Richard Hertz 

Outdoor Shower

One of the definite plusses of going to this College are the outdoor showers, which can be used any time. In the Spring, the weather is warm and usually sunny, so most girls like to wear just shorts around campus. As long as the shorts are skimpy enough, the "panty patrol" (as the students call the Dress Code Inspectors) generally leave the girls alone. To be safe, a lot of girls simply wear panties as shorts, and the girls agree: it's a simple outfit to pick out in the morning -- just slip on a pair of panties, and head out the door!


So with the weather so fine, and the girls parading their stuff in their finest silk panties, the showers are quite a hit. When one is unoccupied, a girl will often slip out of her panties, and take advantage of its cool, refreshing water.


After a shower, most girls like to wait a bit before putting their panties back on, so they can dry off. So, quite often a girl will take a shower before lunch, and leave her panties next to the shower while she goes to the 'caf' for lunch. Then, after lunch, she can come back and put on her panties before heading off to her next class. It's all very convenient for the girls.


And quite entertaining for the boys, too.

Dress Code -- Short Skirt

Jane was so excited about her new outfit -- a sexy top and matching skirt, but she was a little scared to wear it in public, because the skirt was so short, so she went to Crysta for some advice, wearing her new outfit.

"Hi Jane!" Crysta was bubbling over with joy, which is why so many people sought out her company.

Jane immediately felt at ease, not just because Crysta was so friendly, but also because Crysta was completely bottomless in her baby doll dress. "Hi, Crysta." The girls kissed, in a slow, lingering way, and hugged gently.

Crysta sensed something was wrong. "What's the matter?" she asked.

Jane let out a sigh. "It's just, oh, I don't know." She fingered her tiny skirt nervously.

Crysta approached her friend and put an arm on her shoulder. "You look terrific in this outfit," she said. She let her arm slide down Jane's naked back, coming to rest just above the waist of her minidress.

"You don't think my skirt is too short?" she asked.

Crysta smoothed Jane's skirt against her firm, round cheeks, and let her fingers caress the parts of Jane's cheeks not quite covered by the skirt. "Not at all! Is that what's bothering you?"

Jane laughed nervously. "Well, I'm worried that I'm not, you know, covered up enough. That people will, I don't know, see me or something."

Crysta grabbed her cell phone off her desk and pointed it at Jane. "Let me take your picture, and show you. You'll see: you have nothing to worry about.

Jane posed for her picture.


Crysta huddled with her friend, and stroked her butt as she showed her the picture. "See? You're one hundred percent decent!"

"From the front, maybe. But what about from the side. I mean, people are all around me. Some people might get a view from a vantage point I'm not happy about."

"A *vantage* point?" Crysta asked, laughing. "What kind of books have we been reading?" She patted Jane on the butt playfully, and stroked her inner thigh.

"Just take another picture," Jane said.

Crysta lowered the camera phone to waist height and snapped another picture.


When the girls looked at the picture, Jane said, "See? You can see my whole butt. It's like my skirt isn't even there!"

"What are you talking about? I only see a tiny bit of each cheek, no more than every other girl on campus. Your skirt covers you right down to here..." Crysta drew an imaginary line across Jane's butt to demonstrate the hem of her short skirt.

"So I'm covered, then?"

"You're covered."

Jane didn't seem convinced. "OK, look," Crysta said. "I know it's a close call, but you really are covered. I'll take one more picture to prove it to you. Turn around."

Jane wasn't sure this was such a good idea, but she did as Crysta asked, and Crysta snapped the picture.


"There!" Jane said as soon as the picture flashed on Crysta's phone. "You can see my pussy under the skirt!"

Crysta bent her head to get a closer look at the picture, and Jane did the same. As the girls gazed at jane's beautiful backside, Crysta absently stroked Jane's naked cheeks, tracing along her beautifully curved butt crack to the top of her inner thigh. She stroked Jane from her asshole to her pussy, and then along her thigh back to her asshole.

"No, you can't," Crysta said, after staring at the picture a long time. "All you can see is the bottom half of a gorgeous ass, and the butt crack in between. This is a really great outfit, and you would be crazy not to wear it in public."

Jane put her head closer to Crysta's as the girls continued to stare intently at Jane's photo. She spread her legs absently, because Crysta was still gently stroking between her legs. She felt herself getting wet, but she didn't say anything -- it was too embarrassing. Besides, Crysta didn't intend anything sexual between them, she was just being friendly. Besides, it felt nice to be stroked so gently. Jane rested her head on Crysta's shoulder. "You're right, Crysta. I'm just being paranoid, I guess. This has been quite a relief."

"A relief?" Crysta asked.

"Yes, because I really wanted to wear this outfit, but I was just afraid." She gently stroked Crysta's abdomen, below her very short baby doll dress, but stopping short of her pussy. "Now, after you've taken my picture from all different angles, I see you're right -- I have nothing to worry about."

"I'm so happy for you," Crysta said. And she was genuinely happy she had helped Jane feel comfortable in her new outfit. She put away her camera and faced Jane directly. She put her arms around the beautiful girl, and kissed her firmly on her open mounth. Jane responded. Did she ever. The girls kissed hard for several minutes before falling hard onto Crysta's bed.

The Thinking About It is the Hard Part

I would love to have the inner strength to be naked in public. I see other girls chatting with each other while flipping their hair, and they're able be topless around the campus. My breasts are every bit as lovely as theirs, but somehow I'm... I don't know, shy? I suppose that's it.

OK, I want to do this. And now's the time. I'll just go topless, OK? Can I keep my shorts on, please?

Thinking about stripping: Can I keep my shorts on?

There. That wasn't hard at all. Look at me. Do I look natural? Do I look carefree? My stomach is tied in knots. This was a big mistake. Do I look OK?

Thinking about stripping: That wasn

Oh, my God. Someone's coming. They'll see my breasts. But they've seen other girls' breasts. Look, there's a topless girl over there. She's not scared. So I'll be fine. I just keep telling myself that. This wasn't a good idea. Is it too late to change my mind?

Thinking about stripping: I changed my mind. Can I have my shirt back now?

What do you mean, try it out? What do you mean, act natural? What?! Take my arms down from my boobs? Then people will see that I'm topless! Yes, I know that was the whole idea. Yes, they're natural, you idiot!

Thinking about stripping: Oh yes, they

See, I'm parading my tits. Parading! Parading! Now I'm done. I've proven I can do it. Time for my shirt back. Now, please. What are you saying? Wait a minute. That was never part of the deal. You said all I had to do was go topless, and then I was done. You never said anything about my shorts. It's very nice of you to let me keep my panties on. If I were wearing any, then I would be happy to do that. Oh, come on, you can't be serious. I'll just pull them down a little so you can see I'm not wearing any panties, OK?

Thinking about stripping: The shorts should be easy now.

OK, alright, OK. I know I'm half naked now, so just going one more shouldn't be very hard. Let me work up to it. (deep breath). See my landing strip? OK, I'm coming in for a landing. And then I get to put my clothes on again, right. OK, I'll strip before anyone comes and sees me. That way I can put all my clothes on again before anyone catches me naked. Good plan. Here goes!

Thinking about stripping: I

That's nice of you to say you're proud of me. You're right. When I'm topless, it's not hard for me to take off my shorts, because I feel no one is really looking below my waist; they're all staring at my tits. So who would even notice my shorts are missing?

Now I did my part. You do yours: give me back my clothes. I want to get dressed now.

What's that? My butt? Yes, I suppose you're right. My butt hole is covered up by my cheeks anyway, so the only think people really see is a pair of nice round cheeks. I have to laugh when I see girls at the beach wearing a thong. Do they think that tiny thong strap really covers their cute little assholes? It just goes right through the center of their puckers, leaving nothing to the imagination. OK, I'll do it. Just keep your shirt on.

Thinking about stripping: Sweet Cheeks

See? Nothing to it. Just a pair of cheeks. Like I said, what you see now is nothing more than I show all the boys in my thong at the beach. OK, now I lived up to all my bargains.

Thinking about stripping: I
Thinking about stripping: I

Now, please, pretty please live up to the promise you made. Give me back my clothes. Please? No, that's not fair. No, not on the fire. Put that out! I don't care if my clothes aren't safe, I want 'em back. No, I suppose you're right. Sigh. If I had been wearing my clothes and got too close to the fire, I would have been horribly disfigured by the flames. You're right, I suppose. You did me a favor by burning my clothes. And the hard part is over. I stripped. Now I can join the other girls on campus who, for whatever reason, aren't wearing any clothes today. Thank you very much! No I mean it. You really did me a favor.

Nature Walk

"I love the fresh air," said April

But June didn't hear her. She just gazed into April's eyes with the love only a girl could feel. It had been April's idea to go for a naked walk in the wilderness, and finally June gave in. "But we should have our clothes close by in case someone sees us," June suggested.


"No," April was firm. Was she ever firm! "We leave our clothes in our dorm room. There will be no safety -- that's what will make this fun."


Looking over their shoulders to make sure they weren't noticed, the naked girls left their dorm room, and walked to the north end of the campus, and up onto the nature trails. "That was easier than I thought it would be," June admitted.


June was overcome with emotion at the sight of April's beautiful body, her hair gently flowing in the wind. She kissed her roommate tenderly, not knowing how she would react.


When April responded, June kissed her again. Slower, and more tenderly.


The girls made love under the open sky. Love is beautiful, they silently agreed.

The Waterfall

"Crysta, you should have come with us to the waterfall, it was so fun!"

Crysta looked Donna up and down in an exaggerated way to take in her utter lack of clothing. "Apparently," she said. "Did you lose your bathing suit along the way?" Crysta was wearing a baby-doll dress, which was enough to make Donna feel underdressed by comparison.

"Let me tell you the whole story," Donna said, as she looked for something to wear.

Crysta patted the bed next to her, and crossed her legs "Indian style" to give Donna her full attention. "Sit down and tell me," she said. "You can get dressed later."

"It all started innocently enough," Donna began. "I went with a bunch of girls to the waterfall to cool off." Donna tried her best to focus on telling the story, which was hard because Crysta was stroking her inner thighs. She spread her legs apart to give Crysta room to work, and continued her story. "We're all very modest, as you know, so we all wore bathing suits to the waterfall."

"None topless?" Crysta wanted to know.

"Well, I wanted to go topless, but the other girls wanted to have a pact that we all go fully clothed. They said they felt uncomfortable going topless, because we have to walk through the town to get to the waterfall. You know how the men leer at you when you're not fully dressed."

Crysta knew quite well.


Donna started enjoying Crysta's ministrations. She lied down on the bed, draping her legs around Crysta so she could stroke Donna's pussy as she continued her story. "So then some of the girls start pulling at each other's bathing suits."

"Did any come off?" Crysta asked.

"My top was the first to come off!" Donna said. "I felt so naked, having been stripped like that." Crysta started massaging Donna's firm nipples at the thought of her beautiful friend having been so unceremoniously stripped. "The worst part of it was seeing my top float away. I wanted to go after it, because I had nothing else to cover me, and I knew we would have to walk back through the town."


"What did you do about it?"

"What else could I do? I stripped the top off of one of the other girls!"


"Each girl who lost her top clutched at her naked breasts and screamed. It was so fun to strip the shy ones. I wish you had been there to see that."


"Some of the girls wanted to retaliate against me for exposing their little titties, so they attacked my bottom. But I screamed, 'not my bottom, please', I was so worried about the long walk through town if my bottom floated away down the stream."


"Some of the girls were so modest about their little breasts that they kept them covered with their hands, which saved me from being stripped completely naked for a while -- they couldn't cover their tits and strip me at the same time. But after a while, they apparently got over their modesty and started attacking me. I kept my bottom on as long as I could, but there were too many topless girls all pulling at me at once. Before long I was completely naked."


"Oh, I wish I had been there to see that," Crysta said. "How did you feel?"

"It was horrible! I was the only naked girl, and they all laughed at me. I wanted to go after my bathing suit, but the other girls held me back. All those hands all over my naked body, touching me and holding me -- I was really embarrassed."

"And a little turned on?" Crysta wanted to know.

Donna blushed, and spread her legs wider when she thought about it. That was answer enough for Crysta, who stroked Donna gently between the lips.


"I broke free of their grip and stripped as many girls as I could. Soon I found that the naked ones were helping me strip the ones who still had something on. It wasn't long before we were all... we were all... oh, oh... don't stop!" Donna spread her legs as wide as they would go, and arched her back, lifting her ass off the bed. Crysta stroked her luscious roommate from belly button down between her pussy lips, along her perineum to her cute little sphincter, and back again. With each gentle stroke, Donna squealed louder, and raised her sopping wet pussy higher off the bed.


Crysta stopped stroking to ask gently, "Finish your story, Donna."

Donna said, "Oh... Oh... OK... Please don't stop." Donna was so earnest, her tender breasts heaving with each breath.

But Crysta was resolute. "Story first, then I touch you."

Donna's quivering pussy was still arched high on her pelvis, and a tear rolled down her cheek, she was suffering so. Crysta continued stroking Donna's legs, belly, ass cheeks -- everything but her tender pussy. She kept Donna on the edge of orgasm, but took care to make her suffer as long as possible.

Hearing the commotion, some boys came into the room to see what was going on. Donna saw the boys, and practically came at the thought of being humiliated in front of the boys. Crysta gestured for the boys to gather around the bed. She let them stroke her hair and breasts, but no lower. She wanted to prolong Donna's suffering as long as possible. Donna hated the thought of cumming in front of the boys, so she was torn between modesty and wanting to cum -- she was right on the edge of cumming and thought maybe she should just get it over with. The worst part was the way the boys stroked her rock-hard nipples. She closed her legs when she saw the boys looking at her swollen pink pussy, but Crysta gently opened them again, and let one of the boys stroke the tenderest part of Donna's ass.

Having no other choice, Donna bravely continued her story. "We covered our pussies as best as we could, and bravely walked through the town. But then I remembered that these girls stripped me, and so I wasn't going to let them cover their pussies. I made a rule -- no covering your own pussy. I said if anyone's pussy needs covering, then we'll cover each others' pussies. So I covered two other pussies with my hands as we walked through town, and made sure to stroke them good and wet as I did. The other girls did the same, stroking each others' nipples and assholes as well. So by the time we made it all the way through town and onto the campus, some of us had already cum and the rest were teetering on the... teetering on... oh!" Donna hadn't forgotten about the boys, but it no longer seemed important to avoid cumming in front of them. "Make me cum, please!" She begged. With that, one of the boys took off his pants and entered Donna. With just one stroke, they both came together, and collapsed in sweaty ecstasy.

Hurricane Relief

Donna was the first to notice it, the announcement that was posted on the bulletin board in the hallway, but she was reluctant to get up and read it. Crysta had convinced her to sleep with her, naked, because she enjoyed the company. If she dragged her bare-naked butt out of bed and across the hall to the bulletin board, someone was sure to see her and make some sort of crude comment.

But curiosity got the better of her.

"Hurricane Relief Clothing Drive", it said, in big bold letters. Beneath the headline, the text was a letter from the Dean. "Due to the need for clothing to help the victims of the hurricane, we will be accepting donations at the following points: all entrances to the college, all campus busses, and the dining hall. Clothing in greatest need are panties, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, shirts, and bras, in that order. Please wear the clothing you intend to donate. Some key provisions of the Dress Code will be suspended for the duration of the clothing drive, to help you donate generously. In particular, there will no longer be a restriction against wearing panties or bras."

Donna perked up at that line -- she's always wanted to wear panties, but they were never allowed. "Crysta, wake up, this is great news!"

Crysta dragged her naked body out of bed, and across the hall, where a number of students had gathered to read the announcement. Among the girls, only Donna and Crysta were completely naked, although a few of the girls were topless. Crysta gazed with sleepy eyes at the bulletin board, then headed back to bed.

Undaunted, Donna read on: "For girls wearing more than one item of clothing, donations will be mandatory at each checkpoint. Each girl wishing to make a donation may choose between donating two items of their choice, or else donating one item chosen according to need." A strategy started to take dim shape in Donna's brain, as she read on: "Girls wearing just one item of clothing may choose to either donate the item or play a game of chance. In this game, a coin is flipped. If it lands "heads", the girl wins, and is not required to donate at this time. If it lands "tails", the girl is required to compromise her item of clothing. Panties, for example, must be pulled down to her thighs. An item with a zipper must be fully unzipped. An item with buttons must have one button removed. An item with ties must have one bow untied. You get the idea. She DOES NOT have the option to donate the item of clothing after the game begins. The girl flips a second time. If it lands tails again, she pulls her panties down to her ankles, removes another button, unties another strap, etc. Clothing that hits the ground is donated, so the girl is motivated to avoid letting her compromised item touch the ground. When she flips heads, the game ends, and the girl is not required to donate, although she is NOT ALLOWED to pull up her panties, or re-tie any clothing until she is told to do so. The main purpose of this game is to allow girls to hold onto their last item of clothing a little longer before donating it, and to entertain the other students along the way. For example, it's fun to watch a girl try to walk as fast as she can with panties around her ankles."

Donna re-read the memo to be sure she understood it, then went back inside her room. Oh, the joy! she thought to herself, as she put on a fresh pair of panties. This was the first time in months that she would be able to wear panties -- legally -- in public. She put on a nice snug bra, and cupped her breasts with delight. Over it, she put on a little sweater that left her belly button exposed -- she loved to show off her sexy belly -- and a pair of blue jeans. She hugged herself with joy. This was the first time all year she's had the luxury of wearing four items of clothing all at once!

Then she started to think about strategy.

At the first checkpoint, she would let them pick according to greatest need. That's fair, after all, and it allows her to give up just one item at a time. (Donna remembered the rule that if she picks, she has to pick two items.) Would they pick her panties first? Probably. Oh no, that wouldn't be good. She would have to take off her jeans, then her panties, make the donation with everyone looking at her bare ass, and then put on the jeans again. Then the jeans would be the next to go anyway, leaving her totally bottomless after just two checkpoints. She might as well be naked as bottomless, so that strategy wouldn't work.

Time to rethink the strategy.

At the first checkpoint, she could hand over her sweater and bra. Then at the second checkpoint, they could take either her panties or her pants -- they would probably take her panties, which would require her to get naked, briefly, but then she would be down to one item: her jeans. Then, at every checkpoint after that she would play the game: first unzip, then pull it down to her thighs, then ankles, and she would lose the jeans altogether only if she gets four tails in a row -- a one in sixteen chance. She might have to spend a lot of time with her pants down, and let people laugh at her, but at least she probably wouldn't have to get completely naked, or even totally bottomless, without a whole lot of bad luck.

The girls played this game every day for a whole month, and together, they contributed thousands of items of clothing for the Hurricane Relief Fund.

All Girl

If you're not too shy, you might consider nudity as an option. Although public nudity is forbidden by the Dress Code except in certain circumstances (see below *), it is rare that a girl is ever punished for being nude in public. (This, too, has a notable exception **) Most girls have small breasts, which tend not to flop about very much, which could be distracting if she is topless or naked, and so her breasts don't really need to be covered. If she is properly shaved, girls typically have an area of their body no bigger than a penny that would be considered their "private area", or vagina. Again, this area is so small that most girls would say it's hardly worth the bother to cover it. Finally, a girl's anus is tucked away safely between her cheeks, and so it needs no special covering.

All Girl
All Girl
All Girl

As mentioned, above, it is technically a violation of the Dress Code to leave the breasts and vagina uncovered, but, as you can see, each of these violations is very small in this case, and so it would usually go completely unpunished.

* Nudity is permitted in the following circumstances:
- During an Inspection, if you voluntarily remove articles of clothing to aid the Inspector in determining whether you are following the Dress Code,
- After an Inspection, if you were cited for indecency, and one or more articles of clothing were taken into evidence.
- On the day of an indecency hearing on which you were asked to appear nude to answer charges of indecency.

** Sprit Days "Open Season" warning
- During Sprit Days, which are designated days on which girls are encouraged to show school spirit by dressing in particular ways, such as in a minidress, for example, the girls in each dorm get together and decide which among them shows the least spirit, and they forceably strip her naked. As if being stripped by force weren't humiliating enough, other students are expected to further humiliate the naked girls by fondling them to the point of visible sexual excitement, which, as you know, is forbidden by the College Code of Conduct. The girls who are being punished in this way are not allowed to resist the fondling in any way, although they are required to refrain from becoming sexually excited. So every encounter between a naked girl and a student who tries to get her excited is an entertaining battle. If the naked girl loses the battle, then the standard punishment for becoming sexually excited is consensual rape -- that is, any boy can and should fuck the excited girl, because she's "asking for it" (that's the concent) by allowing herself to become excited. The overall combined effect of all these rules is to encourage greater school spirit by subjecting one poor girl from each dorm to a humiliating day of forced nudity and repeated raping during each Spirit Day.

The White Staircase

Donna arrived for her anatomy class just a few seconds after her roommate, and sat down next to her. "Don't you hate the stairs in this building?"

"Not really, why do you ask?"


"Because the stairs have such an open design."

"I kind of like the design of this building. It's..." Crysta searched for a word, "spaceous."

"Yes, it is, but all those spaces are taken up by boys looking up the stairs."

"Looking up the stairs?" Crysta didn't seem to understand the problem.


"Yes," Donna said, "and looking up at me." She thought she had made her point as clear as a bell.

But apparently, Crysta still didn't get it. "You're a beautiful girl. It's only natural that they would look at you."

Donna decided to try a different tack. "Do you know how desperate I am to wear panties? I would kill to have the chance to cover myself."

Crysta looked down at Donna's long legs, and her little white dress draped neatly over her lap. "You seem nicely covered to me." Crysta picked up the edges of her tiny dress, to get a look at a little more of Donna's legs.

Donna was proud of her beautiful legs, so she didn't try to stop Crysta from admiring them. She knew Crysta like a book, though. If you give her an inch she'll take a mile. She kept lifting Donna's dress to look at more and more of her leg. Soon, Crysta was admiring Donna's tight little ass. Her dress was too short to sit on, so her naked ass was planted on the seat.


"Are you quite done admiring my butt?" Donna asked, playfully. Crysta let Donna's little white dress go, but it didn't fall quite so neatly into place as it had been. In fact, Donna's pussy was completely uncovered, and she didn't seem to care. The truth is that Donna did care, but she knew her dress was really too short to cover her, so there wasn't much point in fixing it. And there wasn't much hope she would ever get Crysta to understand what she didn't like about the stairs in this building.

Bus Station

So I'm at the bus station, see? And there's a girl just sitting on the bench there. I guess she's waiting for a bus, but her legs are spread apart, and I can almost see up the leg holes of her shorts. She looks like she really wants to get out of the shorts.


So I go up to her and I say something like, It's sure hot today. She snuggles up to me, and agrees. It sure is, she says. It's a shame to wear clothes on such a hot day. And she says she was thinking the same thing. I'm just dying of curiosity -- is she wearing anything under those shorts? What if I just slide my hand up her thigh. Will they reach a quivering pink pussy? Or soft cotton?

But I savor that moment. First I ask her whether she's wearing a bra. To my surprise, she shows me she is.


Then I dare her to take off two articles of clothing of my choice. I'm thinking I'll get her out of her shorts, and then if she's wearing panties the fun will really begin. Either she'll have to take them off, or better yet, she'll beg and plead to be let out of the dare, and I'll get her to do all kinds of kinky things in exchange for permission to keep her panties on.

But then she says she'll take off three things, but she gets to pick. I take a quick look at her shorts, and the way she's got her legs spread apart, and I'm thinking she'll take 'em off, so I agree.


Within seconds of agreeing to take off three items, she's down to her skivvies. Two items off -- her shirt and her shorts, in rapid succession. Her thighs are so inviting, I touch one to see if she recoils in disgust. Quite the opposite, she moans with delight. I stroke her thighs and gently skip my hand between her right thigh and her left one, skimming her panties. They're wet! I know she wants out of them. I'm hoping and praying her third item will be her panties. To my delight she stands up, and starts taking her panties off!


But that was just a tease! She sits back down, and takes her bra off.


But her legs are still akimbo, and she leans back and enjoys her thigh rub. I'll get her out of the panties yet, I'm still hoping. But she's in no hurry, having fulfilled her commitment. Now she's got me where she wants me, stroking her soft skin for hours at a time.

Ocean Bottom

"Donna, you won't believe what your wicked roommate did to me today!" It was Nancy, whom Donna knew casually. Her room was on the second floor of the dorm, in the other wing.

Donna looked up from her studying, and smiled when she saw Nancy was naked. Although it's not unusual for girls to go naked in the dorm (the girls are like sisters, after all) Donna almost always wore something. Today she was wearing the bottoms of the pajamas she shared with Crysta. Crysta liked to wear the top, and fancied it covered her pussy, but it really didn't, and Donna didn't have the heart to tell her -- it's too late, now, anyway, because she let Crysta go out in public wearing just the pajama top, and led her to believe she was decently covered.

But I digress. Donna got up from her desk, and sat down on her bed, ignoring the fact that her pj bottoms were a bit too big for her, and slid down to reveal a deliciously flat abdomen and a seductively cute bit of her butt crack. She patted the spot next to her. "What did she do this time?" Her smile was seductive.

Nancy sat down next to Donna. She had cute blonde hair on her head, not too long, and was hairless everywhere else. She didn't flinch when Donna rested her hand in her lap. "It started when she invited me to the beach."

Donna looked up, into Nancy's eyes. She wanted to say, "Oh, the beach trick again," but she didn't say anything. She wanted to hear Nancy tell the story in her own words.

Nancy spread her legs apart to get comfortable on the bed, and seemed happy to let Donna probe her lips as she told her story. "She told me to meet her at Nick's Shack, and I didn't have to bring a bathing suit because she had an extra one for me. I believed her, so I just went down there."

"What were you wearing?" Donna asked.

"A t-shirt."

"Any panties?"

Nancy looked down and blushed a little. "Yes," she said quietly. "I know I'm not supposed to wear panties out, but my t-shirt was really short, you see."

"It's OK," Donna said, and gave Nancy a little kiss to put her at ease.

Nancy turned to face Donna, stradling her with her legs. Donna gently pushed Nancy down onto the bed, and touched her finger to Nancy's lips as if to say, "Relax". And she did relax, as Donna stroked her inner thighs. Starting at one knee, moving slowly up the leg, and then skipping over her pussy to the other thigh, and down to her knee. Nancy let out a little gasp every time Donna got close to her pussy.

Donna lied down next to Nancy, and whispered in her ear, "Go on with your story."

Nancy didn't even notice that Donna's pj's had slipped off her rump. "So I went down to Nick's in my t-shirt and panties, and there was Crysta in a bikini with some of her friends. She said, go ahead and tell Nick to get you a bathing suit. So I did. Nick asked me if I wanted a 'standard' bathing suit, so I shrugged and said yeah. So then Nick asked me for a deposit."

Donna supressed a laugh. This was the oldest trick in the book, and Nancy fell for it, with Crysta and her friends watching.

"A deposit?" I said.

"Sure," Nick said. "Like your shirt, maybe. Your shirt'll do," he said.

"You want me to give you my shirt?" I said. I couldn't believe it. So I start to go inside. I'm looking for a changing room. I was thinking I would throw my shirt over the partition, and then Nick would give me the bathing suit. But Nick tells me to stand out on the boardwalk, with old ladies and little boys walking back and forth, and for me to take off my shirt in public.

"Good thing you had panties, huh." Donna said.

"That's what I was thinking. I looked at Crysta, and she was motioning for me to take off my shirt. I thought, what the heck. I've been topless before, and it would be very brief -- just until I got my bathing suit.

"So you took off your shirt in public?" Donna prompted.

"Yes," Nancy continued. "I looked both ways, and no one besides Crysta seemed to be looking at me, so I just grabbed the bottom of my shirt with both hands and yanked it off me, like pulling off a band-aid. I handed Nick my shirt, expecting him to hang it neatly someplace, but he just tossed it on the floor and stared at my tits."

"They are nice," Donna said, gently stroking Nancy's chest. Donna smiled as her nipples sprang to life.

"Thank you," said Nancy. "So I held out my hand, expecting my bathing suit. A deal's a deal, right? Well, not at Nick's apparently. He said he wanted my panties, too!"

"Really?!" Donna seemed utterly amazed by this.

"Yes, can you believe it? I started to complain, but Nick said I could stand out there making a scene with my boobs bouncing up and down or I could strip naked, and get my bathing suit. I was really mad by this time, let me tell you. I told him I just wanted my shirt back, and I was going home. He said go ahead, but you're not getting your shirt back. For a second I even thought about going home wearing just my panties, but I could practically smell the bathing suit. I calmed down a bit, and realized that if I just gave him my panties, he would give me the bathing suit, and I would be fully covered up again. The longer I delayed, the longer people would be looking at my tits, so I decided to pull down my panties. I looked around again, but this time it seemed to me that everyone was watching me."

"What did you do?" Donna asked, stroking Nancy's wet pussy.

"I sucked up my pride, and started pulling my panties down. I thought if I just pulled them down an inch or two it would get easier. So I slipped my fingers into the waistband, and gently lowered them. Oh, Donna, I don't want to tell this part of the story."

"It's OK, Nancy," Donna said. "I think I know what happened to you, and it's OK. The same thing happens to me if I have to strip in public."

This helped a lot. Nancy relaxed, and said the thing she was so shy to reveal: "My pussy was wet from the anticipation of stripping. And it was all puffy and red. I didn't want people to see me like that."

"It's OK," Donna said, stroking Nancy's sopping wet pussy.

Nancy spread her legs even farther apart, and continued her story. "So I pulled my panties down, slowly over my thighs, then my knees, bending at the waist as I slowly lowered them. My back was to the majority of the crowd that had gathered to watch me strip, and I had no idea people could see my pussy from behind, but I guess my legs weren't all the way together."

Donna said, "It was good, in a way, that you didn't know they could see your pussy, because you would have been even more embarrassed if you knew."

"I suppose so," Nancy said. She nuzzled Donna as she continued. "So I finally get my panties off, and hand them to Nick. Once again, I hold out my hand, expecting a bathing suit. But he gives me a piece of paper instead."

"A suit ticket," Donna said.

"That's right! How did you know?"

Donna shrugged.

Nancy went on with her story. "What's this?" I demanded.

"It's a suit ticket," Nick said. He told me to take it clear to the other end of the boardwalk to a place called Tony's and I would get my bathing suit.

"Your standard bathing suit," Donna said.

"Right. My standard bathing suit. What a joke." She paused to collect her thoughts. "So here I am, stark naked, with Crysta and two of her friends, all in two-piece bathing suits. I felt really out of place, to put it mildly. I just wanted to streak to Tony's and finish this God-awful transaction. But the girls were being stupid. They kept stopping along the way to admire the stupid toy buckets and shovels in all the little stores on the boardwalk. I kept pulling them forward, and they kept putting their arms around me, slowing me down, and even fondling me. Crysta couldn't keep her hands out of my butt crack, it was really annoying!"

"She does that to me, too," Donna said. "It's just her way of being affectionate."

"I know, but can't she wait until I get my bathing suit on first, and then she can be as affectionate as she wants." Back to the story: "So we finally get to Tony's, and I hand him the paper. He looks at it like it's the strangest thing he's ever seen, then he looks at me. He looks me up and down, and I'm so afraid he's gonna notice my pussy is puffy and wet. But I guess he didn't notice, or he didn't care. He disappears into the back room, and then comes back with the tiniest thong I had ever seen."

"Your standard bathing suit?" Donna asked.


"Standard? I don't think so. I told him to try again, so he comes back with a bikini bottom -- still small, but not completely ridiculous. So I put it on, and ask him for the top."

"Top?" Nick says, still looking at the ticket. "It says here, One Standard Bathing Suit." He emphasized each word, and ran his dirty finger along the smudged ticket.

So I look at Crysta, and she starts laughing. "A standard bathing suit is a bikini bottom," she explains. "I thought you knew that!"

"Now why would I know that?" I ask, my hands on my hips. I was so pissed by this time I didn't even care about people seeing my boobs any more.

"At least your wet pussy was finally covered." Donna tried to look on the bright side.

"You're right about that. I was back to being just topless. And after being naked for so long, it felt a lot better. I decided to forgive Crysta for tricking me into going topless. I looked around the beach, and saw quite a few topless girls, so I didn't feel so out of place."

"Bring me back the bathing suit," Nick said, "and I'll give you a receipt so you can get your deposit back."

"Oh, crap!" Did I say that out loud? I suddenly realized I would have to give Tony back his little bikini bottom and then walk naked clear over to the Nicks to get my clothes back.

"Don't worry," Crysta said. "We're all in the same boat. We'll be naked together. You'll see, it'll be fun."

I thought about it, and realized it would be a lot more fun if I wasn't the only naked girl. If the four of us were all naked together, then we could go and sit down at a restaurant, maybe. I mean no one would be staring just at my wet pussy. Still, I wasn't completely convinced that it was a good thing. "OK, I guess."

Crysta was the first to suggest going in the water, and we all followed. It wasn't long before a wave broke all around me. It really surprised me -- it felt like the water was washing right up me, and then I realized I didn't have my bathing suit any more.


I checked the water all around me, but it was nowhere to be found. Did it sink? I looked under the water, but I couldn't see very well. I felt around for it. I called to the other girls, and asked them to help me find my bathing suit. But it was no use. It was lost. I hid in the water for as long as I could, but eventually I had to come out onto the beach. I was getting cold!


"Do you think Tony will understand when I tell him I lost his bathing suit?" I asked the girls.

"No," they said in unison, then laughed. I didn't think it was very funny. I tried to forget I was naked, and just enjoy swimming and lying in the sun with my friends.

After a long day of fun in the sun, we got ready to go. The other girls all stripped off their bathing suits and handed them to Tony and got their receipts. Then it was my turn. "I-- I--" I stammered. Finally I built up enough courage to tell him I lost my bathing suit.

"No suit, no receipt." he said firmly.

"Please?" I begged.

Crysta took me by the arm, and said, "Don't worry about it. We're all naked anyway now. Let's just have some fun."

I looked from one naked girl to the next, and realized she was right. We went on some rides on the boardwalk, like the big slide -- for a brief moment, I used the burlap sliding rug as a skirt, and it felt good to be covered again, if only for a minute.

"I'm hungry," Crysta said. We decided to go into a sit-down restaurant. I can't tell you what a relief it was to be with other naked girls. There's real safety in numbers, let me tell you. I could do this any time in a group.


But then we got to Tony's and the other girls all got their clothes, and managed to cover themselves up, more or less.

"I bet Crysta was still bottomless, though," Donna predicted.

"Yes, she was wearing a pajama top, so her whole ass and pussy was out," Nancy agreed. "That was actually some comfort to me as we walked back to the college."

"That was a nice story," Donna said.

"But wait," Nancy said, "It's not over. While we were walking back, Crysta and I played a little game of Truth or Dare. She dared me to stay naked for 24 more hours."

"Did you take the dare?"

"I had to, but only if she told the truth."

"What did you ask her?"

"Whether she had anything to do with me losing my bathing suit."

"So did she?"

"She claims innocence, and she swears that's the truth, but I always see a little smile on the corners of her lips when she says that. When I call her on it, she says she just thinks it's funny how my tits jiggle when I put my hands on my hips."

Donna gasped, and put her hand to her lips. "You're in my anatomy class, right? We have a big test tomorrow!"

This hit Nancy like a ton of bricks. "Oh, shit, I forgot! I was going to stay in bed, but now I have to go to class naked. Shit!"

"Oh, I'm so sorry," Donna said, as she kissed Nancy full on the lips. Nancy responded, and the two girls went at it for a couple hours.

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