The Perfect Length Skirt 

The Perfect Length Skirt

My mom sent me a cute outfit -- a lacy blue top with yellow trim, and a matching miniskirt. I like it, but, you know how moms are -- they just don't understand fashion. Doesn't she realize I can't go out dressed this way? The top is fine -- a little sheer, so my nipples can see the sunshine. But people would laugh at my skirt, it's so long. I would feel like I'm hiding something under there. Not that I am, of course -- the only thing under this skirt is me -- but you know how people are. If they saw me in such a long skirt they would wonder if I'm wearing panties or something.


I still want to wear the skirt, so I have to shorten it somehow. As you can see, it almost completely covers my butt, which is unacceptable. Sure, it's OK if part of my butt is covered -- maybe half of it. But this skirt is way too long. I would be afraid a Dress Code Inspector would see me and think I'm wearing a thong or something. At the very least, I should show enough skin so people can see I'm not violating the Dress Code. I need to fix the skirt somehow, so it covers the top part of my butt crack, almost down to my asshole.


I think I've found the solution: By rolling the waist, I can shorten the skirt to about 2 or 3 inches. Skirts really shouldn't be any longer than that, or they just look rediculous. Sitting here, I can see my butt is mostly out in the open, like it should be. The only problem is now people can't see the pretty blue lace. I really should get out my sewing machine and fix it properly, but I just don't have time now. I'll see how it goes. I hope it's short enough. I would hate to go out in a skirt that's still too long, even after I roll the waist. As long as my asshole isn't covered, I think I'll be fine.


A skirt should cover a girl's pussy almost completely. I would be embarrassed if people could see very much of it. Oh, a little glimpse now and then won't hurt me, but I don't want people to think I'm flashing it, you know? So I check every now and then to make sure it's covered up, but not too much. The best length of a skirt is to be exactly covered, and not even a fraction of an inch more. When I look down, I want to be able to see my whole leg, right up to the crease where my abdomen meets it. If I can't see that crease, I know my skirt is too long, and I need to give the waist one more roll.

Like I said, moms don't know anything about today's fashions, but they mean well. It's a cute outfit, and with a little fixing up, I know I'll not only look good, but feel good in it, too.


Now I've got it fixed up just right, and I'm ready to go out on the town!

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Comment Frederick's kind of a dumb ass. keep on keepin on.

Mon Sep 25, 2006 12:58 pm MST by Anonymous

Comment updates! we need updates! please!

Wed Aug 30, 2006 5:59 am MST by Anonymous

Comment I think with proper alterations, you will be able to get two skirts for the price of one. Remove the pretty blue lace from the yellow skirt. you now have a pretty blue lacy skirt and a pretty yellow ruffled skirt. If you remove the last ruffle from the yellow portion, you cange the fashion to a simple straight skirt.

Sat Aug 5, 2006 1:52 am MST by Anonymous

Comment When we brought our little Katie to campus, we realized how we've been sheltering her too much over the years. I had no idea young women were wearing such fashions. Well, we could have Katie stick out and be made fun of by the other students. Fortunately, her new roommate offered to share her clothing with Katie until I could order an entire new wardrobe for Katie. This made unpacking the car much easier. When Katie went to take a shower, I just picked up her dirty clothes and took them to the car. No sense in leaving old fashions, dirty at that, laying about her new room. When Katie returned wearing her towel, I explained it might take a week or two to get Katie her new clothes, but I was determined to make sure her new wardrobe was the height of fashion on campus. We kissed Katie goodbye and thanked her roommate once again. when we finally arrived home, there were already a dozen phone messages from Katie. She was upset. Her new roommate was a size 2, and Katie wears a 6. If she wore a hirt, she could not close it, and pants and shorts were out of the question. Skirts just would close, and if held up with a belt, they were shorter than she imagined they might be. I called her back and explained, "there's not much we can do right now. I'll order the clothes as soon as I can get to it." I'm afraid with the empty nest, Katie's father and I sort of lost track of time. I hadn't ordered a thing that first week. Katie called and said, she was going to class wearing just an open blouse. I didn't believe her thinking she was making up the story trying to get me to hurry andorder new outfits. I wanted to be sure I did not make any mistakes and order older fashions, so I took my time and asked many retailers about the newest fashions. One suggested I wait a week since they would be receiving a new shipment. Katie was upset. She was whining, and I do not like it when she uses that tone of voice with me, her mother. She said, "I might as well go to class naked!" I told her to go ahead knowing she was overreacting. I did not raise her to be a drama queen, and I felt as long as her roommate was willing to loan her clothes, Katie had no reason to complain. Sure, it took five weeks for me to make decisions and find all the right fashions. We decided to surprise Katie and deliver the wardrobe ourselves. Imagine our surprise to find out our little Katie had really been going naked to class for the past several weeks. At least she was prepared for the fashion I purchased for her - Sheerwear by Barefashions.

Fri Aug 4, 2006 6:21 pm MST by Mums Da Word

Comment Another useful article for girls to make proper fashion choices!

Fri Aug 4, 2006 6:56 am MST by Dick Hertz

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