Message to College Co-Eds: Keep your top covered! 

Message to College Co-Eds: Keep your top covered!

Message to College Co-Eds
from the College Dress Code Office

Please, girls: Keep your tops covered!

On rare occasions it is necessary to reenforce the message of decorum and decency which is the centerpiece of our Dress Code. Alas, such an occasion has arisen today. With the advent of warm weather, girls have turned to skimpier dresses than they wore during the winter. This, in and of itself, is certainly not a problem. The Dress Code does not prohibit even the skimpiest of dresses; rather, the judgment of proper coverage of a girl's most private regions is left up to the girl herself -- who better to judge her own modesty?

One of these very private regions, which all girls should keep carefully covered, is her breasts. A girl's breasts make her uniquely feminine. They are soft, and beautiful. To reveal them would cause distractions that might detract from our serious academic environment at the College.


It is appropriate in this message to provide clear guidance to help you select and wear clothing that keep your delicious melons nicely wrapped. If you wear a dress, as most girls do, then obviously you don't wear anything under it, because the Dress Code requires you to go "commando" under your dress. The purpose of this rule, of course, is to encourage you to wear a dress in which you feel comfortable. A dress that is too short will not fully cover you, leaving you feeling vulnerable. On the other hand, if your dress is too long, as many of you know from experience, you are more likely to be inspected, as long dresses have been used by some unscrupulous girls to conceal panties or other forbidden undergarments.

We have asked one of our co-eds to model a dress she feels is a perfect length. It balances her need to be covered with the College's need to ensure that girls are following the Dress Code. As you can see, the dress covers her completely, and ensures that she is very modest indeed.


This dress is typical of dresses worn by girls all across our great campus. Its straps have a way of slipping off the girl's shoulders. When this happens, the girl's breasts are subject to being revealed, which is something she wants to avoid at all costs. A girl can begin down the right track when she selects the dress in the first place. She should make sure the dress is snug about her breasts. If her breasts are nice and large, they will fill the dress out nicely. But if her breasts are small, or medium sized, she must ensure her dress fits snugly about her chest. This way, when the straps slip off her shoulders, her dress will continue to shield her mamamary cargo from casual view.

What can a girl do, if she feels her golden bozos slipping out of her dress? As this lovely girl demonstrates, she can lift one or both legs, pressing them against her succulent yabbos to keep her dress in place. As long as she remains perfectly still, her love apples remain nicely wrapped.


To prove a point, we asked the girl to lower her legs, and then we watched as her dress slipped downward, coming dangerously close to exposing her hooters. We told her jokes, hoping to provoke belly laugh sufficiently powerful to dislodge her bodacious tatas.


But none of our tricks worked. Her cup cakes remained nicely covered. We were about to end the photo shoot with great disappointment, as we had not had a chance to capture her dairy section on film, when she unexpectedly sniffed the plastic flowers on the table. "Mmmm," she said as she inhaled deeply their nonexistent fragrance. She was lost in the moment, not realizing that a single instant of inattention to her dress was all it would take to unveil her cute little boobies. Naturally, we snapped away, to capture the moment as a lesson to all you girls on campus. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS if you wear a dress that doesn't fit you snugly, especially if you are not heroically endowed with golden winnebagoes.


"OK, you caught me," she said, totally embarrassed that she finally let her dress slip down, revealing her luscious scoops of flesh. "But I love this dress," she continued. "What can I do to avoid showing my titties in public?"

She was really concerned, so we gave her some advice. First of all, we told her, although the dress is light, it could be a lot lighter. It's a good four or five inches longer than necessary, and the weight of that fabric, pulling down against her chest area -- well, it makes a difference.

"OK," she said, "I'll cut it down. Is there anything else?"

Well, yes, since you asked. We noticed that your nipples are soft. This might have contributed to your dress slipping off your casabas. If you rest your hand in your lap --

"Like this?" she asked

-- yes, and stroke gently up and down, that's right -- then your headlights will naturally hold your dress in place a lot better.

"Oh, thank you," she said, beaming.


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Comment I prefer dresses that button up the front. I also have a couple with zippers, but buttons are much easier. When I walk across campus, I can avoid inspections simply by unbuttoning the dress and allow it to flow behind me. If I stop to talk with someone, the dress naturally falls back into place keeping me fully decent. There's no embarrassment for me or the person I talking with. As i walk, I avoid embarrassment since whoever may be gawking at me is soon behind me. I also find the dress catching the wind tends to distract their attention for those few seconds as we pass on the sidewalk. Once I reach my class, it is a simple matter of buttoning the dress to the climate. I also have a couple of dresses with zippers on the front. These tend to be my shorter, tighter dresses, and I have had some problems with the zipper not working leaving the front totally open for the rest of the day. Also, being tighter means when I stop to chat, the dress does not cover as much, but if it is a friend I'm talking to, there's no embarrassment for either of us.

Fri Jul 7, 2006 5:32 am MST by Anonymous

Comment This was very informative, but every time I wore a sundress, I'd be inspected. Either checking for panties or a bra. Or both! I was outside catching some sun wearing my bikini which is legal since I've seen girls wearing bra and panties to avoid the inspections. So anyhow, my girlfriend comes up and tells me we'll be late for class. I didn't have time to change. So I went to class wearing my bikini. This was the first time the inspectors did not inspect me, but they did inspect my girlfriend. They did make me hold up her skirt while they looked for panties or pubic hair. They thought they felt some pubic hair, but I checked and said, "I can't feel any." So the inspector checked again, and he asked several other students whether they thought she was sporting pubic hair or not. After several male students performed a thorough inspection and agreed she was clean shaven, the inspector wanted to see if she wearing a bra. We were late to class and she was doing this inspection thing so slow, so I just lifted her short straight off over her head. "There. she isn't wearing a bra. Happy?" He seemed to be. So we hurried off to class. She had to get back into her shirt before entering the building since she was still topless. I guess in my rush I forgot to give her shirt back. In her rush, she forgot to lower her skirt hem. She forgave me. Well, after class, we realized that since I didn't get inspected, bikinis would be a decent thing to wear and avoid the inspectors. Plus it would give us more tanning time. The next day we both wore bikinis, but I was stopped for inspection! the inspector questioned whether the lining of my bikini consistuted an undergarment. It is stitched right into the bikini, so I said it wasn't. He decided it was a matter for the judge. He took my bikini. I had to attend classes nude, again. I lost my case in the court that evening meaning I had to walk home nude, again, too. I never seem to win in court. That evening I pulled out my one unlined bikini and showed my roomie. She thought I would be safe. I was, except the same inspector had to take his time looking it over. My girlfriend had cut the liniing out of her bikini, and the inspector was testing the material by rubbing it. Well, my girlfriend lost control and got a little too wet. I tried to claim it wasn't sexual excite, but just from earlier. She blew my first lie of calling it a little urine by saying it wasn't. the only other thing I could think of as some of the guys started to unzip their flies came out of my mouth without thinking too much, "It's saliva! It's my saliva." That got everyone's attention, includng my girlfriend and the inspector. He told me to prove it. I told my girlfriend I was sorry as I lowered her bikini bottom. She was already wet. I hadn't done this before, and never thought I would, especially with an audience, but I started licking my girlfriend's pussy. After a couple of licks I tried to stop, but the inspector wanted me to prove I could make her wet. He said he knew the difference between salvia and pussy juice. If I could bring her to a climax and lick her clean, he would allow us to conintue without getting it from the guys ready to instill a lesson of getting sexual excited in public. I said I was sorry to my girlfriend one more time, and then I went at it. She sure tasted sweet. I felt her hips bucking my face and her hands on my head. I was in for the count. I felt someone pulling down my bikini bottom. I assumed it was the inspector as he checked if I was getting wet. I managed to avoid it, just barely. If my girlfriend hadn't of climax right then, I might have done so myself in a minute. When I stood up, I pulled my bikini bottom up and the inspector allowed my girlfriend to cover herself, too. We were late to class, and someone pointed out my wet face and her wet bikini bottoms. I was horrified, but excited, too. All through lecture I was trying not to masturbate. I was losing the resistance. My girlfriend made me wait after class. She claimed she had the right to bring me to a climax like I did her. So in the empty lecture hall, she knelt in fornt of my seat and pulled off my bikini bottoms. She started licking my pussy. It didn't take me long at all. Then the next class started to enter the hall. Embarrassed, I ran out of class forgetting I was bottomless and soaking wet. Once the fresh air hit me, I knew better than to stop. I saw an inspector and figured he might force me to stop under the pretense I might have on a second layer under my sheer top. I just decided to pull off my top and hoped that the attention would be to my breasts, not my wet pussy. It worked like a charm. I made it back to my room. I went straight to my bed and started masturbating. I was so excited! I hadn;t been there fore more than twenty seconds when the second climax of the day overwhelmed me. That's when I saw my roommate had her boyfriend in the room. I ran out of the room and hid in the quad. How totally embarrassing! to avoid such a repeat, my girlfriend and I have ordered some unlined mirco bikinis. We wear the mico bikinis from wild weasels, as they leave little doubt whether we are hiding pubic hair or not. Besides, we both now have great tans! Is it true like someone said, showing a tanline will be against the dress code, too?

Thu Jul 6, 2006 6:38 am MST by Sunny Tanner

Comment I've avoided the falling straps problem altogether. I wear tube dresses. They are snug and do not fall accidently. At first I wore tube tops and matching skirts, but once after a thorough inspection, I was in such a rush to get to the lecture hall, I ended up wearing the tibe top as a skirt and the skirt as the top. Well, the skirt was a poorly fitting top, and the top was a poor skirt. All during the lecture, I had to keep adjust the skirt to stay above my bustline, and the top had simply rolled off my butt sitting in the chair. I finally gave up squirming in my seat so I could listen to the lecture and take notes. Well, my study partner came over right after the lecture was finished and suggested we go to the coffee house. I was so concentrating on keeping my skirt-as-a-top in place, I totally forgot about the top-as-a-skirt rolled up to my waist. It wasn't until my roommate saw me walking to the dorm that I was reminded how much was showing. That was when I started to wear tube dresses. If I ever make a mistake about top and bottom, I remain decently covered. The only problem I've had is when I rush to to get dress when I'm late for class. I've grabbed a tube top or its matching skirt thinking it was a dress only to discover as I'm heading out the door it is way too short to be a dress. Being late for class gathers too much attention, and the inspectors seem to pick on the co-eds trying to race to class. I think they think we are fleeing criminals or something. So, I find it better not to cause myself to be late, and accept my mistake as a learning opportunity. Since we cannot attend classes topless, I either have to remove it and attend nude or wear it as a bottomless fashion. Trying to make it cover both, well, I've tried that, and it just does not cover anything except my belly button.

Sat Jul 1, 2006 2:30 am MST by Bot Tom Topps

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