Assistant Dean Lays Down The Law 

Assistant Dean Lays Down The Law

"Quick! Get some clothes on! Mrs. Dean is coming!"

Thank God one of the girls in the dorm just happened to see her. It was evening, and most of the dorm's residents were relaxing in the cozy basement. The warning came just in time. Just about all of the naked girls managed to get up the stairs before the dean lady burst in the door. "Get your sexy little asses down here!" she bellowed as she descended the stairs to the rec room, leading a gaggle of assistants.

Donna and Trixie shared a smile. "The dean lady is a trip," Trixie said.

Donna agreed. The two girls remained in the rec room, because, as luck would have it, they still had their clothes on, skimpy though they were. Donna had taken off her skirt, but she left on her "wife-beater" t-shirt, not for modesty -- it barely covered her belly button -- but for warmth. It was soft, and so it cuddled her mid-sized breasts nicely.

All the girls knew about the no-nudity rule, but for various reasons, it always seemed inconvenient to find clothes to wear in the evening. As girls return from their hard day at school, the last thing they want to do is worry about whether their pussy shows, or whether their breasts are covered, so it's a relief for them to take off their clothes and just relax among friends.

But rules are rules. Every now and then, there's a crackdown, and some poor girl is chosen as an example. They cite her for indecency, and give her a well-publicized show trial, find her guilty, and give her some horrible punishment. Then, for a while, the girls obey the rule, but then after a while, they forget, and just go naked in the evenings.

One by one, the girls, now dressed, filtered into the room. Some wore just panties, but others wore both tops and bottoms, not wanting to risk offending the dean lady.

"I like what you're wearing," said the dean lady.

Trixie pointed at herself, and raised her eyebrows. She was wearing a pair of black knee-length nylons with pink lace, and a black and white plaid skirt, with no top.

"Yes, you," said Mrs. Dean. "Stand up. Let's get a good look at you."

Hesitantly, Trixie stood up. As everyone stared at her, she covered her breasts out of embarrassment. One of the dean's entourage stood in front of Trixie and positioned his camera.


"Have a seat," said the dean "What's your name?"

Trixie looked around for a place to sit, and noticed the dean was indicating a little table. She lifted her skirt daintily as she sat, and wouldn't you know it? The photographer snapped another picture, managing to capture her just at that moment!


"Trixie," she said, trying to ignore the photographer.

"It's nice to meet you, Trixie. We're writing a pamphlet to help girls select skirts of the right length," explained the dean, "because we've received so many complaints from girls who feel they're being harrassed by Inspectors for wearing skirts that are too long, and then when they wear shorter skirts, they feel immodest."


"Yes, I know it's odd that a girl would feel that way, even if she's wearing a skirt that's a perfect length, like the one you have on today. I'm hoping when these pictures are published, then all the girls will see how modest you are in this skirt, and then they'll feel more comfortable in their own skirts, even if they're a little shorter than this one."

This put Trixie's mind at ease. For a while she had been afraid the dean lady was on a witch hunt for the star of the next indecency trial. She thought about one poor victim, and shuddered. What was her name? Zelda? Anyway, she was forced to stand, naked, with her hands tied together over her head, and the only way she could avoid breaking her wrists was to stand on inverted 5-gallon paint cans -- one foot on each one. The paint cans were several feet apart, so she had no choice but to spread her legs wide. But that wasn't the worst of it. Along with her were five of her closest girlfriends, who weren't even on trial.

During the trial, the judge ordered Zelda to give up the names of her closest friends. At first she refused, so the judge ordered her to be raped. She was taken into the judge's chambers, and rumor has it the judge did the job himself. With cum still dripping from her cunt, she was placed back on the witness stand, and ordered again to give up her friends' names. Again she refused, so she was taken behind closed doors and raped again. The judge reminded her that there was no shortage of court officers willing to punish her if she continued to show contempt of court, but she still refused to betray her friends. Since the rapes weren't working, the judge ordered the girl to bend over, and spread her legs. Reminding her that the TV cameras were broadcasting the trial on the Collge TV station, he spanked her. With each whack, the girl let out a little scream. The pain was such that she was beyond caring that her asshole and pussy were wide open, and being seen by the entire student body. Evidently, her friends couldn't take seeing the poor girl tortured this way, so they turned themselves in to spare her any further punishment.

Now, the day after the trial, all five of Zelda's friends were tied up, with their arms over their heads, just like Zelda. The only difference was that they were allowed to keep their clothes on. But there was a catch. Every time Zelda came, one of the girls was stripped naked. A court officer was on hand to make sure the bizzare order was carried out to the letter. He encouraged people to fondle Zelda, and he even provided vibrators and dildos for people to insert into her various holes. In case Zelda dried up, the court officer had plenty of K-Y jelly to keep her lubricated. Poor Zelda. Inevitably, she came, and then she had to pick one of her friends to be stripped. When she did, the court officer threatened to smear them with K-Y as well if they didn't spread their legs. It was a terrible experience for Zelda, not to mention her loyal friends.

Trixie noticed everyone was looking at her as she woke up from her daydream. "What?" she said sheepishly.

"I said, would you please lean forward, and put your hands on the table? Keep your legs straight." She nodded to the photographer. "Often, girls feel vulnerable in short skirts if they need to lean forward, as the skirt has a tendency to rise up on the back." The photographer snapped a picture as the dean continued, "but this fear is unfounded, because a girl is decent as long as her asshole remains fully covered by the skirt."


Trixie wasn't sure she believed this, but she went along with it anyway. Days later, she would see her picture, above, in the pamphlet, and agree that she was decent. As the dean lady predicted, it did put her mind at ease, because she realized the skirt covered her more than she had thought.

"Now I want you to put one knee on the table," said the dean.

Trixie did as she was told, and felt a breeze between her legs. As the photographer crouched down behind her, she felt quite vulnerable. "What about my--"

"Your pussy?" asked the dean. Giggles rose up from the girls watching this drama unfold. "Right now, the camera is catching you at your must vulnerable angle. In real life, it's very unlikely that anyone will see you from this angle, but," she paused for dramatic effect, "even if they do, they will still find that your skirt covers you almost completely. Your asshole, in particular, is fully covered, even from this extreme angle."


Again, days later, when Trixie reviewed the pamphlet, she had to admit that with her knee high up on the table and legs wide apart, the camera was still only able to catch the smallest glimpse of her pussy, and none of her precious asshole. The pamphlet had the desired effect: after the girls saw it, they felt more at ease in short skirts, knowing they were fully covered from all but the most ridiculous angles.

As she read the pamphlet, Trixie was relieved to see she wasn't the only girl on campus to be featured in it. Many of the girls who play sports, and even some of the cheerleaders, were featured as well. This tennis player, for example, was caught waiting for a serve. She had always felt vulnerable, bent forward this way. In the back of her mind, she wondered if some of the spectators might be looking at her butt crack instead of paying attention to the match. But after reading the pamphlet, all the girls were much relieved to learn their dresses and skirts covered them much more fully than they had feared.


Earlier another girl at the beach was happy to be photographed, because she felt her skirt was plenty long.


She was happy to turn around and let him snap photos from both sides.


She was a little reluctant to sit down, because she knew she was a bit more vulnerable from that angle, but she kept her legs together, and avoided showing too much skin.


After he took that photo, she demanded to see his camera to make sure she didn't give away too much. She was so disappointed that the camera caught a glimpse of her pussy, she said she might as well not wear the skirt at all. The cameraman disagreed, saying her skirt kept her more covered than not. "Take off your skirt," he suggested.

"Absolutely not!" said the girl, indignantly.

"Why not? You just said you might as well be naked. So what's the big deal?"

She clutched her skirt jealously. "This is the last shred of decency I have! And you want me to abandon it?"

"See?" said the cameraman. "Even though everyone can see your pussy when you're sitting down, it still keeps you decent. That's what I've been trying to tell you."

She didn't have a good answer for him, so he continued. "Listen. I have an idea. Let me take a picture of you without your skirt on, and then compare it to the picture I just took that you think is so indecent. I bet you'll see a big difference."


"Do you see how much more decent you are with the skirt on?" asked the cameraman.

"Well," she began, not sure she really was that much more decent with the skirt on.

With that, the cameraman began running away with the girl's skirt. "Hey, wait a minute!" she said, and took off after him. Quite a few heads turned as they watched the naked girl run after the man down the boardwalk.

He was slowed by the crowds near the movie theater. "OK, OK," she panted, once she finally caught him. "You made your point. Now give me my skirt!"

"Right after you sign this release, giving me permission to publish all the pictures I took of you."

"OK, but not the naked picture," said the girl. "That was just for comparison." He didn't respond. "Please tell me the naked picture won't go in the pamphlet." She put her hands on her hips, with her legs slightly separated. She was so upset she didn't even notice the people who stopped to watch a naked girl arguing with her photographer. Some of them even took their own pictures of her. Finally, she realized it was fruitless to argue, and she signed the release.

"Girls, before I leave you, I must tell you a heartwarming story about our cheerleaders. These girls had been whining about the rule against wearing panties, saying they should be allowed to wear panties, especially at the football games, because so many people from outside the college attend those games. They don't understand our rules, they complained." Mocking the girls, the dean continued, "They'll see our pussies!" This brought on some laughter from the girls, especially Trixie, who agrees with the dean that some of the cheerleaders need to be brought down a peg.


Well, we went to see one of the cheerleaders at practice. We asked her how she feels about not being allowed to wear panties. She lifted her skirt to show how easy it is for everyone to see her pussy, and said "It sucks. It's like we're naked. In fact, it's worse than being naked. Especially at the games. I dread some of our routines, because I know exactly what part my skirt flies up, and there's nothing I can do about it."

I told her she can put her dress down. She laughed as she let it go. She didn't realize she was still holding it up. Even though she was leaning back on her hands, her skirt covered her completely. I pointed this out to her, and she had to admit that her skirt was plenty long. "But it's certain routines that cause problems," she explained. "We really need to wear panties because of those routines."


"Show me," I said.

"Will you try to get us panties to wear at the games?" She asked.

"If you can convince me your cheerleading skirt is too short, then I'll think about it," I promised.

Sensing that was the best she would get out of me, she jumped up, and led me and my photographer to the grass, where she started doing her routine.


She did one high kick after another, but she stayed covered. "I'm not convinced," I said, and to my photographer, I said, "Let's go." He took a few more pictures before he followed me, but none of them convinced me the cheerleaders are anything but snivling whiners.

"If anything their dresses are too long," the dean said. "Don't you agree that shorter skirts would add a little sparkle to their routines? Here's one of the pictures he took just before he followed me off the field. He does good work, don't you think? This picture really supports my point of view, showing that if anything, their skirts are just too long."


"Finally, the poor girl got her skirt to fly up during a kick, but I wasn't interested any more. She claims it happens to all the girls at least once during every game, but frankly, I don't believe her. She had to try awfully hard to make her pussy show."


"After her routine, she reached over the bench for her water, and as you can see, she's almost completely covered by her skirt, affording only the merest glimpse of her privates, and only from an extreme angle that's very unlikely to ever happen. Like I said, the cheerleaders should really stop whining about the rules against panties, and start being glad their skirts are as long as they are, because next year I'm seriously thinking of lopping off a couple inches."


The pamphlet sends a pretty convincing message, which is that most girls' skirts are plenty long -- if not too long -- and their cute little bottoms are covered much better than they think. In general, girls worry too much, and that's sad, because they should be happy and carefree.

"Thank you all, girls," she said as she got up to leave. "I'm leaving now, and I shan't be back tonight to see whether you keep your clothes on, but I know you're all good girls, so I trust you." She winked at them as she left the room.

It was nice to be the center of attention, but Trixie was very releaved to see her go. All the attention to her asshole and pussy had made her a little wet. She sat on the piano bench, and released some of her tension. The cameraman, that sneaky bastard, managed to catch her in the act.


And wouldn't you know it, even this picture made it into the pamphlet, with a caption that extolled the convenience of short skirts!

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Comment After hearing the Assistant Dean talk, I was convinced I need to wear shorter skirts. I had been wearing long flow skirts, but found myself getting stop for inspections all the time. So, I'd be standing in the common grounds with my skirt hem raised above my head as the inspectors made sure I wasn't in violation of the dress code. So while my older skirts were probably on the way too long side, my roommate thought I over did it today. I used a tube top for my skirt. I didn't own any short skirts, so it was all I had to wear. Unforunately, tube tops are made to sort of roll up and grab your boobs for support. I guess if I had a bubble butt, the tube top would have grabbed my butt cheeks better, but as it was, by the time I walked across campus to class, the tube top had rolled up completely baring my ass and pussy! I told myself that this was okay because of what Mrs. Dean had told us all. I knew I was decent. Nothing embarrassing revealed as long as I walked. I also knew tugging at my little skirt would bring more attention to the rising hemline. So I just walked right into class. I will say this for the school, the air-conditioning works fine. The plastic chair seat was COLD! After class i realized I needed a real skirt, so I went to the new clothing store called "Code Breakers." I talked with a clerk showing her how much trouble my skirt was. I also told her what Mrs. Dean said. She said she needed a demostration. She tossed her pen on the floor and asked me to pick it up. By the time I retrieved it and stood back up, the tube top skirt was rolled into a thin strip. I pointed to it and said, "Look! It's like all I'm wearing is a belt." She understood the problem. She explained how different fabric lays. for instance, my knit tube top wants to curl, but she showed me a denim skirt and said it would lay flat unless pressed. I told her, "That's what I need a denim skirt, but that one looks too long." It was a long skirt, but it was a wrap around. I went to try it on. I didn't wrap completely around. She explained that was to help the inspectors see that I wasn't wearing panties in violation of the dress code. I told her that I've tried skirts similar to that, but the inspectors still insisted I hold the hem up to verify. I told her, "I want the shortest denim skirt you have!" She unwrapped the skirt I was wearing to rehang it, and she escorted me to the front of the store. She showed me several different skirts, each shorter than the next. I keep telling her Mrs. Dean wanted SHORT skirts so we would keep our modesty intact, and I wanted the shortest skirt possible to be as modest as I could be. She said, she had the shortest skirt in the back, still unpacked. It was then I noticed a group of people standing on the sidewalk looking in the store. Well, looking at me. I was bottomless! I had not even realized the salesgirl had stripped off the denim wraparound skirt and paraded me around the store while I was bottomless. I told her, "I'll take that shortest skirt. Go get it. I'll pay for it while you find one for me." As she happily went into the backroom, I went to pay for it. The clerk at the register said, "I see you are here for our 'Half Off Sale'." I didn't know what she meant, so I asked. The store gives discounts of half off for anyone shopping with half of their clothes off. They figure a half dress shopper is more liking to buy something, and hence be a better customer. I admit I lied to her. I decided leaving my tube top skirt on the floor of the dressing room was worth the discount she was offering. I paid for the new skirt, sight unseen. I used my last bit of money, too. I couldn't have paid for the new skirt at full price, so I was lucky I qualified for the half off price. I had another class in a few minutes, and the salesgirl was still not back. I was standing at the register bottomless waiting. I couldn't even get my tube top skirt. A few of the crowd outside came inside for a better look. I was worried about missing my class, and I was concerned that one of the uys might realize I was getting wet from all the attention. It happens even if you don't want it to happen. All I could think about was getting my new skirt and getting to class. Finally, the salesgirl returned with my skirt in a shopping bag. In my panic, I took the bag and raced out of the store. I was halfway across the common grounds when I realized I was STILL bottomless. I reached inside th bag and pulled out the first thing my hand touched... a belt. I reached into the bag for the skirt, but all my hand felt was bag! There was no skirt. I had to run back to the store STILL bottomless. Fortunately, the crowd was gone, but a new group was following me. I yelled at the salesgirl, "You forgot to give me the skirt!" She said she did give me the skirt. I pulled out the belt and explained this was the only thing in the bag. She said, "That's the skirt." I asked, "The bag's the skirt?" She laughed, "No, the skirt is the skirt. What you are holding." I was puzzled, "the belt i the skirt?" She took it from my hand and buckled it around my hips. It was to be worn low enough to avoid any top from touching it and having the top deemed a dress and the "skirt" an undergarment. I said, "It is just a belt. There's no skirt to this skirt." the salesgirl pointed out that in fact the belt was attached through belt loops to a thin piece of denim. It was indeed the shortest skirt possible. I was furious. I was going to be late for class if I didn't leave right away, so I said, "Just give me a refund and I'll wear my old skirt." she asked for my sales receipt. I didn;t get one I explained. She said, she could take it back without one. I asked for a store credit, but then the girl at the register asked if I had entered the store wearing a skirt, and if I had I would owe them the rest of the price being disqualified for the half off sale. I didn't have the money, so I was stuck. I had to leave wearing the belt-for-a-skirt. I hurried off to class. I caused quite a stir in my Economics class. Even the Teaching Assistant compimented me for wearing a short skirt. She had me stand up in front of the class explaining the Assistant Dean's warning to wear shorter skirts. After class, several girls came over to ask where I got the skirt. One called me a fashion trend setter before she ran off with the rest. I liked that. It gave me pride to wear my new shortest skirt possible with confidence. The best part is that I do own several other belts, so I can wear different outfits every day and still be quite fashionable and following the instructions of Mrs. Dean.

Sun Jun 11, 2006 7:46 am MST by Goldie Locks

Comment Yes Mrs. Dean, I will start wearing shorter skirts. My roommate suggested cutting slits along the pleats as this prevents the skirt from "riding" up or requiring me to pull it down as I sit. I did this, but only after wearing it all dy did I learn she meant to only cut a slit along a pleat on one side, maybe both sides, not each and every pleat. Imagine me attending all my classess and walking acrss campus with my pleated skirt cut into thin strips. I thought I was doing it right, but instead, I was making my situation worse. The good thing to this new- found fashion statement was that the air tavels through the skirt as if I am not wearing anything below my waist. It gave me the confidence to walk without feeling indecent knowing the skirt covered most of me and I was not in need of checking it. If I felt a breeze, I knew the hemline was in place, just a breeze throughone of the slits. It helped my arousal issue since I can walk with confidence once again. I think my mistake turned into a good thing. I've already cut several slits in all my skirts. I will now take your advice and shorten the hems on each. My roommate thinks I'm nuts. All my clothes are now cut - skirts with slits and shorter hemlines, tee shirts cropped, and I even removed the shirt tails from my blouses to ensure they never touch my skirt waistbands to be declared a dress and skirt undergarment.

Tue Jun 6, 2006 4:30 pm MST by Kitty Seymore, Second Year

Comment Dear Kitty, I'm so glad our pamphlet helped you, although I'm disappointed that you have so much trouble staying dry. Don't be embarrassed or ashamed, however, that you become moist while you are naked. Some girls even become moist while wearing short skirts. This is a normal physiological reaction to the excitement of knowing people can see your most intimate of areas. It's a bit of a "catch-22" situation, in which the anticipation of being seen "down there" causes the very wetness that gets you in so much trouble. Experience has shown that aversion therapy is really the only way to get over your problem. To be successful, you must wear your skirts a bit shorter than you otherwise would. Take the opportunity to use the drinking fountains, and when one is lower than the other, use the lower one, especially when many people are about, so you can gain the upper hand over your problem. Love, The "lady dean" Mitchell

Tue Jun 6, 2006 1:41 pm MST by Asst Dean Mitchell

Comment The phamplet was a big help in choosing a skirt. I love wearing pleated skirts. Even when they are short it feels like there's more on you and you're covered better. Sometimes an inspector will stop me to make sure I'm not wearing panties, and usually a quick flash does the trick for him. I seem to run into the inspectors who think my tops count as a dress. This happens on the high waisted skirt bands. and many were taken from me for trial. I've taken to cropping my tee shirts or tying my buttons under my breasts leaving my waist exposed. It is hard to admit, but when a guy does fondle my exposed flat stomach, I do love it. I know I shouldn't, but I do. In order to better avoid the inspector's challenges, sometimes I will just carry my top and only slip it on just before entering my class buildings. One time, my boy friend pulled a trick on me, he offered to catty my stuff as we walked to class. When my top off, he fondled and kissed my breasts - I love that. He wanted to touch my pussy and asshole, too but decency wouldn't allow it. At the entrance to the building for my class, we discovered my top had fallen out of my bag as he carried it. I couldn't attend class topless, so he offered to hold my skirt until my class was over. Going to class nude, everyone thinks an inspector stripped you, but that wasn't the case. After class, my boyfriend returned to walk me back to the dorm, except he didn't have my skirt. He had taken it back to his dorm claiming he looked silly holding a skirt standing by himself. I had to walk naked to his dorm. Lunch was almost over, so we had to eat before even going to his room. To avoid the entire lunch seeing my pussy, my boyfriend offer to cover it with his hand. An inserted finger was just to keep his place. Fortunately, when he pulled it out to eat, no one saw how wet I was. He waited until we were back in his dorm room to give me a good fucking for getting wet in public. At least I had my short skirt for my walk back to my dorm. I spotted what looked like my shirt in a trash bin. When I went to pull it out, I guess my skirt was not long enough for the deep bend into the bin. A complete anonymous boy took me from behind. I was still sloppy wet from my boyfriend's sex. This anonymous boy made quick work of it fortunately becausehaving your head in a trash bin and your ass exposed is not pleasant. My roommate thinks I should wear just a bra when I wear a short skirt. I might start doing that, except most of my bras are sheer, and from a distance the beige color matches my skin to make it look like I'm topless.

Tue Jun 6, 2006 5:19 am MST by Kitty Seymore, Second Year

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