Mass Inspection 

Mass Inspection

"I'm not happy about this," Donna said as she squirmed inside her "wife-beater" t-shirt.

"What's the matter?" Crysta asked, still half-asleep.

"This t-shirt is so thin, you can see right through it!"

That woke Crysta up. She sat up in bed and admired her beautiful roommate through her tiny shirt. Normally, Crysta would lie to reassure Donna that her shirt covers her lovely body, but this time there was no use. The shirt was too thin and too short to have any hope of convincing her she was anything but naked in it. "Don't you have anything else to wear?"

Uh-oh. Crysta took cover, literally as Donna began her rampage. "Sure! I have lots of nice things to wear." She reached in her drawer and grabbed a handful of sexy panties -- some lacy ones, some sheer, bikinis and thongs -- and threw them at Crysta. "But with the goddamn dress code, I can't wear any of them!"

Gently Crysta suggested "maybe you could wear a top that isn't so..."

Donna was still upset. "So sheer? So fucking tiny that my pussy is totally on display for everyone to see?"

"Well, yeah."

"Did you hear about the mass inspection yesterday?"

Crysta laughed. "You mean the 'Hands Up' inspection? I think I heard something about that."

Donna nodded. "It wasn't so funny. All the girls who passed through the commons had to raise their hands up over their heads or they would be stripped naked. They were told their belly buttons had better be showing, or they would be in big trouble."

"Belly buttons? Wow!"

"Yeah. Wow. You know most girls nowadays wear either a micro-minidress or a t-shirt as a dress, but even so, they had to really reach for the sky to try to uncover their belly buttons."

"I can imagine." Crysta's pussy was a glistening mirror of her imagination.

Donna smiled as she imagined all the girls reaching for the sky, hoping their belly buttons would show. But her smile faded as she thought about the next part of the story. "But did you hear what they did to some of those poor girls?"

"I heard they got an inspection. That's par for the course. Inspections are no big deal." Crysta wanted to reassure Donna, but her tone just irritated her.

"No big deal? I don't know if you heard the whole story. Girls whose shirts were long enough to cover their belly buttons were picked at random and told to hang on the monkey bars."

"Monkey bars?"

"You know, the chin-up bars just outside the dining hall."

"Oh yeah, I know what you mean." Crysta laughed. "You mean they had to hang there wearing only a shirt? Oh, that's cute!" Her pussy got even wetter imagining all the bottomless girls hanging there.

"You got the picture. The poor girls had to hang on, because if they let go, and fell to the ground, they were stripped naked, and cited for indecency." A tear rolled down Donna's cheek.

Crysta went to Donna and stroked her hair, running her hands over her shoulders and back. "It's OK, honey. This kind of thing happens. Don't dwell on it."

Somehow, though Crysta's intention was to stop Donna from crying, her soothing words had the opposite effect. Barely controlling her sobs, Donna continued, "But do you know what they were *doing* to those poor girls while they tried to hang on?"

Crysta shook her head, and continued stroking her distraught roommmate.

"They were touching the girls. It was awful!"

"Who was touching them?"

"Boys!" Donna took a deep breath to try to control her sobbing. "There were boys, everywhere, touching, touching!"

"Boys do that, Donna." Crysta wiped a tear off her cheek. "They touch girls. There's not a whole lot you can do about that."

"Yeah, I know," Donna said. "It's in the code of conduct. But it was worse than that."

"Really?" Crysta leaned forward to hear every detail.

"One poor girl was hanging onto the bar, with her ass barely covered by her t-shirt when a boy came up to her and started touching her legs. She held her legs together because she was helpless to protect herself any other way. The inspector saw this, and smacked her on the butt, telling her she decided to leave her legs uncovered when she dressed this morning, and so the boy had a right to touch them. He smacked her again, harder, and then again. Finally, the girl spread her legs apart, and waited for the boy to resume touching them."

"Did he touch her some more?"

"Not right away. That was the saddest thing. Picture the poor girl, hanging on for dear life because she knew she would be stripped and cited for indecency if she didn't. She's wearing only a t-shirt, and hanging higher than everyone, so people naturally look up at her and see everything. Worse, she had to keep her legs apart, and she had no way to protect herself. When he did start touching her again, he didn't just massage her legs. He stroked her inner thighs. He lifted her shirt up over her tits, and she was helpless to prevent it. He stroked her belly in the most sensuous way, and even kissed it as he continued rubbing her tits and ass."

"Was she able to stay dry?"

"Are you kidding? Of course not. The poor girl was practically cumming the way he was touching her."

"Why do you think the boy singled out this one girl?"

"He didn't! He did this to three or four of the girls."

"He got them all wet at the same time?"

"Yep, and get this. He told them all to hang on because he was going to rape the next girl to drop."

"Oh, my God! Did he follow through on his threat?"

"This is the sad thing. As the girls hung there, they all knew it was a matter of time before they would lose their grip, and fall to the ground. One by one, as the girls fell, they were stripped and cited, and in a way, it was a relief. Even though she was naked, the girl could finish her day. And there were enough girls being stripped in this mass inspection that people understood. Somehow, being naked wasn't so bad if everyone knew there was a big inspection that day. But now, with this new threat of rape on top of all the other humiliation, the girls really tried to hang on."

"How long did they hang on?"

"I don't know, but it must have been terrible for them -- their hands and arms burning, their pussies aching. And every time the girls tried to rest their tired legs, the inspector would whack them on their red little asses. Finally, one girl lost her grip, and fell to the ground in a heap."

"Did the boy follow through on his threat?"

"His pants were off as soon as she hit the ground. He ripped her shirt off her, and fucked her hard."

"Did she try to resist?"

"Nope. She was too tired."

"What did the other girls do?"

"As soon as they saw their comrade getting fucked, they dropped like flies. They thought they were just going to get stripped by the Inspector but a whole bunch of boys surrounded them. Most of the boys had already taken off their pants, and some already sported major hard-ons."

"Oh, crap!"

"Exactly. And the Inspector just stood by and watched as the girls were gang-raped, because there was nothing he could do. The boys were following the consensual rape rule in the Code of Conduct which states that any girl who displays visible signs of sexual excitement is giving consent to be raped."

"That's terrible. Did any of the girls escape?"

"Not one. They were all raped at least once, and quite a few of the girls were raped several times, in both their assholes and their pussies." Donna was quiet for some time after she finished her story. Then she looked down at her own pussy, and started crying again.

Crysta had heard about the mass inspection, and she had thought it was a clever idea to test the girls by putting them on the monkey bars. It seemed like a good way to deter girls from wearing dresses that are too long. Making them hang onto a bar, dangling over the heads of onlookers seemed like just a mild punishment. She pictured the girls, squirming as people looked up at them as they hung on the bar. She liked the way their hands were immobilized, so they would be unable to be even the least bit modest in this predicament. And it was also fitting that the girls would decide when they would let go and then be strippped naked. Crysta had supposed all the girls hoped if they hung on long enough, the Inspector would let them go. But she never considered the ugly prospect of rape. Somehow, that took all the fairy-tale cuteness out of the story. No longer were the girls hanging on for a few sexy minutes waiting to be stripped -- they were hanging on for dear life, postponing as long as they could the horrible fate of being raped. She considered how the poor girls still hanging on must have felt as they watched their cohorts getting raped one by one as they fell from the bar. How many sharp slaps to the ass would it take, each girl must have wondered, before she succumbed to the same fate?

Donna cried softly as she sat on the bed next to Crysta. Crysta stroked her long, brown hair, her soft cheeks, and her tender breasts. They shared a soft, warm kiss. Crysta straightened the hem of Donna's little t-shirt, which fell about half way between her belly button and her pussy. "It's fine, Donna." They kissed again. "Your shirt is fine."

Donna stood up, and stretched her shirt down, covering as much of her beautiful body as it would cover. "Is it fine?" she asked.

After she stretched it, her shirt even covered her pussy, except it was so thin that it really didn't cover anything completely. "It's just fine," Crysta repeated.

Donna still seemed a bit worried about it. She stared in the mirror at herself, wondering if her pussy was really covered. The hem of the shirt came down exactly even with her pussy, so it was really hard to tell. "I guess the important thing is whether I would survive a mass inspection."

"Raise your arms, and I'll tell you."

Donna raised her arms, and her shirt rode up, but not high enough to uncover her belly button. "Higher," commanded Crysta.

Donna got up on her tip-toes, which made Crysta smile, because it did nothing for her shirt. At the same time she reached just a little higher, but her belly button was still covered by about two inches of fabric.

"Donna, I think what you'll need to do is just hike up your shirt a little bit if you suspect you're walking into a mass inspection trap."

"Oh, you mean like this?" She tucked a section of her shirt under her boobs, revealing her belly button, even with her hands down.

"That's perfect!"

Donna smiled, and it was contageous. Her smile warmed Crysta, and Crysta smiled. The girls sat on Crysta's bed, facing each other, their legs around each other's body. Their pussies were almost touching as they hugged. Donna loved the way Crysta's breasts felt against her chest, so warm and soft. She looked into Crysta's eyes and felt a deep love for her friend. "Have you ever felt uncomfortable being bottomless?"

Crysta tilted her head back, and thought about it. "Twice," she said.

Donna laughed. "Just twice?"

Crysta smiled as she thought about her innocent years. "The first time was in high school," she began. "I was late, as usual, and my dad drove me to school. I couldn't find my shorts anywhere, and he was waiting for me by the door. All I had on was a t-shirt. I was going crazy. Then I remembered my shorts were in his car. What are you looking for? my dad asked. I couldn't tell him my shorts because then he would know I had nothing on under my t-shirt."

"No panties?"

"No, they would make panty lines."

"Couldn't your dad see you were bottomless?"

"Apparently not. My t-shirt was just the right length so that I looked bottomless even if I was wearing shorts, because it covered them up. I guess my dad was used to seeing me that way, and he just assumed I had my shorts on."

"That's a nice story."

"Wait, it's not over. So I get in the car with my dad, and I try to pull my shirt down so he can't see I'm not wearing my shorts. I figure I'll get them out of his trunk when we get to school. The whole way he keeps looking at my legs and I'm deathly afraid he'll see, you know, between my legs"

"That's so cute! You can't say 'pussy' when the story is about your dad"

"Shut up. Do you want to hear the story or not?"

Donna laughed. "Sorry. Go on."

"So we finally get to school, and I get out of his car as carefully as I can so none of my stupid little friends would see I wasn't wearing any bottoms. I asked my dad to pop the trunk but he must not have heard me. He just drove off!"

"Oh my gosh! You must have been mortified!"

"I yelled. D-A-D! And I ran after him. Luckily he saw me in his rear view mirror, and he stopped."

"Were your stupid friends getting a rear-view, too?"

"OK, that's it. I'm done with this story." Crysta folded her arms over her ample chest.

"No, tell me, please. I'll be good."

"OK, so my dad stopped, and he popped the trunk. That God my gym bag was in there. I grabbed it, and sent him on his way. I went to the girls' room as quick as I could, and opened my gym bag -- Nothing!"

"It was empty?"

"Totally empty. I never found out what happened to my stuff. Later, my mom said something about washing it, but that doesn't explain why the bag was still in my dad's car."

"Well, was your stuff in the wash?"

"I guess so. It turned up later. But that didn't help me that day. I was at school wearing only a t-shirt."

"But it was a t-shirt that covered you enough that people figured you must have shorts under it, right?"

"That's what I kept telling myself, but I was uncomfortable all day. I was constantly worried that someone would see me."

"Did anyone see you?"

"I'll never know."

"That's good then. You needn't have worried so much."

Crysta smiled. "That's what I keep telling you!"

"Well then you know what I feel like when you say it, don't you." The girls laughed together, and rubbed each others' backs as they hugged. "What was your other story?"

"Oh, it was my first plane trip by myself. I was going to meet my best friend from High School who had moved away. It was spring break, my senior year of high school, and we were going to Mexico."

"Oh, that sounds like fun."

"It was fun, but a little scary."


"Well, I wasn't sure how to pack, and I didn't want to be uncomfortable on the plane, so I wore a baby-doll dress."

"You're comfortable in a baby-doll dress?"

"Sure, it's loose-fitting, and not too long. Very casual. I know I look good in a short blousy dress, and when I look good, I feel good, too."

"Did the dress come with matching panties?"

"Yes. If I was just lounging around the house or with my friends I didn't always wear the panties, but trust me -- I always wore them when I went out in public. The dress might have been long enough to cover me, but if the wind blew or if I went up an escalator, who knows?"

Donna laughed, and toyed with Crysta's nipples. "So you trust your friends not to look up your dress, but not strangers?"

"Exactly," Crysta laughed. "So I checked my suitcase, and then I felt so light -- I had only my ticket and my little disco purse. I checked the ticket. Gate 43. I looked up, and followed the signs. Before long I was standing in a long line for the metal detectors. I had nothing to inspect but my purse, so I put it on the conveyor belt and walked through the metal detector. It beeped, so the guard -- a middle aged lady -- made me step back and try again. It still beeped, so she had me take off my shoes. No good. She took a good look at all my clothing and concluded that it must be a little metalic ornament on my panties that was setting off the alarm. By now there were a lot of unhappy people behind me, so I asked her if I could just go. She said no, I had to step back and take off my panties, to see if that was the problem."

"She made you take off your panties?"

"She said a lot of girls have to take them off. It's standard procedure. I said maybe other girls have dresses long enough to cover their panties, so it's not so much a problem for them. She told me: One, stop being such a baby, and two, if I was that concerned about being covered I should have worn a longer dress, and three, it'll all be over in a few seconds. I cast a furtive glance behind me, and saw a bunch of men in business suits licking their lips."


"Exactly. But what else could I do? I took off my panties as daintily as I could, and laid them neatly on the conveyor belt. Then I passed through the metal detector without a peep. I felt so vulnerable in that dress, not so much because it's short, but because it's so light and airy. It's the scariest feeling -- nothing. I felt the dress against my belly, and along the top of my ass, but I felt nothing below that. I was scared to look down and see bare skin, so I didn't. I just looked straight ahead. I picked up my purse from the conveyor belt, and waited for my panties. Other people's stuff came out, and they pushed me aside to get it, but my panties were lost. The machine swallowed them, apparently. Excuse me, I said to the guards, but they seemed like they were too busy to talk to me. Excuse me, I seem to have lost my panties, I said. I didn't want to say it too loud, you understand, because I already felt like quite a spectacle."

"Oh, that's terrible! Did you ever get them back?"

"Well, finally I got the attention of one of the guards, and he asked me if I checked the Lost and Found. Lost and Found? I said. They're tangled up in your machine somewhere! He told me to calm down or else I would be escorted off the premises. Then he said he would check the Lost and Found for me if I could describe the panties. I told him they match my dress, and then I watched his eyes go up and down my dress, taking it in. I didn't know if he could see my pussy, but it was close. I felt the dress against my skin just above my pussy, but I felt nothing but breeze on my pussy itself. A strange thought occurred to me then: I'm glad I'm freshly shaved. Can you believe it? It was bad enough having people look at my pussy, but at least it's not stubbly. Well, these are the thoughts that went through my head as he looked me up and down. Then he cleared his throat and asked me if he could borrow my dress just for a minute. Borrow it? I was incredulous. Just for a minute, he said, to match it up with the panties. Well, first of all, I thought, the panties won't be in the Lost and Found because they just got lost in the machine. And secondly, can't you just remember what my dress looks like?"

"Did you say that to the guard?"

"No. I just thought it. I didn't know what to say."

"So what did you do?"

"I don't know what came over me. The guard was standing there with his hand out, expecting me to just hand over my dress. The more I thought about it later, the more unreasonable the request sounded, but at the time I felt stuck. I wasn't going to get my panties back unless I handed over my dress, and I really, really wanted to get my panties back, so I--"

"You didn't!"

"I did. I took it off."

"Right in the middle of the airport?"

"With all the business men around me, grabbing their brief cases, I stripped, and handed over my dress, and the guard disappeared with it. I was standing there, naked, covering my boobs with my hands, when one of the guards took pity on me. You can have a seat over there, he said, indicating a row of empty seats about 50 feet down the hallway. I'll call you when someone finds your panties. I sat, and waited for a few minutes, as people walked by me, looking. The worst part was when little children asked their parents, why is that lady naked? The parents shushed the kids and kept walking. After a while I was afraid I would miss my flight, and I went back to the guards, and asked them if it would be much longer. They told me to go ahead and get on the plane, and they would bring my clothes to me, but I didn't want to do that. I said I would rather miss the plane."

"So did you miss it?"

"No, with just seconds to spare, the guard showed up with my dress. He had a sad look on his face, and shook his head. No panties? I asked. I didn't really expect him to find my panties. I was just glad to get my dress back. But then he smiled, and produced them from behind his back. I was so happy I kissed him. There was no time to put my clothes on, though, because my plane was about to leave. I just grabbed everything and ran for gate 43. I got there just as the attendant was closing it, and I managed to get my dress on in the jetway, and carried my panties to my seat. Wouldn't you know it? The plane was packed and I had the middle seat, between two good looking young men. The one on the aisle got up, and so I slid past him and sat down. I had planned to put on my panties, but now I was embarrassed. And when I looked down at my lap, I saw my dress covered me, so I tucked the panties in the seat pocket in front of me, and hoped the boys didn't notice."

"Do you think they did?"

"It's hard to tell, but they both spent a lot of time looking at my legs. The flight wasn't too long, but I was afraid the coffee I drank earlier in the day would require a trip to the john. I imagined myself standing up, and with my ass in the face of the guy in the aisle seat, getting out of that cramped row -- not a pretty picture. But luckily, nothing like that happened. When the flight was over, I waited until the aisle was clear ahead of me before I even got up. My greatest concern was keeping myself covered as much as possible, from all angles. At the exit, the captain said goodbye to everyone, and I saw him do that up-and-down double-take, and suddenly remembered my panties in the seat pocket. I should have gone back for them at that moment, but something came over me -- maybe it was the joy of being in Mexico, and looking forward to my vacation, but it suddenly seemed less important now to get my panties than to get on with my vacation."

"Let me get this straight. The panties that you stripped for, the panties that you sat naked and waited for -- you just left them in the seat pocket?"

"Crazy, isn't it? I just felt all giddy, and somehow being naked under my dress felt really good at that moment. Maybe part of it was that I made it through a whole flight without anyone noticing my lack of panties, so I felt I could keep up the charade a lot longer. I knew my dress covered me, and even though the bottoms of my butt cheeks showed beneath my dress, most people would figure I've got a thong on, and not give it a second thought."

"I suppose you're right. As long as your dress isn't too short, you can get away without panties, and you'll be the only one who knows your little secret."

"That's what I was thinking -- that is, until I approached a full-length mirror in the hallway of the airport. It was right in front of me as the hallway turned left, and I watched myself approach it. And worse, I watched the reactions of the people around me, who were apparently too focused on my bottom to notice me watching them in the mirror. That's when I realized this cute little dress that I wore all through high school either got smaller or else I got bigger. Either way, it wasn't covering nearly as much of me as I thought it was."

"What did you do?"

"I really should have run back to the plane to get my panties, but for some reason I didn't think of that. I just smoothed the dress down as much as I could, and kept waking as if nothing was wrong. I figured I would get my suitcase, and change clothes in the ladies' room. So I just headed for the baggage claim, and enjoyed the breezy feeling on my bottom. It was liberating in a way. Now that I knew my ass was fully visible, there was no point in being careful when I bent over -- there was nothing covering me anyway. I was no longer afraid to lift my arms for fear my dress would rise up dangerously -- it was already dangerous."

"And apparently, no one minded seeing you dressed this way."

"Exactly! I was just about to say that. Now that I realized I was bottomless, I thought back to all the people who must have seen my pussy and my asshole, and just kept it to themselves. It didn't bother them, so why should it bother me? I started to feel liberated. And I was feeling a little excited, too, and brazen as I might have felt at the time, I wasn't ready for people to see that, and I was also afraid of leaving a puddle when I sat down. My heart was beating fast, and I thought at any minute my luck would run out, so I wanted to get my suitcase, and change into something a little more conservative. The suitcases started coming down the conveyor belt, and circled the baggage area, and one by one everyone took their suitcases. Except mine. Where was it? First my panties disappear, now my suitcase! What next?"

"You poor thing!" Donna gently stroked Crysta's belly.

"Yeah, poor me. There was a desk there, and I asked about my suitcase. They asked me what hotel I was staying at, and said they would send it around when they found it. It was probably on another flight, and it would show up any minute, they were sure. I got on the bus to the hotel, and met my friend in the lobby. She saw I was bottomless and asked what happened. Don't ask, I told her, but then I told her the whole story."

"Did you ever get your suitcase back?"

"Nope. Someone somewhere is a happy girl with all my stuff, I suppose. But my friend took pity on me, and although she didn't have much clothing, either, she shared what she had."

"That was sweet of her."

"Yes, it was. I thanked her by giving her the only thing I had -- my babydoll dress, which really looked good on her."

"Did she wear panties under it?"

"Yes, she started off with panties, but you know how spring break is -- somewhere along the line she misplaced them."

"It sounds like you had a fun vacation."

"It really was. So much fun I had trouble leaving. And also, I was naked, so it was a bit embarrassing."

"Completely naked?"

"Yes, I gave my dress to my friend, and I returned all the clothes she lent me, so I had nothing to wear."

"That must have been hard for you."

"Actually, it was easier than you might think. For one thing, I breezed through security. For another, I found out that a stark naked girl gets prompt attention wherever she goes. People seemed a lot nicer to me when I was naked. I kind of liked it."

"I really enjoyed those stories, Crysta. Thanks." Donna kissed her on the lips, and Crysta grabbed her face, and kissed her back.

"So don't worry about the length of your t-shirt, Donna. Just let it fall around your waist. It's kind of a funny thing that people will look at the edges of whatever you have on, but they won't notice that you're naked beyond those edges. Just enjoy the clothing you have on, and if you feel a mass inspection coming on, make sure your belly button is showing!"

"OK, Crysta." The girls kissed again as Crysta gently stroked Donna's lips with her fingers.

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Comment Ah, Fred -- a fantastic idea. Would you happen to know where there'd be some stories of this nature? (Sure, one college has something vaguely similar... but one is never enough!)

Wed Sep 27, 2006 8:53 pm MST by Anonymous

Comment It was a great and exiting fun to read Donnas story. My comments: 1. It is good to hear from Donna that none of the girls was able to escape. It seems all of them got sexually exited in public; to honour the rules they only and consequently received what they deserved. Why can they not learn to stay dry while being handled? There is in general only one explanation: they think of sex when they see a boy. In this special case it is a bit more understandable that they lost their battle, because the manipulation was combined with the slaps of the instructor, which made it more difficult for the girls to fight against their excitements. What a challenge this must have been to the girls. 2. It is sure that Donna was part of the inspection. How else can you explain that she was so silent about details? It must have been so humiliating that she even did not tell her best friend in a situation where she was aroused to make hear speak frank and make her open for confessions. Donna must have been one of the girls hanging longer on the bars trying not to fall down. She must have seen with fright all the rapes around her. At the same time she must have suffered a lot fighting against her sex. Why does she not say that several boys treated her? Why does she not say that she saw the boys `cocks growing while playing with her? Was it so humiliating to her to see the boys run away with their cocks erect and fully loaded only to unload in one of the girls already available? Couldnít it be that finally one of the boys kept her at the brink of an orgasm watching and waiting for her to fall down; fall down like a plum ripe and ready to be consumed? What she did. When she fell down she knew she was subject/object to a full rape, rapes against her will, but following the rules. Hanging she knew she will like all he others loose very soon all the battles, the one against her sex, against falling down and against being raped. 3. It is disappointing to hear from Donna that some girls got only one rape. To make the girls follow the Dress Code, which is thought to improve decency, a stronger enforcement is surely needed. Perhaps there were not enough boys around. Everybody knows that a boy can not do a rape letís say more than tree times in a row because a good rape would always include some downloading (or is the correct word inloading?). Why not consider doing the next mass inspection on a Day of the Open Door. It is sure that some fathers would help out. And - a mass inspection would be a good demonstration how the college cares to enforce decency at school. Such a mass inspection should of course not be announced. It should be a surprise, especially to the girls. The inspection could take place in a room such as a gym where there are enough bars for the girls to hang on and enough mattresses in case they are needed to make a rape more comfortable. Special attention should be given to the correct relation of girls and males. Inspectors may find it necessary that around fifteen girls need to be inspected. That means finally and in the worst case fifteen girls must be raped. If each girl requires four rapes in average there is a total of around sixty rapes to be performed. Hence the number of boys and father should be about 30. Half of them could be fathers. If people should be invited to watch is a difficult question. In general inspections and rapes must be performed in public. But be careful some watchers, voyeurs, may misunderstand the whole procedure as one with the only purpose of humiliating girls and only enjoy this as an event where girls are made to suffer. May be some mothers may like to see their daughters are directed to become decent. It is important to set a time limit. Two hours could be a good time. It takes time to inspect and have the girls hang on the bars properly prepared; letís say thirty minutes. Time will not be lost after this as boys and fathers can immediately approach the girls to provide the necessary treatment. The first girl may fall down after ten minutes so there is a time window for her to be raped of one hour and twenty minutes. The last girl can be expected to fall down after a total of fifty minutes. For her there is still more than one hour, which can be considered sufficient for some good rapes. All parties can profit from this arrangement: The image of the college can be improved showing how properly they care that the boys and girls follow rules. It is advisable to invite fathers to participate in the inspection procedure so they can better appreciate that their daughterís behaviours get corrected as necessary. By the way: probably the fathers will make some donation to the school for being invited to actively participate The girls get adequate rapes (of course only if qualified) sufficient for them to keep them in mind for some time and to learn how exactly the Dress Code must be followed. Boys and fathers have all the pleasures of seeing and treating girls hanging helplessly knowing what will follow. The boys can probably learn from some fathers with experience how best girls can be forced to become sexually aroused and what are the most effective grips. The fathers can do what they always wanted to do: rape young girls (own daughters should, of course, be excluded) But not to forget: Inspectors are allowed only to inspect suspicious looking girls who seem somehow to violate the Dress Code. Boys an fathers are not allowed to manipulate the girls with the only intention of causing public sexual excitement so that hey can consensually rape the girl. Rape is not a built-in part of the inspection.

Sat Sep 23, 2006 8:25 am MST by fred

Comment what rule breaking? the inspectors are allowed to inspect, which they did, the boys are allowed to fondle bare flesh, which they did. and the girls need to be raped if they have nipple erections or wet pussies, which they were.

Sun Jul 9, 2006 12:13 pm MST by Anonymous

Comment Great story, good do with some picture to show the rule breaking more

Thu Jun 22, 2006 1:37 pm MST by Jazz

Comment ah good the fucking sluts were gang-raped. they all deserved it, the fucking whores.

Sat Jun 10, 2006 1:29 am MST by Anonymous

Comment Thanks for the compliment. I was surprised by Donna's strong reaction to the "hands-up" routine by the cafeteria. It almost seems as if she was one of the girls forced to hang from the monkey bars, although she never comes out and says that. Asstr was flaky; didn't stay up; was hard to manage using FTP; seemed to lack storage capacity for pictures. So I just gave up on it. Love, Dick

Tue May 23, 2006 7:36 am MST by Dick Hertz

Comment Your recent stuff has been rather short, but this one is really nice. Glad to see the Crysta/Donna series going strong ;) What happened to your asstr site, though? It was easier to navigate than this one...

Fri May 19, 2006 8:12 pm MST by cb

Comment You do a wonderful job of telling one tale inside another tale. Masterful. That you leave me wanting to hear more of both tales is cruel yet usual punishment. LOL! Thanks.

Fri May 19, 2006 5:00 am MST by Anonymous

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