wasted toilet paper. In response, the college started an education campaign encouraging us to use the "face-to-face method." In this method, the top girl faces the bottom girl and straddles her lap. Since the bottom girl has to keep her legs spread, it's a little hard for the top girl to balance; therefore, the bottom girl is encouraged to place her hands on the top girl's buttocks for added support. If additional support is needed, the bottom girl should use her mouth to apply suction to the top girl's neck or breasts. One early objection to the two-at-a-time rule was that since the bottom girl starts peeing first, she would usually finish first, but she wouldn't be able to get up until the top girl had finished, thereby causing some delay. The administration commissioned a study by the Physiology Department to find a solution. They discovered that the bottom girl could help the top girl to pee faster, and, therefore finish at the same time. We are now encouraged to do one or more of the following things when peeing in the bottom position: a) help the top girl relax by gently caressing her buttocks, b) rhythmically jostle the top girl up and down to help shake the pee out, or c) reach between the top girl legs and hold her labia majora apart to allow freer passage of pee. After more than a semester of following this policy, I can report that it has indeed shortened the lines for the bathrooms. Besides that, I've found it's a great way to get to know girls that I've seen around campus, but wouldn't otherwise have had a chance to be introduced to. Sure, it took a little getting used to at first, but it has often been said that girls like to go the bathroom in groups, and this is just a natural extension of that tendency. I would encourage you to pass along this information to your college's administration, and ask them to add the Tandem Urination Imperative to their toilet policy.

Wed Jan 18, 2006 4:56 pm MST by A Concerned College Girl

Comment Good question, Jason. Apparently, the girls are willing to trade a little of their privacy for shorter lines at the rest rooms. More generally, they put up with such things as inspections as a necessary part of enforcement of the Dress Code. And the girls know if they behave themselves by adhering to all the rules, that such things as being groped and being consensually raped just won't happen. So these consequences, ranging from mildly annoying to very serious, of violating the rules are of little concern to rule-abiding girls.

Wed Jan 18, 2006 4:07 pm MST by Dick Hertz

Comment Once again, the college administration has proven itself to be insane in an erotic legalistic Rube Goldberg-esque way. I understand why boys go to school here; but why the heck do the majority of the women? Perhaps a plot line for a future story, Dick?

Tue Jan 17, 2006 5:18 pm MST by Jason

Comment I'm not a pee watcher myself, but I admire your ability to tell this aspect in a truly erotic fashion. while some of the rules and their reasons are quite irrational, they are all quite fun. good work!

Mon Jan 16, 2006 9:07 pm MST by Anonymous

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