Richard Hertz 


My girlfriend and I reserved a room in this four-star hotel in Washington D.C. for a short vacation -- a long weekend, really -- only four days, so we packed light. We brought just a single carry-on between us, so there was no room for much extra clothing. She did her part to save room, packing only a few tops. She planned to wear the same miniskirt all four days, which was fine with me. But when we were on the plane, I was fooling around, trying to tickle her between her legs, and she spilled her drink on her skirt, making a terrible stain. So I thought I would be nice and wash her skirt for her in the sink of the kitchenette at the hotel while she showered. I tried to turn on the light so I could see better, but apparently I hit the switch for the garbage disposal by mistake. It sucked her skirt down the drain, and I wasn't able to save any of it -- a total loss. When she got out of the shower, I showed her what was left of her skirt, and apologized profusely. When she came toward me with a funny look in her eyes, I ducked, but to my surprise she grabbed me and kissed me hard. When she was done kissing me, she put on her top. I didn't know what to say. I wasn't at all prepared for her reaction. She thanked me for freeing her. Freeing her? I had no idea what she meant. We had an evening of touristy things planned -- some dinner, some monuments, that sort of thing.

I said, "look honey, you can put on a pair of panties, and we can still go out, even though your skirt is ruined."

"That would be fine," she said, "if I had any panties, but I don't." She smiled oddly.

"No panties?! You mean on the plane when I was tickling you, I came that close to --"

"Yep," she said. I had no idea.

"Maybe I can get some at the gift store, and bring them..."

She stroked my hair, and whispered in my ear, "Don't worry, honey. I'll be fine. You've set me free."

There it was again, that odd phrase. Before I knew it, she had opened the door to the room. "What? Are you crazy? Someone could be in the hallway!" She was half naked!

"What are you worried about?" She asked me. "I'm as fully dressed as I'm gonna get tonight. Let's go."

I gaped at her. "Let's go? Your gorgeous ass is..." I suddenly found myself distracted by the roundness and firmness, and lost my train of thought, giving her enough time to interrupt me.

"...Going out on the town," she finished for me. Sensing my discomfort, she stroked my chest, and pressed her body against mine, giving me no option but to continue stroking her lovely ass as she spoke to me: "You know lots of girls wear short dresses, and this shirt is maybe a little shorter than some dresses, but not that much shorter -- two or three inches maybe. It really covers most of my body. Haven't you seen a girl who shows a little ass cleavage? That's all I'm doing, really."

I imagined being out with her, and the reactions we would get to her complete lack of clothing below her waist. I think I was more worried about it than she was. "But your p..." I couldn't speak, I was so panicked. "Your pussy," I managed.


She stepped back, and looked down as we both surveyed her tasteful bush. She smiled. "It's safe," she said.

"Safe?" I asked.

She stepped toward me again, and wrapped her arms around me. "Purrrrr-fectly safe," she said.

I was terribly confused. "But people will see it," I objected.

"What people? I'll be demure, I promise."

"Demure? What are you talking about?"

"I mean I'll be, you know, ladylike."

I felt like I was in a different reality from her. "With your pussy hanging out?" Oops. She took offense at that. I was sorry as soon as I said it.

"It's not 'hanging out'," she said, mocking my tone. "It's neatly covered by a tasteful little bush."

I couldn't believe she just said that. Her tasteful bush is exactly what I didn't want everyone looking at.

But she saw it differently. "My bush covers me better than a lot of bikinis."


"And when I sit, it disappears into my lap, see?" She pulled a chair out from the table, and sat, crossing her legs. She looked up at me and smiled.

Oh, her smile. It melts my heart. "Yes, but..." There was no counterargument to that smile.

"But nothing, we're not going to let your little accident keep us from enjoying this city."

"No, I suppose we..."

With that, she pulled me out of the room, and toward the elevator. It was going to be an interesting night!

Dress Code -- Boy Shorts

If you're looking for something to wear that's not forbidden by the Dress Code, why not think about boy shorts? They're sexy because they're thin and fit your ass beautifully. The low-rise kind are the best. They fit your body just a little closer. And it never hurts to show off just a little bit of your butt crack.


Sorry, Black Pants Aren't Allowed

"I'm sorry, miss, we don't allow black pants inside," said the security guard stationed in a booth outside the building.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, I'm afraid the president of our company has some ideosyncracies, and this is one of them. Another one is that he can't stand the sight of panties on a girl."

"So he wants girls to go without panties? I can't believe that!"

"No, certainly not. Girls can wear panties if they like, as long as they can't be seen."

"So I can keep my panties on then?", she asked hopefully.

"Not if they can be seen. I'm awfully sorry," said the guard. Then seeing the girl's hesitation, he added, "You can keep your sweater on, though."


The girl started pulling down her pants, thinking how bad could this be? Maybe I can stretch my sweater enough to cover me.

She got them down to her knees, then looked up at the guard. "I'm not sure I can do this. I have a job interview inside. I don't know if I'll make a good impression without my pants on."

"Don't be embarrassed. I've sent lots of girls into the building without their pants. You won't be the only bottomless girl there."

The girl spent an inordinate amount of time pulling down her pants, a job that really should have taken just a few seconds. A million thoughts were going through her brain. Will people think it's odd that I'm not wearing pants? Of course not, the explanation is so simple it goes without saying: I just didn't know black pants weren't allowed in the building. I wish my sweater were just a bit longer; I don't think I'll be able to stretch it over my pussy. Should I cover myself with my hands? Or should I just pretend I'm fully dressed, and let my lack of pants be the other person's problem?


Finally, she got her pants off, and turned around so her backside faced the guard. "Can you see anything?"

"I see you," he smiled at her, "and I think you're beautiful."

She laughed. "No, I mean, can you see..." she laughed again at her lack of words to ask the question. "You know."

The guard saw she was scared, and wanted to reassure her. "You go to the beach, right?"

"Not today. I have an --"

The guard interrupted her. "I mean, you've been to the beach, haven't you?"

"Yes," she replied, tentatively. "But not bottomless."

"What do you wear on your bottom?"

"A bathing suit, silly." She giggled.

"A thong?"


"Sure, sometimes." Her smile faded as she didn't know where this was going.

"Your thong probably has a strap that's less than a quarter inch thick. Does that really cover your bottom?"

"Well..." she thought about it for the first time.

But the guard had already thought about it quite a bit. "It really doesn't cover your butt at all, does it?"

"But my front..."

"I'll get there in a minute," said the guard. "But first,..."

"Okay, I'll give you that. My butt is covered right now just as well as it is on the beach. But my..."

"Let's talk about your pussy," said the guard.

She laughed, and turned to face the guard. He let the "cat" out of the bag, so to speak, by saying the "P" word, so to her surprise, she didn't mind letting him look at it. She put her hands on her hips.

"How much of your front does your thong cover?" he asked.

"About this much." She squinted between her thumb and index finger.

"That leaves a lot of skin uncovered, doesn't it."

"I suppose so, but..."

Holding his own hand up, mimicking her gesture, the guard continued, "So by wearing nothing, you're showing this much more skin, right?"

"Yes, but..."

"It just doesn't seem to me that you're any more covered with the thong than without it."

"Hello? Will you let me explain?"

The guard knew he made his point when whe raised her voice. He smiled, and gave her some rope.

"My thong covers my..." She brought herself to say the word: "...pussy itself. You know, the opening."

"Your vagina," suggested the guard.

"Yes!" She was very pleased she got her point across.

"But your vagina is hidden right now," said the guard.

"You're lookin' right at it!"

"No," corrected the guard, "I'm looking at a beautiful pair of lips that cover your vagina. I'm sure it's in there, but I can't see it, because..."

"Well my lips, then."

"What are your lips made of?"


"Skin. That's all. It's the same skin that covers the rest of your body."

The girl was quiet for the first time in quite a while. Could it be true, what the guard has been saying? If there's no difference in modesty between a thong and no thong, then either she's been exposing herself indecently at the beach, or else she's fully decent now. She relaxed her stance and turned to face the building as she thought about it some more.


As she stood there, wearing nothing below the waist, she wondered what she had been so worried about. She knew she was a beautiful girl, and she liked to flaunt it. Wearing sexy clothes, like miniskirts, midriff shirts, and thongs. The shorter the skirt, the sexier, she knew. The smaller the thong, the sexier. So why not wear no thong at all. It's the next step in a progression she was already comfortable with, and as the guard pointed out, all she was doing was showing this much more skin.

A smile radiated through her lovely body. "Alright then," she beamed. "You've convinced me: bottoms aren't necessary at all."

She strode confidently into the building wearing just her cute pink sweater. She took a seat in the waiting room, and saw two other candidates, one wearing a miniskirt, and the other wearing -- what's this? She smiled. Black pants. Apparently, that girl slipped past the guard, and made it into the building wearing black pants. She kept an eye on the girl in the miniskirt, and soon she noticed she was wearing panties -- another no-no. When the other girls saw her smiling, they smiled back, unaware they were about to lose out to a bottomless girl.

"You may go in, now," said the receptionist. She stood up, and pulled her sweater down (covering only her belly) and went into the office, where a handsome man sat behind the desk. She sat on the couch, and tried to look as relaxed as possible.

To her surprise, the man started laughing. She stood up, indignant, as the man came around from behind the desk. "It's okay," he said, patting her gently on the butt. He sat down on the couch, and patted the space next to him. "Have a seat, and I'll tell you a story."

Reluctently, she sat down. He rested his hand on her leg and looked into her beautiful eyes. "We have a security guard, the nephew of one of the board members, who likes to play practical jokes on some of the girls who..."

"You mean he lied about the..."

"He lies like a rug. If he told you to go bottomless, that's unfortunate for you, because it wasn't at all necessary."

"Why, that--that--" She was beside herself with anger.

"Take it easy," said the man. "There's nothing wrong with going bottomless if you really don't mind it. I think it will make a big improvement around here to have a bottomless girl on the staff. What do you say?"

"So I'm hired?"

"You're hired," said the man, "but only if you're bottomless."

She was so happy, she didn't give this condition any thought at all. "Yes," she said. "Yes!"

Murphy Ranch, Chapter 4: Grocery Shopping

Murphy Ranch, Chapter 4: Grocery Shopping

Twilight was turning to night by the time Donna and Bruno returned to the house. Donna's maid was waiting for them. "We're going to have a dinner party tomorrow night at 8," Donna told her.

"Good luck!" said the maid.

"What do you mean?" asked Donna.

"I mean, do you have any idea how to put together a dinner party?"

"Well, sure, I, um, no, I guess not."

"Then if you have no skill, no knowledge, no ability to pull this off, then you'll need a lot of luck."

"I was sort of hoping you and the rest of the staff would..."

"would bail you out of a big mess? Forget it! I'm tired of bailing the master's girls out of every situation they step into. No."

"But it was the master who told me to invite everyone!"

"The master told you to invite people? When did the master speak to you?"

"Well, he didn't speak to me directly. Bruno..."

"Oh, now it's all becoming clear. Bruno told you that the master is going to have a dinner party. And you believed him." She broke into a full belly laugh, her eyes filling with tears. It took her quite some time to recover her composure.

Donna began to weep. This is not what I signed up for, she thought. The maid was suddenly filled with compassion for the poor girl. Stroking her adorable round ass, she said "Don't worry, little girl, everything will be just fine."

Wiping tears from her eyes, she looked up at the maid. "It will?" She hiccoughed.

"Sure, baby," said the maid, smoothing Donna's hair, and tossing it behind her sexy shoulders, and uncovering her perky nipples. "If you just go to the supermarket and pick up a couple party platters, I'll take care of everything else."

Donna started crying again.

"Why the water works, little girl?"

Donna sniffed. "I have nothing to wear." She inhaled in a screaching wail, coughed, and repeated, "I have nothing to wear." She sobbed uncontrollably.

The maid felt truly sorry for her. "I'll find something," she said. "Just wait here. Everything will be OK, I promise." The maid left, while Donna continued to sob. She came back with a little stretchy white "wife-beater" t-shirt.

Donna was so thankful she hugged the maid. She put it on, but was disappointed it didn't cover her bottom. But after some tugging, she stretched it far enough to cover her pretty well. "Thank you," she gushed, hugging the maid, who seemed a little embarrassed.

"It's OK, Donna, but..." She pulled Donna closer and whispered in her ear, "please don't tell master that I gave you this dress."

"You bet," said Donna. She sniffed. "It'll be our little secret." She laughed a little and sniffed again.

Relieved, the maid summoned the driver. "Take Donna to the supermarket. She's getting a couple party platters for tomorrow's little get-together."

Donna walked outside, tugging on her "dress". It annoyed her that every step caused it to ride up, exposing her crotch to the world. She was glad to get into the santuary of the car, where no one would see her. She enjoyed the ride. Before she knew it, the driver had opened her door. He looked at her crotch, then at her face. Donna smiled. Why can't men ever hide that double-take when they see a girl's pussy? She covered herself, and got out of the car as daintily as she could with such a short dress. She took a cart near the entrance, and went into the store, pushing the cart with one hand so she hold her dress down with the other. She knew the moment she let go, the dress would shrink back to its ordinary size, leaving her lovely ass out in the open.

She managed to look around, in spite of her fashion difficulties. It was a nice place. Very big, well lit, clean, and thankfully not very crowded. "Here they are," she said to herself as she came upon a sumptuous display of party platters in a refrigerated case. She thought about bending over to take one, but she knew she would be flashing all the customers the minute she let go of the bottom of her dress.

"May I help you?" It was a handsome young man.

What a relief! "Oh, yes. Could you put those in my cart for me? I seem to be having trouble reaching them."

"Certainly!" He filled the cart with three of the biggest party platters -- one brimming with veggies, another with all sorts of meats, and a third overflowing with cheeses of every kind. "Will you be paying for these in the usual way?"

The usual way? It sounded like a trick question. She must have looked perplexed, because the man explained. "The girls usually pay in the locker room."

This didn't sound good at all. "The locker room?"

"Sure. Follow me." Then, to another worker, he hollered, "take those platters to the car." He walked quickly, so Donna had to jog a little to keep up with him. Donna was startled at the feel of his hand on her rump, because she didn't realize it was naked. His touch calmed her, though. He was sweet, not trying to take advantage of her. He gently guided her past an "employees only" sign. She looked around, and saw lockers and benches. This must be the locker room, she thought.

"Blindfold?" he asked, holding a piece of black cloth. Donna must have looked perplexed, because he felt the need to explain. "Some of the girls prefer to wear a blindfold. It's up to you."

"No thanks," Donna gulped.

"That's fine," he said. "Arms up."

Donna instinctively raised her arms. He deftly slipped each wrist into a soft cuff. When he let them go, they jerked her arms up and out, and pulling her to the center of the room, where she had to straddle one of the benches to remain upright. "How are you feeling?" he asked, smoothing her dress against her skin.

Donna felt vulnerable, to say the least. She had no idea why she had been taken into the locker room and tied up this way, or how long she would have to remain here. The only comfortable thing about this whole ordeal is the man's gentle touch as he continued to smooth her dress. With each stroke, he stretched it out just a bit, so that when his hands reached the bottom of the dress -- she guaged the length of her dress by the feel of his hands on her skin -- it was covering most of her buttocks, and part of her thighs. She breathed a sigh of releif that she was decent, at least. "I'm OK," she said, tentatively.

"That's good," said the man. "I'll be back soon. Don't worry."

"No wait!" Donna didn't want to be alone, tied up, spread eagle, and a strange locker room.

"Yes?" said the man.

Donna was desperate. She blurted out, "I haven't kissed you yet." If she had the use of her hands, she would have slapped her forehead. What a stupid thing to say!

But the man didn't think it was so stupid. He came to her gently, and kissed her softly on the lips. Donna responded with a passion so strong she surprised herself. She was determined to keep kissing him for ever so he couldn't leave. He responded with passion of his own, kissing her, and gripping her firmly between the legs. Straddling the bench, and with her arms tied to the sides, she had no way of protecting herself, so she just let him feel her up, and hoped he would never leave. Eventually, though, he broke free, wiped his mouth with his pussy-scented hand, and said goodbye.

"Could you fix my dress again, like you did before?"

"It's fine," said the man. "I'm sorry, I have to leave. But I'll be back soon, I promise." He left before Donna could say anything more. She felt the hem of her dress, scratching her abdomen, just above the top of her pussy. Great, she thought. My pussy isn't covered at all. I hope no one sees me this way.

Her hopes were dashed as three young men entered the locker room, chatting. Their chatter ceased instantly when they saw Donna. They gathered around her, surveying her from every angle. "What have we here?" one of them said, as he approached her. Donna kept quiet as he gently squeezed her tits. She didn't say anything as he pulled her dress up, revealing her flat belly. "She's cute," said one. "Nice ass," said another, lifting the back of her dress, while one of the other boys lifted the front. "Look, she has sweet tits," said one, as he stroked her nipples. Donna wished they didn't get hard when boys fondled them -- it just leads them on. Finally, the boys left her alone, much to Donna's relief. Although she would have preferred her dress to be down at her sides, instead of up around her tits, she was glad the boys were onto something else. But what were they doing? Changing their clothes. Of course. This is a locker room. She watched them as they took off their pants, and smiled as they took off their underpants. What a relief, now that she wasn't the only naked person. She felt a kind of comraderie with the naked boys. She felt herself moisten uncontrollably at the sight of their dicks. She was serenely calm until she heard what they were saying. "You went first last time," one said. "But you went first two times before that," said another.

Oh, shit, thought Donna. They're going to rape me. "Please, boys," was all she could think to say.

She recoiled as one of the boys touched her between the legs. "Please boys," he mocked, as he spread her moisture with his fingers. The other boys joined in. "Please boys," they each said as they fondled her.

This is so frustrating! Donna thought as she struggled against her handcuffs. This damn bench isn't helping, either. It was keeping her legs apart, making it impossible for her to protect herself against probing fingers. They probed everywhere -- her cheeks, her tits, her belly, her pussy and asshole. Even her mouth was open for business. When she turned her head to pull away from one, another was over her shoulder, trying to kiss her as his fingers probed every part of her body. Finally, she realized resistance was futile. She gave in to them. When one of them kissed her, she kissed him back. When one felt between her legs, she relaxed, and let him feel. She had been raped before, and although it was no picnic, she knew from experience that a rape goes easier if you just give in. After she stopped struggling, the boys got down to business. The first one got behind her and pushed her forward. Donna braced herself for a rear entry, but he went for her pussy instead. What a relief! He came right away. "Where's the K-Y?" said a boy. Good, Donna thought. It's a lot easier with jelly. The next thing she felt was a pair of hands slobbering jelly between her cheeks, and then she felt his dick, probing. In he went, about half an inch. More jelly. In he went again, an inch this time. Still more jelly. In he went, all the way! Donna hated that feeling of needing to crap. She just spread her legs as far as they would go, and let him pump. It didn't take long. One of the boys -- it must have been the third boy -- said "Now what am I supposed to do, she's all messed up!" "Hose her down," said another. Little did Donna know he meant that literally. She felt the water before she saw it. It was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g cold! They squirted it hard up both holes, douching her out with the hose. Then the third boy came to her from the front, his dick pointing skyward. Donna shivered as he closed in on her. "There, there," he said, in a soothing voice. He kissed her softly, and stroked her back, down to her butt. No probing, this time. Just a soft, warm touch. Donna closed her eyes, and imagined this boy loved her. Her nipples hardened as their chests touched. She imagined that she had arms that worked, and that she could hug the boy. She even smiled as he gently entered her. She arched her back to ease him inside, and even enjoyed the feel of his strong hands on her cheeks, pulling her in. "Hmmm," she said, involuntarily. That was enough for him, apparently. He returned her affectionate sounds with three or four firm pushes, and then held her close for a few seconds before pulling out. "Thank you," he said.

Thank you. What an odd thing to say after you've just raped someone. Even odder was Donna's reaction. "You're welcome."

The boys left Donna, her dress hiked up over her tits, spread eagle in the locker room. Soon, the man came back. "Oh, I'm so sorry," he said. "The boys should never have left you this way." He pulled her dress down, covering her as much as possible. "Let me clean you up a bit," he said as cum was dripped down one of her thighs. He turned the hose on her, gently this time, and washed her, leaving her soaking wet, but at least she was clean. He untied her hands. What a relief to let them fall to her sides. The first thing she did was pull her dress down over her pussy, apparently not realizing the water had made it completely transparent. "You're free to go," he said. "All paid up."

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How badly do you want this job?

When I was called for the job interview, I was so happy, because I didn't think I even had a chance when I applied. It was more of a lark than anything. I heard they sometimes ask you to strip down to your underwear, so I made sure to wear my cutest red panties under my shorts and a nice shirt, too.


I got to the building, and there were lots of girls in the waiting room. Some of them were wearing dresses or skirts. Others, like me, were wearing shorts or pants. Before they started calling us, we talked. Some of the girls had heard rumors about the interview. They said you had to show 'em your tits. I was shocked, but I tried not to show it. I looked around the waiting room as this rumor flew. I smiled when I saw some girls clutch their breasts unconsiously through their shirts. I could see I wasn't alone in being shocked at this.

Gradually, as we waited, I began to rationalize the showing-of-the-breasts, and something very odd happened. I began to accept it. At first, I wondered if I should show my breasts or just leave. But then as I thought about it more, I got over my shock, and realized the job was more important than my shirt, and tits are just tits, so why not?


I was nervous standing in the middle of the room, where it was brightly lit, because there were half a dozen people, all nicely dressed, sitting at a table, watching me. The first question they asked me was whether I would mind taking off my shirt. After sitting in the waiting room, I was expecting this, so with my heart beating fast, I took it off.

There I stood, with my high beams shining on them for the longest time before anyone spoke. It was a woman. She said I was "border line". Border line? What did that mean, I wondered. But I couldn't think what to say, so I didn't say anything. Finally, a man spoke. He said I could put on my shirt, and go home, or else I could go back into the waiting room and wait for round two.

I said I would like to try for round two. I started to pick up my shirt when one of the men cleared his throat loudly. I was going to put it on, and go back to the waiting room. Startled, I looked up. He asked me how stupid I thought I was, and wondered whether I understood English. He explained slowly, as if to a small child, that my choice was to take my shirt and go home, or leave my shirt on the floor, and go back to the waiting room.

"You mean, topless?" I was incredulous. I wasn't looking forward to meeting all those girls again without my top. I would feel so naked.

"Yes!" he said, apparently overjoyed that I finally understood.

I really wanted the job, and sitting topless with a bunch of girls wouldn't be that bad, I supposed. So I left the shirt on the floor, and walked back into the brightly-lit public waiting room. I folded my arms in front of me in a pathetic effort to hide my partial nudity. I could see all the girls talking to each other about me. They were clearly worried about having to take off their own shirts. In a way, I was glad to have that part over with.

One by one, the other girls went in for their interviews. Some of them came back -- minus an article of clothing. And others never came back. I could only guess they were offered the same choice as me. It was an interesting interviewing technique. Only the girls who really wanted the job badly enough to strip for it were retained. One girl came back bottomless, and sat down next to me. She said she was so embarrassed to have to take off her bottom, and then sit in the public waiting room. She kept her legs together so she didn't look too obviously naked. As we talked, I don't think she even realized she was stroking my naked breasts, but I could see she was upset so I didn't say anything. She said they asked her a horrible question. I asked her what it was, and she started crying. I waited for her to compose herself, and she told me. They said, indicate to us how much you want this job without talking by removing either your top or your skirt. If you want the job, take off your shirt. If you *really* want the job, then you'll show us your panties. But I wasn't wearing any panties, she started to say, but the minute she started talking, the sarcastic man asked her what she thought not talking meant. She really wanted the job, so she took off her skirt. Even the people at the interview table were shocked to see she had nothing on under the skirt except a fully shaved pussy. That's when they knew she really, really wanted the job. So she survived to round two.


I was first to be called for the second round. They told me the next step was to take off my shorts, or else I could go home. I really didn't want to take off my shorts, because I knew what would happen next. I would have to wait in the public waiting room wearing nothing but my cute red panties. I was seriously thinking about just taking my shirt, and going home. But before I could even ask about that option, they told me they were holding my shirt, and I would get it back only if I stayed until the end of the interview. Well, I wasn't about to take the bus back home, topless. So I did as I was told, thankful for my red panties. Surely, my willingness to strip down to my panties would get me the job, and more importantly at this moment, get me my clothes back. So I took off my shorts.

I was preparing myself mentally to return to the waiting room wearing only my panties, when one of the panel of interviewers looked at her watch and said it was lunch time. She said all the candidates were welcome to come to the company cafeteria for lunch, continue waiting in the waiting room, or there were several restaurants in the area. It was my job to give the other girls their choices. All the girls were partly naked by this time, so none of them wanted to venture out to the area restaurants. Some stayed put, but the majority came with me to the cafeteria. It must have been quite a sight, about thirty girls, almost all of us topless, most of us wearing only panties. We huddled together, walking in a group. Many of us held hands or hugged, for various reasons: as a show of sympathy for one another, solidarity, affection, or just to hide our near-nudity from the prying eyes of the workers eating their lunches.


I walked in with a girl wearing only a t-shirt. She was glad her shirt at least partly covered her bottom, but she wished she had worn panties like the rest of us. Then, at the entrance to the cafeteria, the poor girl was told that job candidates weren't allowed to wear tops inside the cafeteria, but she could get her shirt back when she left. For a long time, she dithered. She thought about going outside, to a fast food place, or just waiting with the one or two other girls who decided not to have lunch. But I held her, and told her it was OK. I reached under her shirt, and tickled her to relieve the tension. As she giggled, I helped her out of her shirt. I smoothed her nipples, which were hard as rocks. I even kissed her sweetly on the lips to help her forget how completely naked she was. With my arm around her waist, I stroked her soft skin, and made her feel better as we picked out our food. There was a special seating area for job candidates, on a raised section of the floor. We all sat together against the wall. The table had lots of legs, oddly positioned, so the only way we could sit was with our legs apart. For me, this was no problem -- thank God for my cute little panties -- but for my friend, she was shy about spreading her legs because she was naked. So I rested my hand in her lap, which made her feel a lot more comfortable. She returned the favor, slipping her hand into my panties, which felt really nice. After we finished eating, we kissed for a long time. When we left, I really expected her shirt to be gone, because that's the way things had been going in this place, but her shirt was waiting for her. She was so glad to have it on again, she hugged herself inside it while I stroked the lower half of her butt cheeks that were left uncovered.


Soon after we rejoined the other girls in the waiting room, I was called in for round three. I was so relieved to see they had my clothes waiting for me, but before I could have them, they wanted me to prove my dedication to this job by removing my panties. "And then I get my clothes?" Maybe they nodded, but they were in shadows so I couldn't see. They just waited, so I realized I had no choice. I took off my panties. Then they said I would get my clothes back, but when I went to reach for them, they said they would hold onto them just a little while longer, and I could wait in the "Employee Recreation Room".

Having no choice -- I certainly wasn't prepared to take the bus home in the nude -- I went as directed. Once inside the rec room, I started to read the signs. They were very disconcerting to say the least. One read "Please rape naked girls only." Rape? I must have said it out loud, because another girl said "They call it 'rape', but it's really voluntary. You can leave whenever you want." I looked at her, and saw she was naked, too. "So you're just waiting here to get fucked?" I asked. I couldn't believe it. "Most of 'em don't fuck you," she said. "They just play with you and let you go." This was too weird. I watched the girl as a man chased her around the room. He finally cornered her, and unzipped his pants. He had a full hard-on. He was about to push his way into her when she escaped, giggling. He chased after her without even bothering to holster his thing, and then caught up to her again, and pinned her against the wall. This time, both panting from the chase, with her facing the wall, his hands over hers, he fucked her good. When he was done, he zipped up and left. The girl stayed against the wall, her legs apart, for some time before I realized she was crying. I pressed my naked body against hers and hugged her, stroking her belly and breasts to comfort her. "Hopefully, you'll get your clothes back," I said. But the girl didn't think so. She had lost count of the number of times she had been raped.

That's when I decided this job wasn't for me. I decided it was better to take the bus home naked than get raped, and I was almost out the door, when someone slapped my butt. I turned around, angry, and saw it was a cute boy who had hit me. My heart melted when I saw his smiling face, and we kissed. He supported my butt with his hands, and I wrapped my legs around him as we kissed. His fingers worked their way into me, and it felt really good. Sweetly, he asked if I would like to make love with him. Make love! How could I resist? He was so sweet, he didn't just whip out his dick through his zipper, he took off his pants. And he even let me take off his shirt, so I could look at his sexy chest. When he was naked, I couldn't resist him. We kissed again, and this time, he eased himself into me, which felt so good because I was ready for him. He was slow and gentle. I ran my fingers through his hair, and felt his muscular body writhing as he neared his climax. He kept me on the edge of cumming for a long time before I succumbed. When I came, it was the sweetest orgasm I remember in my whole life. I held him as tight as I could, and then still tighter. And then it happened. He exploded inside me, and I came again. My first double orgasm.

He kissed me again before dressing, and then he was gone. I looked around for the other girl, and saw she had left. I hoped she had gotten her clothes, and not been forced to leave while she was still naked. Then I saw another naked girl had been delivered to the room, and she looked upset. I kissed her, and told her it would be OK, even as some boys started teasing us. And I could see she felt better to have another naked girl in the room.

An explanation of Inspections

Crysta flipped through the College Magazine, looking for an article she wanted to show Donna. There were so many pretty things along the way, she kept getting side-tracked.

Oh, look at this sweater. She showed Donna the magazine. Doesn't she look great in it? I have a sweater just like that.


"What do you wear with it?" asked Donna.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, as a bottom. What do you wear as a bottom?"

"Why not just wear the sweater?" Crysta asked.

"With no bottom?"


"You would wear this sweater with no bottom?" Donna couldn't believe it, even from Crysta, who was one of the more daring girls on Campus.

"Well, this girl is obviously not wearing a bottom, and she looks pretty good, don't you think?" She held the magazine up for Donna to take a close look.

"But it's just an ad. They wanted to catch your attention, so they have the girl model the sweater naked."

"She's not naked. She's wearing a sweater! Can't you see that?" Crysta shook her head with disbelief, still flipping through the pages of the magazine.

"Oh, this is a pretty dress," she said. Donna took a close look. It was another see-through dress. The College Magazine was full of them, and they're quite popular on campus. The college officials like them because, first of all, the girls look really pretty in them, but the official reason is that the more transparent a dress is, the less likely the girl wearing it will need to be inspected. The Dress Code is a complicated set of checks and balances, with the overall aim of keeping the girls decently attired. A big part of it is that girls aren't allowed to wear panties under their dresses, because if they did, then they would be tempted to wear dresses that are too short. By prohibiting panties, though, the girls have to wear dresses long enough so they won't be embarrassed if, say, the wind blows, or if they have to walk up a flight of stairs.

This would be fine, except that once in a while, a girl might think she can get away with wearing panties. So, unfortunately, it's necessary to have Inspectors on campus to pick out suspicious-looking girls, and make sure they're not violating the Dress Code. This is where it gets interesting. A girl will be singled out and forced to stand in an open area, in full view of the other students. The inspections are as much a deterrent as anything, so they are quite public. Often the girl will begin crying, because she knows what humiliation is about to befall her. Sometimes she will beg to be let go, or try to make a bargain with the Inspector. This is all very entertaining to the other students, who pause to watch, which, unfortunately for the girl, only adds to her humiliation.

After she has cried for a while, she will usually begin to strip on her own. If not, the Inspector will help her out of her clothes. The purpose of the inspection is merely to determine whether a girl is following the Dress Code, and so if the girl is innocent, she is not supposed to be unduely humiliated. She may be forced to remain nude for no more than five minutes, while the Inspector examines her clothing to ascertain whether the code has been violated. During this time, the girl is required to refrain from becoming sexually excited. At the inspector's discretion, he may restrain the girl using handcuffs, leg irons, or similar measures, but only if he deems her a flight risk. During this time, the girl's fellow students may console her, if they wish, by stroking her gently.

Innocent girls should be released from restraints, be allowed to put their clothes back on, and be free to go about their business. But if a violation should occur then some or all of the girl's clothes are taken into evidence, to be used against her in a hearing to determine whether she was decent or indecent.

To encourage the Inspectors to pick out the girls most likely to be in violation of the code, an incentive program is used. Sometimes, the incentive program is improperly termed a "quota", but in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Still, the incentive program has the desired result: the inspectors target the girls who are most likely to be in voilation, and these girls are stripped and humiliated. Even if they are innocent, they stand as a daily reminder to the other girls to not only follow the Dress Code, but avoid even the appearance of violating the code.

So what is it about some girls' attire that triggers an inspection? The most common violation, it seems, is still wearing panties. Other common violations include wearing shirts so long they count as dresses, or wearing bottoms in conjunction with pubic hair. Like panties, pubic hair covers a girl's intimate areas, enabling her to wear shorter dresses and still feel modest. So, to discourage pubic hair, girls sporting it are prohibited from wearing any bottoms at all, not even a dress. Any girl who wears a long dress or any kind of pants is a possible suspect, because she may be hiding panties or pubic hair under such clothing. So girls have learned that the best way to avoid being inspected is to wear dresses so short, or so transparent, that their adherence to the Dress Code is manifest.

For this reason, the College Magazine is full of ads for "baby doll" dresses and see-through dresses like this one.


Girls like dresses like these, because they meet the dress code in an unambiguous way. School officials like them because -- well, let's face it, the girls really look pretty in these dresses -- but the official reason offered by the Inspectors is that see-through dresses help enforcement.

There's another slightly more subtle reason girls like these dresses. Since a girl's privates are fully visible through the dress, she has less to lose if she ever is inspected. If an inspector is ever crazy enough to pull over a girl in a see-through dress, all she really has to do is lift it up to show him she has nothing to hide.


It's an odd system, but it works, and the important thing is that everyone is happy with it.

A Day Out

"Let's get dressed up and go somewhere," Crysta said.

Donna felt her heart beating faster, because she knew what Crysta meant by "dressed up", and it was scary. She wears her shortest micro-minidress to the mall, and rides up the escalator so she can catch boys looking up at her. "But it's Saturday," she said, looking idly out the window.

Donna always sleeps in the nude, and so far this lazy day, she hadn't bothered to get dressed. Although the Dress Code is in effect every day at the College, most of the Inspectors are gone on weekends, so many of the girls relax a bit, and break some of the rules. Donna was looking forward to slipping into a pair of jeans and an oversized flannel shirt -- a combination forbidden by the Dress Code, because the shirt is big enough to count as a dress. She was even toying with the idea of wearing panties under her jeans, another no-no, ordinarily.

"Come on, Donna. I'll help you dress."

"But whenever I let you pick out my clothes, I always feel so naked."

"Yes, isn't it exciting?"

Donna had to admit she was right. Being almost naked is exciting. Maybe too exciting. "I don't know if my heart can take it. How about getting dressed up tomorrow instead."

Crysta made her pouting face that always melted Donna's heart, and came up behind her, wrapping her arms around her. She pressed her naked body against Donna's, and tenderly kissed her neck. Donna melted, but she hated herself for it. She was such putty in Crysta's hands.

"OK, Crysta, I'll let you dress me, but please, I'm begging you, cover me up this time. Please?" she said with puppy-dog eyes.

"Thanks, Donna!" Crysta was giddy with excitement. "You won't regret this," she said.

Donna was already regretting it. She could feel her pussy already swelling and moistening, anticipating another day of near nudity. "OK, what ideas do you have for me?" Might as well get on with it.

"Did you see the College Magazine this week?"

"Who has time to read the College Magazine?"

"You should read it. There was an article about how long dresses should be."

"More school propaganda, right?"

"No, this was written by a girl who goes here. It was very honest. She talks about the Inspections, and how to avoid them. Here, let me show you." Crysta picked up the magazine and flipped through the pages, skipping past the ads for see-through dresses that the girls like because they meet the dress code, and the school officials like because -- well, let's face it, the girls really look pretty in these dresses -- but the official reason offered by the Inspectors is that see-through dresses help enforcement. After all, there's no need to inspect a girl to make sure she's not wearing panties if her lack of panties is obvious without an inspection, right? And so the girls like these dresses, too, because they can feel decent, knowing they meet the Dress Code while at the same time feeling confident they won't be inspected. So there's always a thin line the girls walk -- adhering to the code, while at the same time, exposing their privates just enough to avoid inspections. It's odd, but it works, and the important thing is that everyone is happy with the system. But I digress.

"Here's the article," Crysta said, pointing to the picture accompanying the article. "There she is. She says most girls make the mistake of wearing dresses too long. There's no need to cover your whole pussy, she says, because of the lighting."

"The lighting?"

"Yeah, it's really interesting. I never thought about it before, but the light always comes from above. If you're outside, the sun is up in the sky. If you're inside, the lights are always on the ceiling."

"OK, so what?"

"So your dress casts a shadow that's at least an inch long."

"Uh huh." Donna didn't seem convinced.

"Look, she has pictures. Here, let me show you."

This was probably another one of Crysta's tricks, Donna thought, but she was curious. "That's a fishnet dress!"

"Yes, it's for illustration purposes, so you can see what the dress is covering. See how decent she is?"

Donna had to admit she was pretty decent, from the front, anyway.

"And look at her pussy -- it's only half covered by the dress."


"I see," said Donna. "If this were a regular dress, then the rest of her pussy would be hidden in its shadow."

"Now you've got it!" Crysta was so happy she kissed Donna. And she was happier still when Donna responded. Donna adored Crysta, and now, with their breasts pressed together, melting in each other's arms, she felt that she would agree to anything she suggested.

It was a slow, lingering kiss, soft and tender, each girl gently rubbing the other's back. "Now, there's something else," Crysta said, as she continued stroking Donna's beautiful body.

"Hmmm?" Donna wanted another kiss, but that would have to wait.

The girls' lips were touching as Crysta spoke. "She says if you want to really feel comfortable in a sexy dress, you have to get desensitized first."

Donna couldn't wait any longer. She kissed Crysta even more softly and tenderly than before, using her superior reach to gently stroke Crysta's buttocks and thigh. After a long time, she pulled back just enough to ask, "Desensitized?"

Now it was Crysta who wanted more. It was the butt massage that did it. Donna was more than happy to oblige. We could spend the whole day kissing, and that would be fine with me, she thought. "She says you should start off in something even more daring than what you really want to wear, and then you'll be used to it, and you won't feel so naked."

"But what could be more daring than this?" Donna glanced at the picture of the girl in the fishnet dress.

"She says if you're going to wear a short dress, you should spend some time among friends first."

"Spend some time among friends?" Donna was perplexed.

"She means before you put on the dress, you should relax in a comfortable place."

Donna finally caught on. "You mean -- naked?"

"In a comfortable place." Crysta added.

"Like in our dorm," Donna said, hopefully. It had taken all the girls some time, perhaps Donna a little more than many of the others, but by now the girls were pretty comfortable with each other in the dorm, to the point where most of the girls didn't bother with clothing.

Crysta looked into Donna's eyes. "Or around campus," she said. Crysta was in the vanguard, something Donna truly admired. She was one of the first girls to frequent the dorm lounge in the nude. Soon the other girls wore less and less clothing to the lounge. Crysta was always willing to "lend a hand" to the other girls, and helped many of the other girls get over their shyness, by setting the example. Even when boys are around, Crysta relaxes, letting her legs fall apart naturally, oblivious to any concern over what others might see.

But around campus was something else entirely. Donna pulled back from Crysta's embrace. "Around campus??"

"Why are you so shocked?" You know I make little sorties in the nude.

It was true. While a bunch of the girls from the dorm are sitting around in the lounge, watching TV, sometimes Crysta would take orders for sodas and chips, and go to the campus bookstore late at night.

"At night, maybe," Donna said, "but never in the middle of the day!"

"But it's a Saturday," Crysta reminded her. "Hardly anyone's around. Isn't it a good time to give it a try?"

Donna gulped. "Now? I'm not ready for this."

Crysta smoothed Donna's hair, "It's OK, sweetie." She gave her a kiss. "When you're ready." She kissed her again, this time more softly, more tenderly. "When you're ready," she whispered.

As they kissed, Donna felt an inner warmth that flowed into her pussy. Boy, it felt good. Let's just kiss all day, she thought. Alternately massaging each others' shoulders, backs, and butts, the girls kissed. How long did they kiss? Donna had no idea. Time simply vanished when the girls were together.

After a long time, Donna finally whispered, "OK."

Crysta looked closely at her sweet roomie. Words weren't necessary. She knew what a step this would be for Donna. One more sweet kiss, and then they left the room, hand in hand. Donna's excitement was palpable. Her nipples were hard. Her pussy was blooming like a sweet flower, dripping with nectar.

Donna hesitated at the door leading to the great outdoors. Crysta gave her a gentle pat on the butt, and stood with her legs apart, waiting for Donna to build up the courage to open the door. At that moment, Donna realized this wasn't easy for Crysta, either. Crysta's nipples were hard, and her pussy was pink, too. Donna's heart melted again, with gratitude. Oh, thank you, Crysta, she wanted to say, for being here with me, and helping me get over my fears. But the words couldn't come. All she could do was step up to Crysta and kiss her. Only their lips touched this time. They didn't hug. They didn't need to hug, so sensual was their kiss. Donna had never felt such a tingling excitement from just a kiss, but with their lips and tongues touching, and no other parts of their gorgeous bodies, all their sensations were concentrated in this one area of their bodies. Then something happened that neither girl expected: they came together, their pussies throbing and contracting in unison, with no stimulation save their mouths. Each one, unaware the other came, reached out to hug the other. Their hands met like those of a pair of ballroom dancers, palm to palm. That's how they stayed, still kissing, for another minute as each one experienced her private afterglow, and then shared it with the other.

When they finally separated, each one looked at her own pussy, then the other's, and they both laughed. It was the icebreaker Donna needed to finally open the door.

What a relief! No one was about. It was a cloudy day, the air cool, but not too cold. "Where are we going, anyway?" Donna inquired.

"I thought we would stop at the caf for a bite to eat, and then go back to our room and get dressed."

The caf. Donna's heart skipped a beat. It's bad enough being bottomless there, but naked! "Maybe we could just get something quick at the bookstore."

"OK," Crysta said. "We'll stop by the bookstore first, but then I still want to eat at the caf." She put an arm around Donna's waist, and gently stroked her sexy hips.

Donna tried to ignore Crysta's wandering hand. Normally, her touch felt good, but naked, Donna felt self-conscious about the way Crysta could make her pussy open up. She really didn't want to visit every landmark on campus, but she knew Crysta was right. The girls had to desensitize themselves if they were going to feel comfortable in their short dresses at the mall.

With each step, Donna let herself get more and more excited, her efforts to ignore Crysta's touch having failed utterly. So she was glad to step inside. Anything to take her mind off being not only naked in public, but excited as well. Crysta made a bee line for the clothes section, and started trying stuff on. There were four or five boys in the store, coyly watching Crysta's every move, as Donna tried to interpose racks of clothes between them and herself. Crysta, on the other hand, seemed to want to show off her nudity as much as possible. She grabbed the nearest thing to "try on". It was a short leather jacket. She zipped it up, and wow, it looked really sexy on her. Her flat belly was still exposed, and everything south of there, of course, but hiding behind the racks of clothes, wearing the jacket, she was fully hidden from the boys. She smiled when she saw them looking at her. Oh crap, she thought. Here they come. She looked at Crysta in amazement as she stepped up to the raised three-way mirror to look at herself wearing, of all things, just a hat. With her legs spread apart, Donna looked between them at Crysta's pussy, glistening in the reflected light of the mirror. This sight was not lost on the boys, either. This was too much for Donna. She put the jacket back where she found it, and summoned the courage to step up with Crysta. "Let's go," she whispered in Crysta's ear.

Crysta looked past her own reflection, to see the boys, all of them, arrayed behind her. She turned around, and smiled at them. "Hi, boys," she said as she stepped gingerly down the steps. They were speachless as Crysta handed the hat to one of them. They turned in unison and watched the two most beautiful girls in the world strut out of the store. Once outside, they both broke into uncontrolled laughter, hugging each other to avoid falling over. It was just what they needed. What a relief to be outside again, Donna thought as they stopped laughing, and started kissing, and holding each other close. They didn't even notice it had started to rain. "I love you," Donna whispered, as she gently brushed the water off Crysta's smooth skin. Crysta answered with a deep kiss, and then whispered. "I have always loved you, Donna." They kissed again, a long lingering kiss. So soft. So sweet. The boys watched in silence from inside the bookstore, but the girls didn't know. They didn't care.

Donna spoke first. "I'm ready to brave the caf," she said.

Crysta smiled at her. She knew this was a big step for her, and she was proud. With arms around each other's sexy hips, they entered the caf. Neither one of them remembered her ID card, but that was OK. There was an unwritten rule at the college that naked girls didn't need their ID cards. They walked right in. "I'm surprised there's a line on Saturday," Crysta said.

"It's OK," said Donna. "I don't mind waiting with you." The line went all the way up the steps which led to the serving line. She stood on the step above Crysta, and put her arms around Crysta's neck, and with legs apart, she pressed her pubic mound against Crysta's smooth belly, gently rubbing it back and forth. It feels so good to hold her close. Crysta took advantage of their difference in height to massage Donna's cheeks with both hands, from the small of her back, tracing the curvature of her butt, and tickling her thighs. Instead of wriggling free, Donna responded to the tickling by spreading her legs farther apart, oblivious to the people who had joined the line behind them. It was a shame this tasty kiss had to end, but eventually, it did. They kissed long enough for the line to evaporate in front of them. They shared an adoring glance, and set about getting their food.

Who cares about food? Donna thought, but she loaded her tray full of food nonetheless. They sat together on a bench seat, facing each other, their legs straddling the bench. For an hour, each girl picked up bits of food, and fed the other. It was so unbelievably sensual, Donna focused only on her beautiful girlfriend, as the cafeteria and everyone in it faded from her consciousness. Crysta laughed when Donna spread whipped cream on her breasts, and then purred softly when she licked it off. Crysta noticed Donna had picked up a nearly-full "honey bear". She squeezed some on Donna's belly, but she must have squeezed a little too hard, because the top came off, and the honey gushed out onto Donna's bare belly. Donna laughed uncontrollably as it dripped down her belly and between her legs.

"Lie down," Crysta said, gently pushing her back onto the bench. Donna was still laughing as Crysta spread her legs apart to get the honey out from between them. Donna gradually stopped laughing as Crysta licked up the honey. Crysta got on her hands and knees, and let Donna rest her legs on Crysta's shoulders, putting Donna's cleanliness over her own dignity.

When Crysta was done, Donna sat up and hugged her good friend, who was still kneeling on the bench. She wrapped both arms around Crysta's butt, and pressed her head against Crysta's belly, just below her breasts. She was so satisfied, she was beyond happy, enjoying the simple pleasure of loving her friend, and stroking her naked rear end in the cafeteria. She wished this moment would last forever.

The girls looked around, and discovered they were alone. The cafeteria was closing, and they were the last to leave. "I had a really great time, Cryta," said Donna as they left the building. "You were so sweet to me, I didn't even have time to worry about being naked." With that, she pecked Crysta on the cheek, lifting one of her feet up to her adorable round butt cheek. Her cute little tits jiggled as she jumped back from her friend. She was giddy with pure joy, and it was infectious. They both laughed their way back to their room.

"Are you ready for me to dress you, my little Barbie Doll?" asked Crysta when they got back to the room.

"Put me in anything you like; I'm yours," said Donna. She was eager to wear clothes again.

"What do you think of this?" Crysta asked, holding up one of her micro-minidresses.

"It looks a little short, Crysta, I don't know." But she tried it on anyway, and it was really too short. "I know it doesn't have to cover my pussy, because of the shadow, but I don't even think the shadow covers my pussy."

Crysta agreed. "The only dress I have that's longer is this mesh dress, the same one the girl is wearing in this picture."

"Do you think it would look good on me?"

"I really do," Crysta said. "but it's a bit daring. Are you up for it?"

"If it's long enough to cover me, then I'm up for it."

Crysta admired Donna's positive attitude. "OK, try it on." She watched as Donna slipped into it, and smiled with pride as her protogee adjusted the hem. "It covers the top of your pussy exactly, just like the picture," Crysta said.

"That's good. But I'm a little worried about the back, though," Donna said.

Crysta picked up the magazine. "Well, let's see how it's supposed to fit."


"Here, take a look at this."

"That can't be right! You can see everything from the back!" Donna exclaimed.

"Calm down, little girl," said Crysta. "It's not as bad as you think. First of all, do you see her asshole?"


"Only through the mesh. Her asshole is covered nicely by the dress, and yours is too."

Donna was getting frustrated. "Nothing is covered by this mesh."

Crysta calmed her down. "Take it easy, dear." Putting both arms around her, she asked her gently, "Do you wear a thong to the beach?"

Donna nodded.

"And it covers you, right?"

Donna nodded again. She saw where this was heading, and she realized Crysta was right. "It's just one thin piece of material over my butt hole, but it's enough."

"That's right," Crysta stroked Donna's hair. "And this dress has lots of thin pieces of material. Plenty to cover you."

Donna smiled. "I'm being so silly, I'm sorry. This dress is really very nice, and the mesh covers me every bit as well as a thong, and even better, because there are hundreds of little strings, instead of just one."

Now it was Crysta's turn to smile. "I'm so happy. And you look really great in this dress. Are you ready to go?"

"But..." Something about the girl in the picture was bothering her.

"What's the matter?" Crysta asked, concerned.

"OK..." Donna composed herself. "I agree the mesh covers her, so the parts of her body covered by the mesh are fully covered, like her breasts for example. And my breasts are covered just as well."

Crysta nodded encouragement, as she continued to stroke Donna's hair.

"And her pussy is covered, because even though the dress only covers the top half of her pussy, it casts a shadow over the lower part of it, which is good enough.

Crysta joined in, "And her asshole is covered, too, just as yours is. You can spread your legs wide, if you like, and still feel confident in this dress."

"I agree with all that," said Donna. "But..."

"What is it, darling?" Crysta asked with deep concern.

"Well, just look at this picture." Donna shook the magazine for emphasis. "I mean, just look between her legs."

Crysta looked at the magazine, and then at Donna. She waited a bit, and then said, "What?"

"Can't you see her pussy between her legs? And it's not covered by the dress, is it?"

"Oh, that!" Crysta was relieved. She took the magazine from Donna and set it down. "That's just the camera angle. It's looking up at her. No dress can guard against that."

Donna looked at the picture again, and laughed. "You're right, Crysta. I'm sorry, I'm just being stupid."

"No, you're not. You're being careful, and that's good. You want to wear a dress that is daring, but decent, and I think this little fishnet dress is just inside that line."

"I think so, too. And after being completely naked on campus earlier today, it will be a refreshing change to be fully clothed." Now satisfied that she was properly dressed to go to the mall, she suddenly noticed that Crysta was still naked. "But what are you going to wear now?"


"I was thinking of wearing that blue fuzzy sweater." She went into the closet and pulled it out.

"It's cute," said Donna, as Crysta put it on, and buttoned one button. It was a sexy little sweater, but it didn't come close to covering her bottom. "Do you have a skirt to go with it?"

"Not really. Why? Do you think I need one?"

Donna laughed. "Umm... YES!"

Crysta turned around and pulled the back of the sweater down as far as it would go. Over her shoulder, she said, "What about this? Does it cover my butt at all?"

Donna could see she was stuck on the idea of wearing the sweater by itself, so she decided to play along. "Yes, a little," she lied.


That was enough for Crysta. "Let's go, then."

Donna felt bad that she was fully covered by her mesh dress, while Crysta was still half naked, but it was Crysta's choice, so she let it go. There was a campus bus that went past the mall, so they walked toward the bus stop. As they walked, Donna thought about touching Crysta's naked butt, but then she changed her mind. If I touch it, she reasoned, then Crysta will realize she's completely naked, and she'll want to run back inside to put on a skirt or a pair of panties. So I'll wait until we at least get on the bus, so she won't have such an easy escape.

Then she felt worse. She was tricking her best friend -- lying to her, in fact -- just to get her out in public nearly naked. This is the difference between Donna and Crysta. Donna lied to Crysta to trick her into going bottomless, and she feels bad about it. Crysta lied to Donna to make her believe the mesh dress covers her, even a little bit, but Crysta doesn't feel the least bit of shame over that. Moreover, Donna really believes the mesh covers her. She bought Crysta's explanation wholesale. Yet Crysta knows her bottom is fully on display. She went along with Donna's lie only because it suited her, not because she believed it.

Crysta could see Donna was feeling bad, and she even had an idea why, so she put her arm around the mesh-clad beauty, and held her close as they walked to the bus stop. "You'll be fine," she said in an effort to cheer her up. "Well have fun at the mall, you'll see."

Donna almost told Crysta what was bothering her -- that her butt wasn't really covered, not even a little bit, by her sweater -- but then the bus came, so they got on. "Thank God there are seats," said Crysta as they got on. "Let's sit here."

Crysta sat down, but Donna remained standing in the aisle as the bus lurched forward. "What's the matter?" Crysta asked.

Donna bent down to whisper in Crysta's ear. "I'm a little embarrassed to say."

"It's OK, you can tell me," Crysta whispered back.

"OK, well, you remember the honey you spilled on me?"

"Do I ever!" Crysta smiled. "It was delicious."

"Well, you didn't get it all. A whole bunch of it dripped between my butt cheeks, and now I'm all sticky back there."

"Really, let me see," Crysta said as she lifted the back of Donna's dress.

"Don't do that!" Donna slapped Crysta away.

"Can I at least feel you?"

"OK," Donna said, reluctently. She spread her legs apart, thankful she had picked out a dress that covered her so modestly. She tried to look nonchalant as Crysta felt between her legs.

Crysta licked her finger. "That's honey, alright," she said. It tasted as delicious as ever. But before she could reach for more honey, the bus stopped at the mall.

"Maybe I should go in the bathroom, and wipe my butt," said Donna as they walked through the main entrance.

"Don't be rediculous. I'll clean you up right here. Sit on this bench, here."

"I can't sit, remember?" Donna whispered through clenched teeth. "The honey is between my butt cheeks!"

"Oh, yeah." Crysta thought a minute. "Well lie on the bench then."

Donna was a bit unsure, but Crysta's confidence won the day. Donna lied face-down on the bench.

Crysta pulled up her dress prompting Donna to say "Hey!" but Crysta patted her bare butt and told her to settle down, and stop worrying. She would take care of everything. Kneeling on the bench between Donna's legs, Crysta buried her nose between Donna's cheeks and gave her a good lick. Donna instinctively got partway up on her knees, and opened herself up a little better. Crysta gave her another good lick. Since Donna's pussy was off the bench, it was easy for Crysta to feel between her legs, and pick up a little juice, which she used to dilute the honey. Continuing to lick Donna's asshole, and rub her pussy for moisture, she finished the job she had started in the cafeteria.

"OK, you're clean," said Crysta, patting her butt, which was still raised in the air.

But Donna didn't lower her butt. Instead she just moaned softly. "What ever could be the matter?" Crysta asked her in a sing-song voice. She knew perfectly what was ailing Donna. She was on the verge of cumming. Leaving her in this condition would be a sin. But teasing her -- that would be worse. Crysta gently stroked Donna's inner thighs, causing her to raise her ass higher off the bench. She flicked the tip of her tongue against Donna's quivering asshole, stimulating her just enough to keep her on the edge of cumming, but not enough to push her over the top. Patting her butt again, Crysta said, "OK, that's enough. Let's go now." But Donna made no move to get off the bench. Instead, each time Crysta patted it, Donna raised her butt up another inch. Crysta stroked Donna's butt gently, letting her fingers glance fleetingly past her asshole, briefly dip into her vagina, and then moist and slippery between her lips to her clit. She did this half a dozen times, until it looked like she was about to cum, and then Crysta stopped for a whole minute, giving her time to cool off.

"Please, finish me," Donna begged.

"You're clean I said," said Crysta, pretending not to understand Donna's predicament. "You're finished."

"Pleeeeease," Donna begged again.

Crysta laughed, and stood up. "OK, Donna. I'll finish you, if you stand up," she said, taking Donna's hand.

Donna was ready to do anything. It didn't matter that her dress was half-way off. She stood up, legs apart, her eyes pleading for Crysta to finish her. She looked around and saw a crowd, watching the two bottomless girls. Suddenly self-conscious, she pulled her dress down. "Uh-uh uh," Crysta scolded, wagging her finger. "I'll decide whether your dress is up or down. In fact," she said, "I think you should take it off altogether."

"In the mall? There are children here!" Donna pulled Crysta's hand, and walked aimlessly, to get away from the crowd of onlookers.

"You need release, and I'm going to give it to you," Crysta said, "but only if you obey my every command."

Donna thought it over. "I get to put it on again as soon as I cum?" she asked.


"OK, then." Donna looked around to make sure no one was watching them, and, satisfied they were more or less alone (as much as they could be in a crowded shopping mall), she removed her dress, and handed it to Crysta.

Donna looked back at the bench she had been lying on, but it was now taken. Anxious, now that she was naked, to get on with it, she said, "Let's find a bench, where you can finish me, OK?"

Crysta said OK, and the girls walked. Donna turned quite a few heads, not just because she was naked, but because she was visibly very excited. She responded to Crysta's every touch, making it hard for her to walk in a straight line. The girls stopped often to kiss, an activity Donna attacked with gusto. As the girls kissed, Crysta would run her fingers between Donna's butt cheeks, at one point prompting Donna to jump onto Crysta, wrapping her legs around her, and smearing her pussy juice all over Crysta's belly. Crysta barely disengaged her friend in time to avert a climax, opting to continue teasing her instead.

Finally, they came upon an empty bench. Donna sat down on it, and spread her legs wide. "NOt so fast, little girl," said Crysta. "I sit first, then you can sit on my lap." Donna got up, and let Crysta sit, then dutifully sat on Crysta's lap, her legs spread to the outside of Crysta's. Then Crysta spread her legs apart, spreading Donna's even wider. Leaning back, Crysta massaged Donna's breasts, then her belly, working methodically down her body. People gathered to watch as Crysta almost touched Donna's clit, but let her fingers veer off toward her thigh instead. Some laughed at Donna's gasp of frustration as Crysta teased her. Donna turned her head toward Crysta's, passionately kissing her in a desperate hope of gaining sufficient sexual satisfaction to cum. Sensine her ploy was working, Crysta broke free, and began teasing Donna anew. The crowd delighted in watching Donna squirm. In particular, they liked it when Crysta massaged Donna's inner thighs, right up to her engorged pussy, but not quite touching it, because this made Donna spread her legs wider than any in the audience thought humanly possible.

Finally, as the security guards began directing traffic past the throng of spectators, Crysta thought Donna had suffered enough. Kissing her passionately, she stroked her inner thighs, drawing closer and closer to her pussy, but this time, instead of skipping lightly over it, she dove in with her fingers, then between her lips to her clit, and down to her asshole, and back. Over and over she did this, as the girls kept kissing. Donna's muffled screams of passion could be heard as wave after wave of delicious orgasm washed over her. But Crysta didn't stop. She stood the quivering girl up, and knelt before her, licking first her pussy, then her asshole, plunging her tongue into both holes alternately, as Donna kept cumming. With her hands, she manhandled Donna's breasts, then her buttocks as she continued licking and sucking between her legs. The audience burst into applause at one point -- an applause neither girl heard as the intensity of their passion reached a fever pitch. Finally, Donna couldn't take another minute of ecstacy. She collapsed face up on the floor, her arms and legs splayed. Crysta climbed on top of her, and continued licking the exhausted girl's pussy, unaware that her own pussy was resting on Donna's mouth. Instinctively, despite her exhaustion, Donna licked and sucked the pussy she was presented with.

Mmmm, that felt good. Crysta had been so consumed with Donna's joy, that she had neglected her own until now. But with what little strength Donna had left, she managed to push her tongue in and out of Crysta, slobbering delight between her lovely legs. Now Crysta was happy she had neglected to wear any bottom, as her pussy was fully available, even as she continued to tend to her friend. It was Crysta's turn to moan, and to spread her legs wide, as Donna did her best to bring joy to her good friend, despite her weakened condition. And with every moan Crysta uttered, Donna grew stronger, to the point where she was finally able to turn the tables on her friend. She climbed out from beneath Crysta, but when Crysta tried to turn over, Donna told her lie on her belly just a little longer. Donna spread Crysta's cheeks apart, and licked vigorously between them before turning her over. Then, the real pleasure began. Donna has an amazing way of flattening her whole tongue, stimulating Crysta's outer as well as inner lips, and dragging the whole length of it over her clit. One more swipe of that amazing tongue, Crysta thought, and I'll be done, too. And then it happened. Starting at her asshole, running the whole length of her perineum, came that amazing tongue. And at the same time, gentle hands massaged her breasts, belly, and inner thighs, as the tongue simultaneously stimulated her entire pussy at once. It was an onslaught no mortal could resist. As she started cumming, Donna pressed her leg between Crysta's and held her tight. The girls kissed deeply and passionately as Crysta came. And she kept cumming as long as the girls kept kissing and holding each other tight. Finally, they separated their sweaty bodies, and lay next to each other on the floor, their legs spread wide, their bodies glistening with the residue of their love.


The security guards cordoned off the girls' section of floor, letting the crowd walk past them, staring at their wet pussies. After a time, the girls staggered to their feet, and managed to find the mall's exit. The rain had stopped, and the sun was shining. "You lost a button," said Donna, pointing to Crysta's sweater, which was now open. They made it to the bus stop and plopped themselves down.

"Lucky there are other buttons," said Crysta.

Donna laughed. "Yeah, but those buttons don't hold your tits in quite as well."

Crysta laughed, too, as she tried to cover her big boobies. "This 'll have to do."

The bus came, and the girls got on. This time there was no seat, so they had to stand. Crysta let Donna stand in front of her. Donna held onto the overhead handrails, and Crysta held onto Donna. As Donna had to keep both hands on the rails, Crysta took full advantage, massaging her breasts, belly, and pussy relentlessly as the buss lurched along. Donna complained, and told Crysta to cut it out, but her body language told another story. She spread her legs apart, and leaned her head back, nuzzling Crysta, and kissing her.

Half-way back to campus, Donna suddenly remembered her mesh dress. "Hey, you said if I came I could have my dress back."

"Did you cum?" Crysta's eyes twinkled.

"Did I ever!" Donna was past caring about the dress, anyway. She didn't blame Crysta for losing it. She was still basking in the afterglow of their sex at the mall, and the way things were going, it looked like she would cum again before they even got off the bus. She just relaxed, held onto the rails, and enjoyed the pleasure of kissing the girl she loved.


Murphy Ranch Chapter 3: Inviting the neighbors to dinner

Chapter 3: Inviting the neighbors to dinner

Donna woke with a start. Sunshine streamed into her bedroom. Where am I? She lifted her head, and looked around. Slowly, it came back to her. How much of it had been a dream? She tried to piece it together in her mind. She had driven to the Murphy Ranch, was auctioned off to the gentleman. The gentleman's master, to be exact. Then she cleverly avoided being raped by that rascal, Bruno. She had milk and cookies with the girls at midnight. The girls are fun, she thought, unaware she was smiling, and gently stroking her clit. Then she must have gone back to bed, because everything else was a dream. In her dreams, Bruno came into her bedroom and made passionate love to her. No wait... That was real. And then in her dreams, the girls visited her, in ones and twos, and they spent the whole night licking each others' pussies and assholes. "I love having my asshole licked," she said, not realizing she was talking out loud. The lozenge vibrators were still humming inside her -- one in her butt, and the other in her cunt, enhancing her dream recollections. What powers these amazing things? she wondered, as she felt her pussy juices flowing once again.

Time to get up, she thought. She climbed out of bed, feeling a little stiff, but otherwise strong and happy, and went to the bathroom. Plop! She laughed when she recognized this little pooplet as her butt vibrator. Should I fish it out? Naaah, there are plenty in the drawer. I'll get another one later. She stepped into the shower, wondering where the knob was to turn on the water. She closed the door, whereupon water splashed on her from various angles at once. The temperature was perfect. Ahhh, this is the life. She luxuriated for -- how long? She didn't know. -- but finally, she felt it was time to get out and dry off. Then she remembered. There was not a single towel in the place. She opened the door, and stepped out of the shower, when a whoosh! of warm air made her wet hair fly into the air. The air blew up from vents in the floor and in the walls. Amazing! She soon found she was right at home in this bathroom. All the equipment for fixing her hair, doing her makeup, and every other form of personal grooming was right at her fingertips. Before long, she got herself dolled up better than ever. She looked -- and felt -- like a million bucks.

But what can I wear?

Last night she had been forced to strip, but, except for a midnight snack with the girls, she stayed in her room, where she felt comfortable naked. Now she was rested, but hungry. She wanted breakfast, but she was a stranger in this house. When would she meet her new master? Whatever was in store for her, she really didn't want to face it in the nude. A pair of panties, even, would be better than nothing. At this point, she was so desperate for clothing she would settle for a sports bra just so she wouldn't be stark naked, although a nice mini-dress with a pair of panties under it would be best. She sat back in one of the many chairs in her bedroom, dangling her legs over the arm rests, and rested her hands in her lap. "What can I wear?" she wondered aloud.

As if she had heard Donna's question, her maid burst into the room. (Actually, she had heard it -- she had been watching "Donna TV".) "The master is very frugal with clothing," she said. "He only gives you what is necessary."

"Well, I need to wear *something*," Donna said.

"I agree. But the master says you have to choose."

"Boy, the master loves his games, doesn't he. OK, what are my choices?"

"He says you can have these panties today, or else you can wait for a skirt tomorrow." She held up a pair of tiny, sheer, white bikini panties.

"Can I try them on first, before I decide?"

"I don't see why not." She handed Donna the panties.

Donna put them on, and admired herself in the mirror. Their "french cut" made her long legs look longer, and although her pussy was still fully visible through them, somehow she felt "covered up". Something about the suggestion of being covered -- it's almost as good as actually *being* covered. She was strongly tempted to take the panties, and forgo tomorrow's skirt. Take the sure thing, she always said, rather than some idle promise. "What will I be doing today?" she asked. This had a strong bearing on her choice of clothes, of course. If she would be going out to dinner at a restaurant, for example, then she should have something to wear so she wouldn't be naked. But if it was going to be just another day at the house, she could afford to be naked for one more day in exchange for better clothes the next day.

"I believe the master has planned a quiet evening at home."

"Then I'll wait for the skirt," Donna said with a sigh. She took off the sexy panties, and handed them to the maid. It was hard for her to be naked in public, but the "private public" of the house wouldn't be quite as bad as the "public public" of a restaurant. She resigned herself to be naked for one more day.

"Excellent choice, Donna." The maid seemed genuinely pleased with Donna's choice. She patted the cute girl on the butt, smiled at her, and wiped a tear that had started rolling down her cheek. "You'll be fine," she said, stroking Donna gently. "Come on downstairs, and I'll get you something to eat."

Donna followed the maid down the grand spiral stairway, feeling a bit exposed by the wide open spaces inside the house. She offered Donna a seat in the sun room off the kitchen. Donna was glad to sit down and cross her legs. Somehow she felt a little less naked when she was seated. The maid set about preparing some sort of delecacy. Donna couldn't wait.

Ding dong! It was the door bell.

"Would you get that please, dear?" the maid asked Donna.

"Like this?" Donna gestured to her naked boobs.

The maid huffed loudly, and started stomping in the direction of the front door. "Wait! wait!" called Donna. The maid started back toward the kitchen as Donna continued, "I'll get the door. You are so nice to make me something to eat, so the least I can do is get the door. I'm sorry."

The maid accepted her apology, and resumed her preparations.

Ding dong!

"OK, just a minute," Donna called. The thought of meeting a stranger in the nude filled her with tingling excitement. She looked down at her pussy and sighed. She wished her lips would close so it wasn't so obvious she was excited. She briefly entertained the idea of hiding behind the door, but then it dawned on her that this might be a test. In the end, she decided to bite the bullet and just swing the door open. Shit! It's a girl scout selling cookies. She thought about covering her pussy, but that would just draw attention to it. The girl scout seemed at a loss for words. Deciding to play it cool, Donna bent forward and spoke first. "Hello, little girl. What can I do for you."

"Um, would you like to buy some cookies?"

Donna pantomimed checking her pockets. "Sorry, little girl. I have no money."

The girl scout turned and walked away. Donna could see a car idling at the end of the long driveway.

Donna closed the door, and returned to the kitchen. "Girl scout cookies," she explained. Donna's pussy was fully puffed out between her lips. She sat with her legs apart to allow her excitement to subside, but she was shy about letting the maid see how excited she was, so she covered her pussy with one hand.

"How many boxes did you buy?" asked the maid.

"None. No money." She absently stroked her slippery clit.

"Oh, that's a shame. You could have just taken some from the money jar."

"I didn't know. Sorry."

"Next time you'll know."

Ding dong!

Donna stood up and looked at the maid, wishing she would get the door this time. The maid just looked back at her, and then at the chair where Donna had been sitting. Donna looked at the chair, and saw the puddle she had left. She covered her face in shame. "Sorry."

"It's OK, dear. Some of the other girls moisten their seats as well. Get the door now."

"Thank you," said Donna. She walked to the front door, and tried to will her pussy to shrink back behind its lips as she opened it. She was relieved to see it was the girl scout again. Donna squatted, and said "Hello again, little girl."

"My dad says I should give you ten boxes of cookies if you let him fuck you."

"What!?" Such language from a cute little girl!

"My dad says I should give you..."

"I heard what you said. I'm just amazed he would make such an offer. Tell him..." She wanted to tell the girl to tell her dad to go fuck himself, but she restrained herself. "Tell him no thank you."

The girl left, and Donna closed the door. "Can you believe that?" she said to the maid once she got to the kitchen.

"I heard," she replied. "You should have said yes."

"Really?" Donna was amazed. She sat in her puddle and asked, "Would the master want me fucking strange men in his house? for girl scout cookies?"

"Not in the house, no. You should do it on the front lawn."

"You're kidding, right?"

"No, I'm being totally straight with you. The master wants us to be nice to the neighbors. If one of them comes to us with a reasonable proposal, then we should agree to it. To be nice, I'm saying. Don't you want to be nice to the neighbors?"

"Well, yeah, but..."

Ding dong!

"Now what?!" This place was like Grand Central Station. Donna got up, and opened the door.

It was the little girl again. "Twenty boxes."

Donna looked over her shoulder, and saw the maid peering out of the kitchen. She was making a shooing motion with her hands. Fucking some strange guy for twenty boxes of girl scout cookies had not been on her list of things to do this morning. Desperately she tried to think of a way out of it. She stepped into the sunshine and closed the door behind her. All the household staff went to the windows to watch as Donna strutted her long legs to the car. She was going to tell the man off. How dare you send your daughter to the door with such a crazy offer? Hopefully he would leave with his "tail" between his legs. But when she got to the car she caught her breath. "He's an Adonis," she muttered. She felt her pussy swell as he opened the door and started walking toward her. He was wearing only a pair of shorts, his muscles rippling. She backed up as he approached. He pulled his shorts off and started walking faster, so Donna turned around and started running for the front door. But he was too fast for her. He grabbed her around the middle, making her bend over. He slipped right in. Donna struggled, but he was too strong for her. Four or five good pumps was all it took. Donna was mad at herself for cumming, too. She screamed, and the man grunted. She collapsed on the ground, while the man went back to his car.

The little girl, who had been watching the whole thing, came over and brushed the hair out of Donna's face. "Are you OK?"

"Just leave the cookies by the front door."

Donna collected herself, and managed to get inside the house. The maid called from the kitchen, "Come, dear, you must be exhausted. Have something to eat."

She returned to her seat, on which the maid had left a thick, fuzzy towel. She sat on it with her legs apart, so that all the juices would be absorbed. The maid placed dishes, silverware, and cups in front of her. "Thank you," said Donna. She ate hungrily, barely noticing her food. How long had it been since she had eaten? Time and space were very blurry now.

Knock, knock, knock-knock, knock!

Instinctively, Donna got up to answer the door. After being raped by the girl scout's father, she was numb to any embarrassment over her nudity. "Sit," said the maid. "That's Bruno's knock. He'll let himself in."

What a relief! Donna continued scarfing her food, barely looking up when Bruno entered the room. When she did look up she started laughing.

"What," said Bruno.

Donna just pointed at him, and continued laughing, her tits bouncing, and half-chewed food tumbling out of her mouth.

Bruno was taken aback. "This is a man skirt," he said. "Everyone's wearing them now."

Finally, Donna managed to compose herself. "It's not that," she said. "It's your dick."

His dick was hanging a good two inches below the bottom of his man skirt. He had forgotten to tuck it into the "dick pocket" in the front of his skirt. He turned bright red and muttered some excuse as he arranged himself. "That's much better," said Donna. She liked the new fashions, including the man skirt and the man dress. She also liked the fact that most boys don't wear underwear under their micro-minis (boys apparently find thongs uncomfortable, Donna theorized). Finally, girls and boys are on an equal footing now that both sexes enjoy wearing micro-minis. Boys now have a taste of the dangers of wearing short styles, and so they've become more tactful, and avoid looking under girls' skirts, and the girls are just as respectful of the boys' privacy. (Although a few girls have been known to discretely glance up at boys on stairs.)

Donna patted the seat next to hers. "Join me for a bite."

He sat next to her, and put his arm around her shoulders. He gently stroked her hair, following its curls down her neck, and onto the front of her chest. He enjoyed watching her nipples harden. "The master has given us a job to do."

"What do you do with your balls?"


"I mean, when you're sitting like this, in your man skirt, where do your balls go?"

He casually lifted the front of his skirt (and his dick as well since it was in the dick pocket) to show her. "They just hang there," he explained.

"They're so cute, resting on the seat in front of you." She couldn't resist petting them.

"Thank you," he said. Her touch felt good. As she continued to stroke his balls, he was able to let his skirt go, because it stayed up on its own.

"What's the job?" Donna asked.

"Oh," said Bruno. Somehow, sitting next to a beautiful naked girl who was stroking his balls, he had forgotten the thread of their conversation. It took him a minute to recollect. "We have to invite the neighbors to the master's dinner party."

"He wants us to write the invitations?"

"No, he wants us to go in person to the houses in the neighborhood."

"What should I wear?"

"To the party?"

"No, I mean to visit the neighbors."

"Wear anything you like." She didn't object as he continued stroking her front, easing his hands ever lower on her belly.

"But I have nothing to wear," she said, lifting her hands from his dick long enough to show her palms in a gesture of nothingness.

He smiled, noticing she spread her legs apart, too, in a whole-body gesture. "That would be fine."

She laughed. "I'm not going naked to see all our neighbors!" She spread her legs even farther apart, resting one of them against him. She continued stroking his balls, and along his fully extended shaft.

He casually rested his hand on her inner thigh, just inches from her pussy. "If the master says to do it, you have to do it."

"Maybe we can go tomorrow. The master said he would give me a skirt tomorrow." She didn't flinch as he stroked her moist bits.

"The master wants it done today. Oh, and one more thing. You will be posing as the master's wife, so act as dignified as you can."

"So the master isn't married, then?"

He laughed, "Oh, no."

"Don't the neighbors know that?"

He closed his eyes as he neared the point of no return. "No, the master keeps to himself."

"How long has the master lived here?" She leaned back and opened her legs fully.

He inserted his middle finger into her pussy, his other fingers stroking her cheeks, allowing his ring finger to barely reach her tight little asshole. "You ask an awful lot of questions."

"Has the master ever had the neighbors over for dinner before?"

"Yes, I think so... Maybe not."

"Who posed as his wife at the last dinner party?"

Bruno took her hand. "You ask way too many questions. Come on, let's go." He gently pulled her in the direction of the front door. Neither one of them came, but they were "this" close. They got up with their genitals aching for more. Bruno pretended not to notice the front of his man skirt was still held up by his erect penis.

"You aren't really going to drag me outside, are you?" As he kept pulling her hand, her reluctence turned to panic, "No, please," she begged, "let me wear *something*." Her mind reeled, and she had a thought: "wouldn't it be easier to convince people I'm the master's wife if I'm wearing clothes?"

He paused to think about that, looking her up and down. She was quite a sight, clearly on the brink of cumming, her pussy open like a flower in full bloom. "Maybe, but it's a moot point." He grabbed her hand and pulled. When she resisted, he picked up her naked body, and carried her out of the house, closing the door behind them.

The fight had somehow drained out of her. She had given it her best shot, and lost. She allowed him to set her down on the sidewalk outside their house. She was at once resigned to her fate, and filled with trepedation. "A moot point?"

"Yes, you made a good point, but it doesn't matter because you have no clothes to wear."

As they walked along the sidewalk, Bruno kept his grip on her hand, maneuvering her to the street side. As a car neared, she tried to switch places with him, but he kept her on the street side. She covered her pussy with her free hand. After the car passed, she had another idea. "I know," she said, "I can wear your skirt."

"Then *I* would be naked."

"Yes," she said simply. She smiled up at him, her eyes twinkling. He couldn't think of anything clever to say, so they just walked together, hand in hand. He was thankful to have a man skirt to keep him from being as naked as his cute little girlfriend. She appeared to be in a dark mood, dwelling on the unfairness of having to go naked while Bruno had clothes to wear. Then, when Bruno was least expecting it, Donna whipped her hand out of his grasp, and yanked -- hard! -- on his skirt, pulling it off him. She ran onto the front lawn of their first neighbor's house, flying his skirt like a flag of victory, laughing her little head off. He ran after her, caught up to her, and wrestled her to the ground. She was still laughing as he whipped his skirt out of her hands, and put it back on.

Donna got up and dusted herself off, and followed Bruno to the front door. Either Bruno already rang the bell, or the homeowner was alerted by their horseplay on the front lawn, because the door opened immediately. It was a beautiful young blonde in a white micro-minidress. Was this the lady of the house? Or her daughter? Donna looked at Bruno, hoping he would talk first. Bruno looked at Donna, who looked back at the stunning girl. The girl couldn't take her eyes off Donna's pussy, which was a good thing in a way. It gave Donna a chance to admire the girl's dress. Was she wearing underwear? Donna couldn't tell. After what seemed like several minutes of silence (it was probably just a few seconds) Donna spoke. "My husband and I will be having a dinner party," she said.

The girl managed to wrest her gaze from Donna's pussy. "Uh huh," she managed to say. She looked back and forth between Donna and Bruno.

More silence followed. Donna realized she didn't know exactly when this dinner party would be. Then she saw the girl was about to draw the conclusion that Bruno was her husband. "Oh, no," Donna said. "This isn't my husband, this is Bruno." She expected Bruno to shake the girl's hand, and say How do you do, or something. But he said nothing, and the poor girl looked horribly confused. Donna kept trying. "My husband and I live in the house next door." She gestured vaguely, causing the girl to crane her neck in the general direction of the house where Donna has been living for the past day or two.

"Oh," the girl said, finally.

More silence. Donna gaped at Bruno, her mind screaming, "say when the party will be!!" Instead Bruno had an infuriating look of calm amusement on his face as Donna squirmed. Another few seconds passed, and then Donna took decisive action. "Bruno, please tell my lovely neighbor when this party will be."

"Why don't you both come in," said the girl. She glanced uneasily at Bruno, then Donna, then Bruno again, as she opened the door wider, and stepped back to let them in.

Donna looked at Bruno, who gestured ladies first. She followed the girl into a sumptuous living room. "Please have a seat," she said. Apparently, she was over the shock of Donna's nudity. She was a pretty sexy dresser herself, Donna noted.

Donna took a seat on one of two white leather couches, sinking deep into it, and Bruno sat next to her. The girl took a seat in the other couch, casually lifting the back of her dress, because it wasn't quite long enough to sit on. She sat with her legs coyly slanted so as to preclude a clear view between her legs. "When will your party be?" she asked.

Donna looked at Bruno again. He seemed very interested in arranging his man skirt. Donna smiled when he realized he was embarrassed to be sitting so low in the couch that the girl could see between his legs. "It will be the day after tomorrow," she said, finally.

"Sunday?" said the girl.

Donna realized she had no idea what day it was. "Is today Friday?"

"All day," said the girl, smiling.

"Well then, Sunday," said Donna.

The girl looked doubtful. "Well, um," she began.

"How about tomorrow, then?" Bruno asked.

You idiot! Donna thought. Tomorrow is too soon! The master will be giving me just one thing to wear -- a skirt -- which is totally unsuitable for a dinner party.

"Tomorrow would be delightful!" said the girl, as she stood up, arranging her dress to cover herself. "We will be glad to attend."

Donna and Bruno stood up. "It was very nice to meet you," said Donna.

As they walked down the driveway, Donna was relieved that her nudity didn't seem odd to the homeowner. Or Bruno's man skirt, for that matter. "Do you even know her name?"

Bruno was distracted. "Whose name?"

"The gorgeous lady we just talked to!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Maybe I should have introduced you." Bruno paused to smile at the adorable way Donna rolled her big eyes. "Her name is Zelda. Zelda Zanzibar."

"That's a catchy name."

"It sure is, and get this: her husband's name is Ziggy. Ziggy and Zelda Zanzibar."

"Well I guess I won't forget their names." They walked in silence for a minute. Then Donna said, "Just so I won't seem like a complete idiot, what are the names of the other people on this street?"

"In the second house are Yves and Yvonne Yarrow."

"Two girls?"

"No, Yves is a man. It's spelled Y V E S."

Donna tried to hide her disappointment. She was hoping for a pair of lipstick lesbians. Then she smiled. "They all begin with Y!"

"Yeah, I guess they do. I never noticed that."

"So who's in the third house," Donna joked, "William and Wanda?"

"A very good guess!" Bruno was honestly surprised. "Their names are Wilbur and Wilma Wilifitt."

"Oh my God! You're making these up!"

Bruno looked hurt. "Why do you say that?"

"Oh, come on," Donna said. "Everyone's name in the first house begins with Z. Everyone's name in the second house begins with Y. Everyone's..."

"That *is* interesting," Bruno said. Donna looked at him for any trace of a smirk, but there was none.

Bruno gave Donna a playful pat on the butt as they walked to the next house. They visited the other three houses in the neighborhood. With each house, the task got easier. Each time, the woman of the house was home, and each time, Donna said simply, "My husband and I would like to invite you to a dinner party tomorrow evening." Each of the women appeared to take Bruno as Donna's husband, but she let that go. That misunderstanding does no harm, she reasoned. At the third house, the girl asked what time the party would be. Donna guessed 6 PM. The girl said 8 would be better, so Donna said 8 would be fine. "Should we go back and tell the first two that the party is at 8?", Donna asked. Bruno said it wasn't important. How could that not be important? This whole dinner party thing was very odd.

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Crysta Interviews Girl on Steps

The girls met in their room, and got themselves ready for dinner. The "panty patrol" officers generally go home toward the end of the evening, so Donna wasn't too worried. They're the guys, generally, although there are some female officers, who inspect the girls to ensure they're following the dress code.

Crysta was naked, flipping through her clothes, trying to decide what to wear. "I think I'll cover up my bottom this evening."

Donna was surprised. It only took Crysta a couple weeks to become comfortable walking around campus with at least part of her ass showing. Of course, she rarely went completely naked below the waist. She enjoyed wearing a "loin cloth" to cover her pussy while fully exposing her ass. And she had a big selection of "baby doll" dresses that almost covered her bottom. Donna was jealous of the way Crysta was so comfortable showing off this way, and wished she could bring herself to do it. But whenever she even thought about going bottomless in public, she started to get visibly excited. Once, she resolved to go to her civics class wearing only a crop-top. It was one-item day, and a lot of the girls decided to wear just a top. But while she was dressing, her pussy got completely red and juicy -- a clear violation of college rules. So she chickened out and wore a minidress instead.

"Why the sudden burst of modesty?" Donna asked.

"You know I'm on the school paper?" Crysta asked. It was a rhetorical question, but she saw Donna nod. "So I went out today to interview students about the dress code. I'm writing a piece about the code, and whether it helps us dress more modestly, and stuff. As I passed the physics building, I saw a girl waiting on the steps. She had arrived way early, and was just waiting outside, enjoying the warm weather."

"Yeah, it was a nice day today." Donna had picked out a cute miniskirt. She really loved it, because the fabric was incredibly stretchy and almost completely sheer. As a miniskirt, it was about 10 inches long, and left absolutely nothing to the imagination. But since it is so stretchy, Donna liked to bunch it up, which made it a lot shorter, but also much more opaque. In other words, she wore it as a 3-inch micro-miniskirt. Trouble was, she didn't have any top to go with it. She toyed with the idea of cutting it in half, and wearing one half as a top, but then both the top and bottom would be sheer, so why even bother? She could just as well go topless, and then, at least, her bottom be nicely covered. That's what she decided to do. She busied herself adjusting her micro-miniskirt as Crysta continued her story.

"She was sitting on the steps with her legs apart, leaning back and enjoying the day. She was wearing a black minidress with a green top section. When I approached her, I saw her pussy was glistening in the sun. Either she had been touching herself, or she had been having some sexy thoughts."

"Or maybe she was embarrassed showing her pussy, like I am," Donna suggested.

"I thought of that," said Crysta, "but she didn't try to hide her pussy. I sat down next to her, and rested my hand on her leg. If anything, she relaxed further at my touch."

"Did you take full advantage of the Code of Conduct?"

Crysta laughed. "It wasn't like that. We were just two girls, sitting down together. Sure, I might have gently touched her pussy as we talked, and she stroked mine. But it wasn't anything sexual."

Donna moistened at the thought of the two girls stroking each others' pussies. She scrunched up her skirt around her waist, so she could sit cross-legged on her bed. She wasn't shy around Crysta. Later, she would arrange her skirt more modestly. That's what she loved so much about this skirt -- its versatility.

Student waiting for class to begin.
Student waiting for class to begin.

Crysta watched Donna's every move as she adjusted her skirt, and sat on the bed. She particularly enjoyed the way Donna's adorable little tits jigged as she moved, her firm nipples extending slightly upwards. She longed to bite one of those nipples, and she knew Donna wouldn't mind, but she restrained herself. "I asked her what her name was. She said Wanda. I told her about being on the paper, and the story I was writing about the Dress Code. She was happy to pose for a picture. After I took it, I asked her if it was OK to put the picture in the paper, even though her pussy was showing. My pussy is showing? she asked, surprised. I showed her the picture in the camera. She shrugged her shoulders, and said, yeah it was OK to put that in the paper. Lots of girls wear short dresses, she said, as she stroked my pussy. And there's really no hiding your pussy in a short dress. I was wearing an even shorter dress than her at the time, so I had to agree, although I kept my legs together to minimize the view. I wanted to see if I could get her to spread her legs apart even wider, so I stroked her inner thighs, starting from one knee, moving up almost to her pussy, then jumping over to the other leg. This is such a teasing move, that girls almost always spread their legs apart even wider when I do this. Wanda was no exception. I had her leaning back on the stairs with her legs just about as wide as they would go. Her pussy was throbbing and juicy. She practically begged me to finish her, but I still wanted an interview. I asked her more questions about the length of her dresses, and about modesty. Every time it looked like she might cum, I stopped touching her, and let her cool down, just a little. Finally, she offered to give me her dress if I would just finish her. Can I keep it? I asked. Between her whining and begging I wasn't sure of her answer. I asked her if she minded going to her class naked, and she said yes, but even that was better than being tortured this way. So I let her take off her dress, but I kept torturing her. It was so much fun. I sucked on her breasts, and kissed her as I kept stroking her thighs, skipping nimbly over her pussy. Every time I got near her pussy, her naked pelvis lunged skyward, begging for contact. Sometimes I "slipped", and touched her pussy gently. I watched it quiver, she was so close to orgasm. As it got closer to class time, more and more students came up the steps past us. Many of them kept on walking, but some paused to watch us having sex together. Finally, a boy stopped, and said he would have to rape me, because I had visible sexual excitement. I said, you mean you need to rape Wanda. She was clearly more exited than me. The boy said, her too, but you first. Apparently as I had been standing over Wanda, kissing her and stuff, my pussy had been visible under my short dress, and I suppose some of Wanda's excitement spilled over to me. I felt my pussy, and sure enough it was wet, so I told the boy he might as well go ahead. I bent over Wanda, facing my ass to the boy. He didn't even bother to pull his pants down. He whipped it out through his zipper. I relaxed both my pussy and asshole, not knowing which one he would choose. I was happy that he picked my pussy. Since it was already wet, he went in easily. Wanda's legs were still far apart, and as the boy pumped away, I licked Wanda's pussy, and drank her juices. As people gathered to watch, I got more and more excited myself. As I neared climax, with blood rushing in my ears, I heard Wanda, as if she were in the distance. She let out a scream as she came. As she screamed, the boy kept pumping, and I kept licking. Wanda tilted her pelvis up, opening her asshole to me. I licked it, and all the way along her perineum to her pussy, again and again as she screamed. I was so close to orgasm myself, it felt like one more pump would do it. As I started to cum, he pushed softly but firmly. He pushed himself all the way inside me as that wonderful feeling spread over me. The boy was cumming too. He pulled partway out, and pushed even harder. Oh, Donna, that felt so good, I can't describe it. The boy pushed harder with each thrust, and he held my ass close to him. As he was cumming, he felt my belly and my breasts with his strong hands. Finally, he was done. He pulled himself gently out of me. I turned around, and put my arms around him. Girls don't ordinarily kiss their rapist afterwards, but this boy did a really good job on me. I kissed him for about a minute before he pulled away and muttered something about being late for class. He was about to go into the building with his dick still hanging out of his pants, but I told him about it, and so he tucked it in. But I guess he didn't have the same sense, because he neglected to remind me that my babydoll dress was still around my neck. My tits were showing, Donna, and you know I never like to let the twins out in public, but I was still floating from the sex. I turned around to say goodbye to Wanda, but she was gone. I still had her dress, so I guess she went naked to her class. Oh well, I had my picture and my story. It wasn't until I got back here that I noticed my dress was around my neck. I must have paraded the girls all through campus without realizing it!

Crysta looked at her roommate, and saw she had dispensed with the skirt altogether. Donna lay naked on the bed, letting Crysta's words wash over her as she gently fingered her pussy. She imagined the way Crysta teased Wanda, stroking her thighs but bypassing her throbbing pussy. She imagined the way Crysta licked the poor girl, from her asshole to her pussy, as she stroked her own soft skin. Donna was clearly on the verge of orgasm herself. "Relax," Crysta said. "Let me take over." Donna relaxed, put the bottoms of her feet together, with her knees splayed outwards. She put her hands up over the head as she lay, vulnerable, on the bed. Crysta knelt over her sexy roommate, letting her hair raise little goosebumps on Donna's otherwise smooth skin. "I'll finish you, if you agree to go out naked, tonight."

"Naked?!" Donna curled up in a fetal position. "No, let me wear the skirt. That's all I ask." Then she begged. "Please?"

Crysta could never resist Donna's begging. "OK, but I get to adjust it for you."

Donna thought about it. This wouldn't be easy. Who knows what twisted ideas Crysta had about adjusting the skirt. "You promise you won't be mean?"

Crysta paused before answering. Then she laughed. "OK, Donna. I won't be mean. I promise."

Donna relaxed again, and let Crysta bring her to climax. She closed her eyes and luxuriated in the feeling as Crysta licked her all under. It was a soft, sweet orgasm, which played itself out, and lingered as Crysta kissed Donna softly on the lips. She got up, and looked for her skirt. It was in Crysta's hands.

"I'll let you know when you can put this on," Crysta said.

"You said you wouldn't be mean!" Donna objected.

Crysta stroked Donna's nipples, making them into little hard-ons. "I promise I'll give it to you before too many people see you naked," she said.

Donna thought about it. Well, that wouldn't be too mean. She decided to trust Crysta. This was an odd reversal of roles. Crysta was wearing a light blue minidress that covered her completely, almost half-way to her knees. And Donna was naked, longing for the skirt that would cover her pussy, but very little else. She kind of liked the switch. The girls walked out of their room. Donna was feeling very exposed in the hallway, but resisted begging for her skirt. No one was around, so she relaxed, and walked next to Crysta to the stairway. Half-way down the stairway, they passed a boy, but Donna hid from him by interposing Crysta between them. Once they were outside, there were quite a few people around, but it was starting to get dark, so they didn't seem to notice Donna. When they got to the bus stop, Crysta sat down. "I thought we were going to the caf," Donna said.

"No," Crysta said, "I want to go into town. Have a seat." She patted the bench next to her, but Donna remained standing, the shadows playing delightfully on her firm breasts.

"I would rather go to the caf," Donna said more forcefully this time. Crysta knew the reason. There were always one or two naked girls at the cafeteria, but in town, just about all the girls wear at least some clothing.

"Don't worry, Donna. I won't make you stay naked for long. Just sit, now. The bus will be here soon."

Donna reluctently sat, crossed her legs, and folded her arms in an effort to hide her nudity. The bus came right away. It was packed, unfortunately. There was one seat near the front. Crysta offered it to Donna, but she didn't want to be separated from her friend, especially while naked. So the two girls kept walking toward the back of the bus. Crysta stood behind Donna, and put an arm around her belly. Donna tried to turn around to face Crysta, but Crysta turned her back around to face the front of the bus. A few people turned around to look at Donna, but most minded their own business. "Spread your legs apart," Crysta whispered to Donna. Donna didn't do it. "Spread 'em, or else you won't get this skirt before we enter the restaurant." She spread her legs apart. Crysta rubbed Donna's belly, and gradually moved toward her breasts. She let go of the hand rail long enough to stroke Donna's asshole with her other hand. Donna held on with two hands as Crysta used two hands to stroke Donna's inner thighs, asshole, and pussy.

Donna whispered, "please don't make me cum in public." It was bad enough that her pussy was wet.

"As soon as you cum, I'll give you your skirt."

"That's mean!" Donna said, her legs still spread apart, and her pussy now glistening with moisture. "You promised you wouldn't be mean."

The bus lurched to a stop, and the girls got off before they had a chance to settle their argument. "Give me my skirt now. The sidewalk is crowded." She didn't think she would have to stoop to begging, but apparently she was wrong. "Please give it to me," she whispered in Crysta's ear.

Crysta didn't want to be mean, but she still wanted Donna to squirm. "OK, but put your arms up and let me dress you." Donna jumped at the chance. She shot her arms into the air, and stepped eagerly into the skirt. Crysta left it at full length, with the top exactly even with the top of Donna's vagina. She smoothed the skirt, so it was fully sheer against Donna. It was almost as if she wasn't wearing any skirt at all, but it was much better than nothing, so Donna was happy.

As they continued walking, they came to "Tops", a favorite restaurant of the college students. "Let's eat here," Donna said.

"I don't know," Crysta said. "I never really liked this restaurant." Donna knew why Crysta was timid. The gimick of this restaurant was that the waitresses are all topless, and every so often, they go around to the tables looking for a girl who is willing to take off her top. This is usually great fun, because girls go to the restaurant hoping to take off their tops, but they put on a big show of being reluctant to strip. There's a lot of whooping and hollering, and then finally, the girl will take off her shirt. The waitress will climb up to the "wall of fame", and put the girls top up there. It's fun to watch the girls pretend to be embarrassed without their tops. They cover their tits with their hands, and make a big show of it, but in the end, you know they really love it. That's why they keep coming back for more.

Finally, Crysta agreed to go in. The hostess wore only a thong with straps so thin they practically disappeared. The girls enjoyed watching her ass sway back and forth as they were led to their seat. Then, almost immediately, a big commotion arose in the center of the room. One of the waitresses, wearing only a short apron, was looking for a girl to strip. She went from one table to another, and each time, the girl she approached hugged her shirt for dear life. Then she "accidentally" spilled a glass of water on one girl, making her thin white shirt practically disappear above her gorgeous breasts. The girl got up, and screamed that the water was cold. The waitress apologized profusely, and helped the girl out of her wet shirt. The girl sat down, her breasts giggling with laughter, as the waitress made her way to the wall of fame. She held a hand behind her naked ass as she gingerly climbed the rickety ladder. But she needed both hands to pin the shirt to the wall, momentarily exposing her complete backside to the diners. As she covered up once again to make her way down the ladder, the topless girl went back to chatting excitedly with her friends. She had come to lose her top, lost it, and all was well.

Crysta and Donna both ordered the salad bar. Donna asked if she could scrunch up her skirt a bit, so it wouldn't be so sheer for her trip to the salad bar. Crysta said she would be happy to do it, and motioned for Donna to stand up. Crysta scrunched and scrunched, to the point where the back of the skirt was like a rope that exposed her entire ass, and the front was so short it barely covered Donna's pussy. Donna was reasonably happy with this, and went to the salad bar, happy that no one was looking at her pussy. From the front, anyway.

The girls sat down with their food, when another commotion began. A waitress went around the room looking for a girl to strip. She stopped at Donna's table, and giggled her breasts to the delight of the crowd. At one table, a bunch of girls were getting up to leave. "Not so fast, girls," said the waitress. Everyone laughed at the "deer in the headlights" look on the girls' faces. They sat down in fear of losing their tops. One, wearing a minidress, seemed to attract the waitress's attention the most. "Arms up," said the waitress.

"I can't" said the girl.

"Why not? Are you naked under that dress?"

"Exactly," said the girl.

"Oh, that's understandable, said the waitress." The crowed said, "Ohhh" in unison, not hiding their disappointment -- they were hoping to see the girl stripped naked. "But we need to be certain that you're naked under your dress."

"You won't take my word for it?" said the girl, clearly upset.

"We believe you, but we just need to be sure. Just take it off so we can see you're naked, and then put it back on, and I'll find another girl to strip."

The girl had a look of horror on her face. It turns out she was really wearing panties. She lied about being naked because previously she had seen a girl keep her dress for exactly the same reason. Now, not knowing what else to do, she tried to take off her panties without anyone seeing and kick them away. Then, her plan was to take off the dress in full view of the restaurant, accept the waitress's apology, and leave quietly. But it didn't work out that way. As soon as she got her panties down to her knees, the waitress grabbed her arms, stood her up and said, "What's this! You lied to me!"

Everyone laughed at this. The waitress said, "You know what you have to do now." The girl started pulling up her panties. "No, not that. You have to take off your top."

"It's not a top, it's a dress," said the poor girl, her panties still about her knees. The crowed booed and hissed. The girl moistened with anticipation that her pussy would soon be on view. Oh, how I wish I had just taken off the dress, she said to herself. Then, at least, my panties would be in place.

"You know the drill," said the waitress. Everyone waited patiently while the girl built up the nerve to strip. Her panties still about her knees, she slowly lifted her dress over her head. The crowd clapped as the naked girl handed her dress to the waitress. The waitress started toward the wall with the dress, and the girl pulled up her panties. "Uh uh uh!" said the waitress. You pulled 'em down. Now you must leave 'em down. In fact, I want to see your panties around your ankles, and I want your solemn promise that you'll leave them there for the rest of the evening. I want that to be your reminder of your lying.

The girl nodded, and lowered her panties to her ankles. She made her way out of the restaurant, taking tiny steps as the crowd cheered and clapped. "I bet she'll keep her word," Donna said.

"I bet not. As soon as she's clear of the restaurant, she might as well pull up her drawers," said Crysta.

"But she doesn't seem accustomed to lying," Donna said. "I think she really learned her lesson."

"Well, it's good to know that being naked under your dress is an excuse to keep your top covered," Crysta said.

No sooner did Crysta say that, than a waitress started looking for her next girl to strip. She teased a number of girls before stopping at Crysta's table. "Stand up," she ordered. Crysta stood. "Is there any reason you shouldn't have to take off your top?" The crowd roared with delight. As the evening wore on, the crowd seemed to get more lively.

Crysta gulped. In an odd reversal of normal custom, she didn't mind showing her pussy in public, but she hated showing her huge tits. "I'm not wearing any panties," she whispered.

The waitress bellowed for the crowd to hear, "She's not wearing any panties!" The crowd cheered. "That excuse won't work any more. Do you know why?"

Crysta looked scared. "Why?" she asked timidly.

"Guess what I found in the girl's bathroom just a minute ago?" Another waitress held up a wicker basket with a dozen panties in it. "It seems that all you girls wearing dresses have taken off your panties, and ditched 'em in the john!" The crowd laughed. And, it seems, some boys began feeling under the dresses of their girlfriends to see whether they were among the pantiless ones. "It's not fair to lose your panties just so that you can keep your top, is it?" The crowd hollered "NO!" in unison.

Crysta felt powerless. No one would ever believe that she really never had any panties on. Defeated, she took off her dress, and handed it to the waitress. "Can we go home, now?" Crysta asked after the crowd died down.

Donna was suddenly feeling overdressed next to her gorgeous naked roommate. "Let's stay out a little longer," she said, smiling. "Come here and sit next to me. I'll keep you warm."

After the waitress hung Crysta's dress on the wall of fame, she stopped by the table to check on Crysta. "No hard feelings?" she inquired.

"No, it's OK," lied Crysta. She was mortified to have her tits on public view, but she made the best of it.

"See you in class tomorrow, Donna?" said the waitress.

"Sure, Sandy," said Donna.

Crysta's jaw dropped. "Why you..." she couldn't make the words come out.

Donna just smiled, and enjoyed seeing her naked roommate squirm. "Do you want to shoot some pool?" she asked.

Math Punishment

"Crysta, I'm glad you're here," Donna said as she breezed into the room, smiling as she usually did. She wore a beautiful white microminidress -- not quite sheer, but very revealing in some lighting -- let's just say she didn't have to take it off to prove she wasn't wearing anything under it.

Crysta looked her up and down, taking in her beauty. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm just glad to see you is all." Crysta was sitting at her desk, studying, but she was glad for the interruption. She wore a crop top, her large breasts filling it out nicely. Because her chair had solid sides, she didn't need to wear any bottom. She had taken off her micro-miniskirt the minute she came home from her classes. For some reason Donna could never understand, Crysta never felt comfortable wearing a bottom. Unless it was absolutely necessary, like when she went to classes, she would always slip out of it.

Crysta got up, and stroked Donna's long brown hair, and gave her a welcome home kiss. The kiss lasted a good minute because the girls hadn't seen each other since the morning. While the girls were kissing, they stroked each other's bodies, and each one noticed the other was enjoying the kiss.

Finally, Donna broke it off, but continued hugging and stroking her beautiful bottomless roommate. "I want to tell you about a wonderful punishment in my math class today."

"A wonderful punishment?"

"Yes, I don't know if you know these girls -- Cindy and Debbie..."

"Sure, I know them. They're roommates, aren't they? I think they live in..."

"Yeah, on the other side of the campus. So here's what happened. Debbie is wearing a red thong, and the teacher calls on her and asks her to explain the sine rule. You know Debbie, she's clueless. So she starts talking about signs. You know? Street signs and stuff."

Crysta laughed, and Donna joined in, and then continued her story. "People in the class were laughing at her, and you know my teacher. He likes to punish girls who don't study by making them strip in class and donate their clothes to charity."

"Yeah, I remember a few days when you came home naked from that class."

"Not lately though. I've been studying harder."

"So the teacher's punishments have motivated you then?"

"I guess so. But let me tell my story. It gets better, I promise."

"OK," Crysta laughed, lifted Donna's minidress, and patted her cute round butt.

"So without even being asked, Debbie takes off her shirt, leaving her wearing just a red thong."

"That's not so bad," Crysta said. "Sometimes you wear just a thong to your classes."

"You're right about that, but keep listing..." Donna wagged her finger. Crysta nodded, and zipped her lips. "So Debbie sat down again, still fairly decent -- her bottom was still fully covered as you said. She must have thought she dodged a bullet. But then the teacher called on Cindy to explain the cosine rule. Cindy stood up, and rattled on about side a, and side b, and the cosine of C for what seemed like a good five minutes. It sounded right to me, but I guess she goofed it up, because the teacher asked her to take off her top. It was a sexy orange lacy thing that barely hid her breasts anyway. I didn't see what the big problem was, but she said she didn't want to take it off. So the teacher ordered her to the front of the lecture hall, and demanded that she bare her breasts. She cradled her breasts in her top, and begged to have another chance to leave it on. The teacher wasn't going to put up with this any more. He said if she didn't take off her top, then she would have to take off her bottom, too. That's when Cindy asked if someone else could take off her top for her."

Crysta agreed. "I think it's easier when someone else strips you. Somehow, it takes the sting out of it."

"I suppose so. Debbie went up to the front of the room in her cute red thong, and stood behind her roommate. She did the deed, baring Cindy's adorable little tits."


"That was sweet," Crysta said.

"But aparently not good enough," said Donna. "The teacher went into a rampage, laying into the two girls for taking too long to strip off their clothes, and wasting valuable class time."

"Oh, my God!"

"So he made Debbie bend over, and show her butt cheeks to the class. She stayed that way for a minute while the teacher made up his mind what to do next. 'I've already punished you once,' he said to Debbie, 'but you really took your time taking Cindy's top off, and so you need to be punished.' Debbie begged to keep her thong on, and the teacher finally agreed. Debbie was so relieved. But then he had a second thought. 'You can keep your thong on,' he said, 'but you'll have to lower it just a little.'"

"How much did she have to lower it?" Crysta asked.

"That's the question Debbie asked. The conversation between Debbie and the teacher degenerated into a discussion of inches and centimeters when he had finally had enough. He made Cindy lower Debbie's thong an inch at a time until he was satisfied. Debbie cried at being humiliated -- not only was she forced to strip, but slowly, in front of the class. Adding to her humiliation was the fact she was obviously excited. Cindy was nice, though, soothing Debbie as she did what was required of her. She rubbed Debbie's breasts, and her belly. She even stroked the soft skin between her legs, and between her cheeks. It was so cute when she kissed each of Debbie's butt cheeks, right on their tenderest part. Debbie was clearly glad she didn't have to undergo the stripping alone."


"That's sweet," Crysta said. "Come on, let's get over to the cafeteria before the crowd." She took Donna's hand, and led her out of the room.

"Yeah," Donna agreed, as the girls walked, "but poor Debbie's ordeal wasn't over. Guess what the teacher's newest complaint was."

"That Cindy didn't strip Debbie fast enough?"

"You're good! The teacher said Cindy would have to be punished for stripping Debbie so slowly, can you believe that? Debbie, still bent over, with her swollen, pink pussy facing the class, came to her friend's defense. She begged that Cindy be allowed to keep her bottom on. You'll never guess what the teacher said."

"He said no," Crysta guessed.

"No, he *agreed* to it, but on one condition. Debbie had to give up her panties completely, and remain bent over while Cindy kisses Debbie all over her body."

"All over?" Cyrsta began stroking her own pussy at the thought of a naked Debbie, bent over in front of the class, receiving all-over-body kisses from her beautiful roommate.

"Oh, it was terrible," Donna said. "Debbie was so afraid of cumming in front of the class. She begged Cindy to stop, but the teacher made her continue. He even told her what to do. Lick her asshole, he said. So Cindy licked it, all the while soothing her belly and her breasts with her soft touch. The teacher ordered Debbie to spread her legs apart so everyone could see her wet pussy more clearly."

"What happened? Did Debbie cum?"

"Did she ever. She screamed, and her pussy literally gushed juices down her legs and onto the floor. Cindy had stopped licking her, but the teacher made her keep licking and fondling the poor girl, even while she was cumming. Her orgasm must have lasted a whole minute. She quivered for another two minutes after that, with Cindy still licking her asshole and pussy, and fondling her legs, belly, and breasts."

"That's terrible," Crysta said. "I feel so bad for Debbie."


"I felt bad, too, although I have to admit Debbie's plight excited me just a little." Donna didn't admit to Crysta that she was getting all hot just retelling the story.

Crysta sensed it though. "That was a good story, Donna." As they walked, Crysta let her hand slip under her micro-minidress, and stroked Donna's cute round butt sweetly. Donna didn't resist, even as Crysta lifted her dress in public.

"But the story's not over," Donna said, pretending to ignore Crysta's intrusions between her cheeks. "With Debbie dripping and quivering in the front of the classroom, the teacher told Cindy she didn't do a good enough job, and that Donna would have to teach Cindy how to do it."

"You're kidding!"

"I wish I were. Debbie took off Cindy's bottom, and pried her legs apart, so the whole class could see them. Donna was naked, and her pussy was swollen, red, and sopping wet, so what did she have to lose? She stripped Cindy naked, and licked Cindy's breasts and her pussy, and before long, Cindy came, too. But Debbie was mad at Cindy for continuing to lick her even while she was cumming, so she did the same thing to Cindy -- she continued kissing her breasts and pussy while wave after wave of orgasm swept over the hapless girl. Debbie was so into her job she didn't even notice that she faced her wet pussy toward the class quite a few times while she kept at it. Cindy had an even longer orgasm than Debbie, if that's possible."

"Wow, I'm really sorry I missed that."

"Yeah, it was really entertaining. After the girls were done, they begged the teacher to have at least some of their clothes back, but the teacher said no. 'What kind of punishment would it be if I let you keep your clothes?' he said. So the girls had to leave the classroom naked."

"Did they have a chance to dry off before leaving the classroom?"

"No, that was sad. They were both still pretty wet, and fully engorged. Some boys were waiting for them when they got outside."

"That doesn't seem fair," Crysta lamented. "It wasn't the girls' fault they were excited -- the teacher made them do that to each other."


"Well, the girls really should have tried harder not to become sexually aroused in public. They knew they were gonners when they saw the boys. Cindy just layed down on the grass, and spread her legs. Debbie turned around and put her hands up on the wall. They each got it in the pussy, the boys commenting on how easily they went in. The girls were both completely ready for sex. When the first boy was done with Cindy, she offered sloppy seconds to the others, but they declined. I think Debbie was nailed twice, though.
The girls arrived at the cafeteria, when Crysta suddenly exclaimed, "Oh! My God!"

"What is it?" Donna asked, alarmed.

"I forgot to put on a bottom!" Crysta covered her pussy with her hands. People looked at her, and started laughing.

Donna felt sorry for her roommate. How embarrassing to be caught bottomless in public. Then Crysta started laughing, too, and Donna knew she was kidding. "Gocha!"

Donna got Crysta back by stroking her inner thighs. She was trying to get Crysta excited, but she was tough. This would take some doing, and she was determined to enjoy it as much as Crysta!

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