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The Home, Sweet Home, Page of a Closet Exhibitionist

I'm a closet exhibitionist. That means I take off all my clothes and stand in the closet because I'm scared to death to go outside naked. Or even without my panties. The scariest thing I've ever done in real life is one time I went to the mall wearing only a camisole and matching panties. I was fully dressed -- more than at the beach, for example -- but I felt naked. I avoided eye contact, but I could feel the searing eyeballs on my legs, and on that little patch of exposed belly. I don't think I was out in public more than five minutes, but it seemed like an hour. My panties started feeling thinner and thinner -- I checked 'em to see if they were still on. I was afraid my excitement would show. But none of that actually happened. I made it back to my car, and back home without incident.

That's where my real exhibitionism began, and that's where it ended. Or did it end?

I can't help this urge I have inside, daring me to take chances. I feel sexy when I take big risks. So far, this panty-in-the-mall thing was my boldest venture. I've come close to it on other occasions, like when my boyfriend swiped my panties while we were in the movie theater. But I had a dress on, so no one else knew I was bottomless. I thought I was alone in this crazy desire to be nearly naked. But after going public with my secret, I started getting a lot of email ( dickhurt69@hotmail.com ) and now I realize there are a lot of girls who are even worse than I am. I still have no idea how a girl lost her shirt in a job interview, for example.

Then there are my friends Crysta and Donna, who played Truth or Dare with a new girl, luring her in with a promise that she would only have to take off one item of clothing. Not only did they make her do it outside, but they pretended to disagree about which item of clothing she had to take off, resulting in the poor girl getting totally naked outdoors. And it gets worse -- you'll just have to read her story.

Other topics covered in this blog include Natalie's case for pubic hair and Wanda's rebuttal. Girls sometimes forget to wear panties, or they wear see-through panties.

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Comment when you say it like that it makes a lot of sense

Wed Apr 5, 2006 1:53 pm MST by bob stevens

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