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The girls wrestling team is doing quite well this year. The popularity of this sport among the student body has increased considerably since the rules regarding the uniform were changed.


In past years, the uniform for girls has consisted of shorts and a top. Starting this year, the uniform was changed to a string bikini bottom with ties at both hips, and a top that ties behind the neck and across the back. Points are awarded for the first girl to remove the other's top and bottom. The girls really love this rule change, because it allows them to get naked much sooner than in years past.


The wrestlers have always known that wearing clothes puts them at a disadvantage, because the clothes provide a hand-hold for the other player. To gain an advantage, then, it is necessary to do without the uniform. For additional advantage, girls grease their bodies, so they are too slippery for their opponent to grab ahold of.

Some wrestling tactics are simplified by the lack of clothing. For example, the "pussy pull" is a common way for the dominant wrestler in any given position to take advantage of the other girl -- a sudden wave of sexual excitement can often disable a weaker wrestler.


The wrestlers were asked to comment on the need to perform nude in front of their classmates. "It's only embarassing for a short time," says Stephanie, one of the more popular wrestlers on the team. "After that, it's down to business, and I forget all about being naked."

Andrea chimed in, "And then after you win, you're so excited, you just forget you're naked!"


It is common for the naked wrestlers to bypass the locker room altogether, so they can celebrate their victories right away with their fellow students. As long as their friends don't remind them they're naked, they usually don't think about it all evening.

Wet T-shirt Contest

One of the more enjoyable diversions on campus is the Wet T-shirt Contest, which is held at the Student Center on the first Thursday of every month.


This is a chance for girls to enjoy themselves, and cool off with a little water at the same time. One of the nice things about the Wet T-shirt Contest is that it's all about the T-shirt. No nucity is required, for a change. It's a welcome relief for girls to keep their clothes on, even if they do get a bit wet.


These pictures depict a typical outfit most girls wear for the contest -- a t-shirt and panties. There is absolutely no need to pull your panties down, although sometimes a girl might pull them down briefly to get them good and wet.


And like your cute little pussies, your tits can stay nicely covered, too. That's because this isn't a wet titty contest, or even a wet pussy contest. It's a wet t-shirt contest.


Sometimes during the judging, one or more of the items of clothing might get lost, but this is purely accidental. As you can see from the following picture, there is no need to take off your panties. Some girls do; others don't.


After the judging is complete, there is no longer any real need to continue wearing the wet clothing. Many girls prefer to remove their wet items of clothing so they can be more comfortable. Again, this is totally optional. Each girl chooses for herself whether to keep her wet clothes on. Quite often, a girl will feel out of place if she is the only girl wearing clothes. So, for this reason, there is social pressure to remove your clothing, but it is totally up to each girl how to dress. That's the real fun of the Wet T-shirt Contest.


Dress Code -- Boots

Boots are a nice accent to any outfit. If your boots are taller than your knees, they take the place of a bottom, but you may still wear a top with your tall boots, if you like.


As you can see, the boots are the centerpiece of this outfit, drawing attention away from this girl's nudity -- this effect, called the "clothing effect" allows her to feel modest even though she is almost completely naked.

Dress Code -- Accessories

Accessories pictured here include a hat, a scarf, and a pair of gloves. Together with a warm sweater, these accessories keep a girl nice and warm, even on the coldest winter days:


CCC -- Vibrator

The CCC prohibits public masturbation. Many girls find this disappointing at first, because it limits the times and places where they can pleasure themselves. We want to help girls get over this disappointment, and to educate them on the in's and out's, so to speak, of the rules of the College. One popular approach to daily pleasure is to insert a remote-controlled vibrator before getting dressed in the morning, and wear it discretely all day.

The first step is to choose a vibrator of approriate length, so it will be comfortable for long periods of time. With your legs apart, spread your lips, and moisten them slightly using the tip of the vibrator. Some girls prefer to step outside, where boys can watch them, because this adds to their excitement, and makes it easier for them to insert the vibrator. If you do this, it is best to remain naked, not only so the boys are better entertained, but also so that you will experience the thrill and excitement needed for proper insertion.


Once the vibrator is inserted, get on your knees, and arch your back, so you can push it all the way in. If you are performing this act outdoors, then you may find that a boy will help you ensure the vibrator is fully inserted. Sometimes, it is helpful if someone licks your asshole to help you become fully lubricated.


Dress Code -- Top

A "top" is any article of clothing that covers the breasts, and hangs down no lower in the front than the top of the pubic bone (an inch or two above the vulva) and no lower in the back than the tail bone (coccyx). Tops include Bras, Shirts, short jackets and sweaters, and the like. A girl is permitted to wear at most one top, which means she may not wear a bra under her shirt, for example.

If a girl has a particularly nice top, such as the mesh top pictured blow, and she has no suitable bottom to go with it, she may wear the top by itself without violating any College Regulations. The reverse is not true: The regulations of the college require all students to wear tops inside most school buildings, so girls may not wear bottoms without tops.

Girl wearing a top.

Dress Code -- Innovative Styles

The Dress Code encourages modesty, of course. By requiring girls to go "commando" under their dresses and skirts, it is certain that girls will make sure her clothes are long enough to provide that extra margin of safety to compensate for the missing panties.

But sometimes a girl might get bored with the same old styles. That's understandable. And that's also the real strength of the Dress Code -- even though it encourages modesty, it doesn't prevent girls from wearing whatever they like.


A girl might hit on the simplicity of a lei, for example, as an innovative style of dress. As you can see, she is quite decently attired. Her pussy is neatly covered, as is one of her nipples.

From the side, this fashion doesn't reveal much skin, either.


Although this outfit is daring, many girls will feel comfortable wearing it on campus, because so many other girls will also be wearing daring outfits. There is a culture of comraderie among scantily-clad girls that allows them to feel comfortable even though their bodies are exposed to public scrutiny. Even so, there may be times when a girl might feel shy, and want to cover herself. If you are wearing a pair of leis, and this happens to you, you might want to adopt a shy posture, until the feeling of vunerability passes.


One of the very special features of this style is that it suggests coverage more than actually covering the girl. It is a fact of psychology that a person who sees a naked girl experiences a certain amount of shame for enjoying the view of her naked body. So if a girl wears a suggestion of coverage, such as a lei, then her voyeur can rationalize the lei as actually covering her, and save himself the embarrassment. This style has two benefits: it allows people to ogle pretty girls without psychological torment, and it allows girls to imagine they are fully covered as they venture out in pubic.


For this reason, it is not absolutely necessary for the lei skirt to cover your pussy completely. The mere suggestion of coverage is all that needs to be achieved. A girl can feel fully dressed this way, and bask in her own inner beauty.


Inspection -- Shyness

Shyness during an inspection normally works against the girl. Although Inspectors like it when a girl begs and pleads loudly to keep her clothes on, because this draws a crowd, if a girl quietly whimpers or if she is slow to take off her clothes, then the Inspector is likely to assume the girl is hiding something.

In this case, the gril complies with the Inspector's request to remove her shirt, but she is shy about showing him her little titties. This reluctance makes the Inspector suspicious that she is hiding some violation.


So he takes her shirt as evidence of the alledged violation, and makes her take off her pants as well. Now the girl is faced with another problem -- she is still shy, but she can't effectively cover up her tits and pussy with just two hands, so she focuses on her pussy. The irony is that she is now showing her tits, which is all the Inspector wanted to see in the first place. If she had complied quickly with his request, without being so shy, then she could have kept her pants on.


As it is, the girl is left with no clothes at all. The Inspector assumed she was in voilation, confiscated her clothes, and took off with them, leaving her naked.


After some time, as the realization that she would have to make the best of her nudity sunk in, the girl's shyness gradually wore off. This is typical. The naked girl goes about the rest of her day's business, and typically waits until the next morning to put on some clothes.


Girls have fun 2

"OK, let me explain the rules. As soon as one of us cums, we switch places with our partner. The first pair who both cum wins, and they can get dressed. The second pair to both cum gets to put on either their tops or their bottoms, but not both. The last pair forfeits their clothing and will be the subject of relentless teasing when the six of us go out to dinner tonight."


"The best way to make your partner cum quickly is to lick her generously. Don't just lick her pussy -- lick her whole area, from pussy to asshole. If you can stick your tongue into both holes, she'll cum quicker. To cum quicker, the girl on top should squat as low as she can, spreading her legs wide enough to open up her holes all the way."

"Are you ready?"


Girls have fun 1

"I don't know Nancy," said April. "Maybe we could all wear little tops, so we're not completely naked."

"Please?" begged April. She turned to Stephanie for support. "I don't want to be the only naked girl there."

"Then put on a top. I'm with April. We should wear tops."

Nancy tried again. "But we all have such cute little tits. Why should we cover them up?" She stroked April's breasts while she gently rubbed Stephanie's cute, round bottom.

All six of their nipples hardened as they thought it over. April was the first to give in. "Oh, OK," she said. Let's go.

"Wait, wait!" Stephanie wasn't convinced until Nancy and April ganged up on her. Both girls snuggled up to Stephanie, kissing her all over, and gently rubbing her tight, naked body. She didn't know if she would be convinced by this sudden outpouring of affection, but she was willing to give it a try! She separated her legs, giving the girls full access to her girlhood -- access they took full advantage of.


"OK, I'll go naked with you, if you stop teasing me -- I don't want to get any wetter than I already am, if I'm going to go out in public without any armor!"

The girls grabbed Stephanie's cute butt, and kept teasing her as they walked, letting their fingers slide freely from her butt hole to her pussy, greasing her underside with her own slippery juices. She pretended not to notice, which only made the girls try harder to get her goat.

"It's fun being a girl," they all agreed, laughing in naked joy.

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