Richard Hertz 

Forgot Panties

Oh, no. I forgot to put on panties this morning!


How could I have let this happen? And I'm wearing my shortest skirt, too!


I hope no one can notice that I'm not wearing any panties.


I'll just try to keep my legs together, and hope for the best. In future I'll try not to be so careless!

Unfair Punishment

It was only my first day on the job. I knew the boss was strict, but I think he was too strict. When I was hired, he warned me that I would have to take off some of my clothes if I made a mistake.

"Some?" I asked.

"That's right," he said. "We won't make you go naked or anything!" He laughed, and so did I. I mean, that would be ridiculous, right? In an office, with executives coming in and out at all times.

After our nervous laughter died down I was still a bit apprehensive. I managed to say, "So, I mean, how much will I have to take off?"

Without losing a beat, he said, "Well that depends on how badly you screw up, then, doesn't it?"

"OK," I said. "If I make a little mistake, then how much?"

"A little mistake?" He thought about it. I could see his dick getting harder the more he considered the question.

"Yes," I said, closing one eye, and holding up my thumb and forefinger, "A teeny weeny mistake."

"Well," he replied, "for that I think you might have to lose your bra."

I clasped my hands over my chest. "My bra?" This was a problem for me, because my shirts were all very thin. I don't think people can see through my shirts, but I'm not sure. I've always worn a bra, and to go without one in an office environment, well, that would be pretty hard for me.

"Just don't make any mistakes," he said, "and then you can keep your bra."

That was the end of our conversation. I wasn't happy about the prospect of losing my bra, but I did suppose it was a fitting punishment, and it would remind me not to make the same mistake twice. So I went to my post, at the front desk of the office. No sooner did I sit down, but the phone rang. I picked it up, and said "hello". The boss was right there, glaring at me.

"Hello?" he mocked. "This is a business. You answer with a businesslike voice, and thank the caller for calling us."

I was mortified. Not only did the boss chew me out in front of everyone, with the whole office watching, but now I was horribly afraid of losing my bra, to boot. "Give me one more chance," I begged.

"I'm sorry," he said. "But I'll allow you the dignity of stripping in the supply closet."

"Stripping?" I hoped he meant just taking off my bra.

"That's what I call it. First it'll be your bra. Then something else. The stripping will continue until you learn your lesson."

"But you said I wouldn't have to be naked, right?" I was just checking. But I wasn't happy with the answer.

"As long as you don't make too many mistakes," he said.

I felt like crying, so I got up right away and headed for the supply closet. I was so upset I ripped off my shirt, and took my bra off. Then, when I went to put my shirt on again, I saw one of the buttons was missing. Oh crap. I buttoned up my shirt, all except for the missing button, and was relieved to see that my tits were covered. I opened the door, and was relieved to see everyone was hard at work, not paying attention to me or my lack of a bra. I resumed my post, and answered the phone in a very businesslike way.

I was breathing a little easier when the boss came up to me and said "Did you type the Peterson Memo like I asked?"

"The Peterson Memo?" I asked. Already I was fearing the worst.

The boss became livid. "YES! THE PETERSON MEMO! I NEED IT RIGHT AWAY!"

I had no idea what he was talking about. "I guess I'll be taking off my panties now."

"Yes, AND YOUR SKIRT!" With that, he slammed his door.

I went crying into the supply closet. Surely he didn't mean it. My panties AND my skirt? That would leave me bottomless. One of the other girls, Jill I think her name is, came in and saw me crying. She soothed me by rubbing my shoulders. "I know, honey," she said. "It's not easy dealing with the boss."

I sobbed my thanks, and rested my head on her shoulders.

"Look, if you just take off your skirt and panties, and go back out there, I'm sure everything will be fine."

I was hoping Jill would come up with a better idea than that. "I really have to do that?" I begged. "It's not even lunchtime, and I'm going to be practically naked."

Jill said, "I know, honey. I'll help you," and she helped me out of my skirt and panties. Then she arranged my shirt so it would cover as much as possible, accidentally rubbing her hand against my pussy.

She felt its wetness, and looked at me. I didn't know what to say. "I get excited when I'm forced to strip. It's really embarrassing. It's like I want this or something, but I don't..." I trailed off, and started crying again. She soothed me by rubbing my pussy, but that just made me more excited. I wanted her to stop, but she was being so nice I didn't say anything. I just spread my legs apart, and prayed she would leave me alone. But she kept at it, and I swear it felt good. Before I knew it, I came, and it was a doozie. By trying to hold it back, I just made the orgasm that much stronger when it came.

"You'll feel better, now," she said, as she held open the door for me. I was bottomless, but my shirt had tails that covered the vital organs, if you know what I mean. Besides, seated at my desk, the only thing people could see was my chest, and that, thankfully, was still fully covered by my shirt.

My real embarrassment started when the girls all went to lunch and they asked me to come along. I said "no" because I didn't want to go to the cafeteria without my bottom. One of them made me stand up and show them how I was dressed. She told me not to worry about it, that my shirt covered me just fine, and all the others agreed. I know they were just trying to be nice, because the tail in back didn't really cover my ass. But the girls were being so nice, I decided to swallow my pride, and go with them. It turned out to be very nice. The girls were sweet to me, engaging me in conversation, and ignoring my skimpy attire. I was glad to get up and fetch things for them, because they were so nice. One of them forgot to get a napkin. Another needed a refill of her drink. Each time I sat down, the girls helped me arrange my shirt, so I would be covered. They stroked my thighs to ease my discomfort at being bottomless, and once or twice their hands strayed toward my wet pussy, but I'm sure that was just a mistake.

One of the girls gave me a very good tip. She said I should unbutton my shirt when I'm sitting down, because that way the sides of the shirt hang down further, and cover my thighs. So people passing our table wouldn't be able to see I was bottomless. I did as she said, and felt much better. The girls are all so sweet, stroking my skin, and making me feel comfortable. After I opened my shirt, Betty stroked my belly, which felt really nice. "You're nicely shaven," she commented after she accidentally strayed down too far, and felt my bald pussy. She realized her mistake and withdrew her hand suddenly.

"Thank you," I said, guiding her hand back to my pussy. "It's OK." The other girls saw that, and giggled. Betty admitted she doesn't wear panties at work, and asked me if I would like to check for myself. She guided my hand under her skirt, and I noticed she was fully shaven, too. And she was pretty excited, I noticed. Betty was nice to me, spreading her legs so I could get a better feel.

When one of them asked me to get her a spoon, I forgot to button up my shirt, because by this time I was feeling very comfortable with the girls. When I sat down, one of them stroked my nipples to remind me to cover up. "Oops!" I said, as I draped my shirt over my tits. We all laughed at that.

I returned from lunch feeling much better about myself. I realized all I needed was a shirt with tails that covered my pussy and most of my ass, and I could kid myself into thinking I was fully clothed.

But that good feeling didn't last long.

I found out that as soon as I left for lunch the boss started looking for me again. Apparently I screwed up something else, and he wanted more clothes. But I had nothing else to give him. I begged him to give me another chance and let me keep my shirt on. I reminded him that he said I wouldn't have to get naked. But it was no use. He sent me into the supply closet.

Naked Girl 11

Here I sit in the supply closet. I took off my shirt, but I'm afraid to venture back to my desk. My pussy is practically exploding, because I already came once or twice today, and being naked in front of other people just turns me on. I can't help it. Eventually, I suppose I'll get up the courage to go back to my desk, naked, but for now I think I'll just sit here and cry.

Love in the Afternoon

Allison and Jessica are roommates. They knew each other since high school, and now they're going to the College together. They never even saw each other naked until College, though. On the first day, when Allison had to change clothes, she decided it was silly to take her stuff into the bathroom to change, so she just stripped in front of Jessica. This did two things to Jessica. First, it turned her on -- a lot. And second, it eased her mind, and freed her to strip in front of Allison. Soon the girls realized that similar discoveries were being made all up and down the hall -- just about all the girls enjoyed stripping in front of each other, and it wasn't long before the girls simply preferred wearing less and less clothing.


To be sure, not all the girls felt comfortable naked. Some wore panties out in the hallway. Robin is a little cutie who found she could share a pair of pajamas with her roommate. She wore the bottoms, even though they were a bit too big for her, and her roommate wore the top, even though it covered her only down to her belly button.


Allison and Jessica found they were most comfortable wearing t-shirts and panties. They found that if they didn't wear panties, it was just too exciting for them, and their pussies would just get too wet. They liked to practice staying dry, for a couple of good reasons -- one, girls are required to stay dry by the College Code of Conduct. Any girl who violates this rule is "asking for it" and can be raped, and there's nothing she can do about it. In fact, rape is the specified punishment for any girl who lets her excitement show on campus. Secondly, if the girls can learn to stay dry under extreme conditions, then they will feel more comfortable without their panties on. They admire the other girls who never need to bother with panties, because they've learned to stay dry.


So the girls practice playing their game, kissing each other, and stroking each other's inner thigh and butt. The one who cums first is the loser, and she has to strip as her punishment. Allison hated to lose, and she hated to be stripped. One of Allison's main complaints is that Jessica never let her put her clothes back on again after she was stripped. She forced Allison to stay naked, sometimes for the whole rest of the day. "Don't be so attached to your panties," Jessica says to Allison. "They hardly cover any of your skin, so hardly anything is exposed when you take them off!"

Allison had to admit this was true, so she was able to think of herself as though she was wearing panties, even when she wasn't. Actually, Jessica's advice was rather helpful.


Allison lost the first round, but she's determined to win. After she cums, she has a few minutes during which she's pretty sure she won't cum again, despite Jessica's best moves.


Finally, Jessica cums, and so she has to strip, too. The girls told all their friends in the hall about this game, and they were very interested. But they had trouble understanding the rules, so they asked the girls if they would demonstrate the game for them. "Here? In front of everyone?" Allison wanted to know.

"Sure," the girls said. But there were boys present. Some of the girls had their boyfriends over for a visit. The girls weren't sure about performing in front of the boys, but eventually they were persuaded to give it a try.

It turned out to be the most fun Allison and Jessica had ever had. Making each other cum in front of an audience is a real turn-on.


Once both girls were naked, the fun really began. They played the game again and again, leaving their door open so people could pop in and watch if they wanted.


Even though Allison is the one giving head, above, her pussy is clearly in an excited state, making it hard for her to keep her legs together.


Jessica returns the favor.







What a lot of fun! Love in the afternoon.

Rock Climbing

"Oh, please don't make me go bottomless", Donna begged. Donna was getting ready to go out with Crysta to the amusement park, wearing a t-shirt and panties. Crysta wore just a t-shirt, but she didn't want to be the only girl without panties, so she was trying to convince Donna to go without panties, too. But Donna wasn't having any of it. To try to get on Crysta's good side, she brushed back her hair, and kissed her full on the mouth. Crysta kissed back, and relaxed her body so it conformed to Donna's. The two girls were one as they lost themselves in the kiss. Donna stroked Crysta's naked butt as they kissed. Crysta relaxed her cheeks, and let Donna probe between them with her fingers.

Finally, Crysta broke free. "It's for your own good, Donna. Besides, you won't be bottomless, just panty-less."

"It's the same thing," Donna retorted.

"Not at all!" Crysta stepped back, held the hem of her t-shirt out with her fingers, and did a twirl like a runway model. "See? My bottom is fully covered."

Donna didn't respond right away. She was thinking. It was true that Crysta's bottom was covered -- just barely -- by the t-shirt. And her own t-shirt was just about as long.

"But what if the wind blows?"

"So what? So someone gets a quick look at some more of your skin than you really wanted to show. It's no big deal. Just smooth your shirt down over your cute little butt, and everything will be OK."

Donna's heart was racing. "I can't help thinking that everyone will look at me and know I'm bottomless."

"Panty-less," Crysta corrected.

Donna looked at herself in the mirror. "I can see my panties," she said.

"So?" Crysta replied.

"So," Donna answered, exaggerating her words like a frustrated school teacher, "when I take them off, people will see the skin that's normally covered by my panties, and they will know I'm not wearing panties!"

"WHEN you take them off?" Crysta was smiling. She was making headway.

"IF" Donna corrected herself. "IF I take them off. I don't think my shirt is long enough."

"For crying out loud, Donna, so a little bit of your butt cheeks are hanging out of the bottom of your t-shirt. People will think you're wearing a thong."

Donna sighed. She really wanted to experience the excitement of going out in public with nothing on under her shirt. Her pussy was already wet just thinking about it. It was such a big departure for her, though. She was really attached to her cute little panties, and relied on them to keep her covered. Donna always felt free and uninhibited in her t-shirt and panties, sitting with her knees up, or cross-legged, knowing her panties would protect her. Now, with her heart racing, she was imagining all the situations she would have to shy away from without her panties to protect her.

"Let's do a trial run," Donna said.

Crysta lit up. "OK! What do you have in mind?"

"I'll go bottomless to the bookstore," she said. "I'll browse the shelves for a while, and pretend to be shopping. You watch me, and let me know if I make any mistakes."

"Mistakes?" Crysta asked, although she knew full well what Donna meant.

"Yeah, like if I forget to keep my legs together, or something."

"OK," Crysta said. "Let's go."

Donna strode out of the room, with Crysta following behind her. "Aren't you forgetting something, Donna?" Crysta was pointing at Donna's panties, clearly visible below her t-shirt.

"I thought I would take them off there, at the bookstore," Donna said. She was standing in the hallway outside their room.

"What, so you will have them to put on again if you get scared?"

"Yeah, something like that."

"No." Crysta was firm. "Leave them home. Take a chance. You need to break free, and go out without a lifeline!"

Donna put her hands over her face, and panted -- she was that scared. "OK, I'll take them off here." But she just stood there in the hallway with her hands over her face.

Crysta gently lifted her shirt, and eased Donna's panties down. Donna didn't make a move. Crysta threw Donna's panties on her bed, and returned to her stricken roommate. She smoothed Donna's t-shirt over her naked ass, allowing it to cover exactly half of it -- even with her cute little sphinxter in the rear, and exactly covering her pussy in front. Crysta continued smoothing Donna's shirt, stroking her back and chest in the process. Gradually, Donna began breathing normally, and tried to relax. "OK, I'm fine," she said, squeezing her legs together in an exaggerated effort to hide her naked pussy, which she imagined was on full display to everyone in the world, but which was, in fact, exactly covered.

The girls walked to the bookstore. Crysta walked normally, not caring if the wind blew, or if someone could see her asshole or pussy, because she was used to going without panties. But Donna took little steps, and held her t-shrt against her sexy body, in an effort to make it cover more of her, because she was desperately afraid someone would see under her shirt. Crysta said, "You know you're only drawing attention to yourself by doing that."

"Doing what?" Donna asked.

"Clutching yourself all the time. Just relax."

Donna took a deep breath, and tried to relax. Crysta stroked the exposed part of Donna's bottom. Donna slapped her hand away, then said, "Sorry. I'm on edge."

"It's OK," Crysta said, and started stroking Donna's exposed butt cheek again.

Once inside the bookstore, Donna was so self-conscious, she stuck to Crysta like glue. "Is anyone looking at me?" she asked again and again.

"No," Crysta replied each time. But it wasn't true. Donna's self-conscious attitude was causing her to attract attention. There were quite a few other shoppers, and they all seemed to be curious about Donna's bottom.

"Oh, look at that cute teddy bear," Crysta said, pointing to a stuffed bear on a rack just above eye-level. She went over to it, and pointedly reached up with both hands, and took the bear down from the rack. Donna watched in amazement as Crysta's t-shrit rode up, exposing the full extent of Crysta's lovely ass. Crysta held the bear lovingly in her arms, not bothering to adjust her shirt, which was fairly tight, and so it stayed hiked up, leaving Crysta's ass on display. Normally, Donna just smiled at that. Crysta will be Crysta, she thought. But today it really bothered her that Crysta was leaving her shirt hiked up like that. When Crysta turned around to show Donna the bear, Donna opened her eyes wide with amazement, because Crysta's shirt was hiked up in front, too, exposing her entire pussy! She practically ran over to Crysta, and pulled her shirt down over her naked bottom. Crysta pretended not to notice. She put the bear back, and then saw another bear on an even higher rack. Donna cringed as Crysta reached for it in vain, making visible once again her entire nether region. "Can you get that down for me?" Crysta asked.

"Me?" Donna pointed to herself in disbelief, and looked around to see if there was a store clerk who could help. The boys who had been watching the girls ducked their heads. No one was around.

"Yes, you're taller than me."

It was a cute bear. No one was around (so Donna thought, although all the little heads were once again popping out of the woodwork to watch Donna reach). "OK," Donna said, hoping her racing heart didn't show. She adjusted her shirt, got up on tippy toes, and tried to raise her arm as little as possible. All eyes were on her cute little butt as she reached high in the air. Donna's shirt rose up several inches higher than the top of her butt crack, making it plainly obvious to everyone that she was bottomless. Moreover, she widened her stance for stability, and leaned forward just slightly, which was enough for everyone to get a good look not just at her asshole, but her pussy, too. To make matters worse for Donna, she had been so excited by the prospect of going out bottomless, that her pussy was puffed out and bright red. Donna reached for the bear but couldn't quite get it. Crysta watched all this with amusement, and held Donna's bare leg as if to give her added stability. But she was unable to resist stroking Donna's inner thigh, right up to pay-dirt. The girls exchanged a look when Donna knew that Crysta knew -- she was sopping wet from the excitement. "See?" Crysta said. "Isn't it fun to go bottomless?"

Donna ignored her. "I can't reach it," she said.

"Use both hands," Crysta advised, knowing this would ride Donna's t-shirt half way up her back. Still pretending to steady her roommate, Crysta stroked the full expanse of Donna's naked butt -- partly for the thrill of it, and partly so Donna would realize her butt was fully on display. "There's nothing left to lose," Crysta added, as if Donna didn't already get the point.

Donna spread her legs farther apart for stability, and raised both arms, lunging for the bear. She came down with it, and her t-shirt settled by itself back into its normal place, covering once again her pink, wet, pussy. She handed the bear to Crysta, who stroked it for a minute, and then handed it back to Donna, grinning. "Can you put it back now?"

Donna laughed, and set the bear down on a lower shelf. "Oh, you!" she said, giving Crysta a playful shove.

"Do you feel more comfortable now, with just a t-shirt on?"

"I'm getting there," Donna admitted, as the two girls headed out of the bookstore.

Crysta patted Donna's half-bare butt for encouragement, and said, "let's go to the amusement park now."

Donna took a deep breath and said, "OK, I'm ready."

Crysta put her hand around Donna's waist, under her t-shirt, lifting it slightly. Donna playfully lifted Crysta's t-shirt a whole lot further, fully exposing Crysta's pussy and ass.

Here are the pictures:








Sometimes, anticipation is the worst part of it. That's why I was really pissed today when we had a "group inspectioin" in our class.

Let me tell you what happened.

I was wearing a top and panties, like I usually do. Like most girls, I get inspected now and then. It's no big deal. Usually, the inspector pulls me aside, and makes me take off my panties. Sometimes he makes me take off my shirt, too, which is totally unneccessary, but I don't mind. Then, he makes me parade back and forth naked for a while -- watching to see if I get excited (which I never do) -- and then he gives me back my clothes (at least my shirt -- sometimes he keeps the panties) and I go on my way.

But this time was different. I didn't like this at all.

The inspector made all us girls pull down our panties, if we were wearing any, and kneel with our legs spread apart. Meanwhile the boys stayed in their seats and watched. I felt really awkward, with my asshole on display like that. We were displaying ourselves fully like that for what seemed like an hour, although I guess it was only a minute or two.

Then it got worse. The inspector told us we needed to stay dry, because some girls have exhibited signs of sexual excitement, which is strictly forbidden. Then he went around and felt us up, stroking our thighs, and our buttocks, trying to get a reaction out of us. Some girls succumbed. This was horrible for them, because they were stripped and raped. The inspector pressed the boys in our class into service as rapists. Some of the girls were allowed to keep one article of clothing, if they didn't resist the rape. They were allowed to request a second rape for another article of clothing, if they wanted to, but most of the girls just kept the one article and counted themselves lucky.

It was just me and a couple other girls who were able to resist the fondling and stay dry. But then it got a lot harder. The inspector greased us up and used vibrators on us. It was impossible to resist that. I not only got excited, I came.


Then, without warning, the inspector himself raped me -- when I was still reeling from being forced to cum in front of everybody, he knelt behind me and stuck his fat dick in my asshole, and pressed hard. He came in one stroke, and I'm ashamed to admit that I came again, too. It was good to cum, I admit. I'm loathe to admit it, but it was doubly exciting for me to be raped because I didn't know it was coming -- it "came" as a surprise, so to speak. The only other good thing about this inspection was that I was allowed to keep my panties, unlike most of the other girls, who left the classroom either bottomless or topless.


Fishnet clothing has the full blessing of the Dress Code. This girl is considered fully dressed according to the dress code. Moreover, she is less likely to be "inspected" (i.e. forced to strip in public to verify she is complying with the dress code) than other girls who wear pants, because it is clear that she isn't wearing panties under them.


A rear view of this same girl confirms that she is properly covered. The strings that criss-cross over her asshole and pussy are considered sufficient to cover these body parts -- after all, they are the same size as the rear strap of a thong, and this is deemed adequate asshole coverage by the Dress Code.


Here is another girl, wearing a fishnet bottom. Again, the strings criss-crossing her asshole and pussy are sufficient to fully cover her. Naturally, she is also free to keep her legs together, and not spread her cheeks unneccessarily, which improves her feeling of being "decent" in public.



The girl pictured, above, is wearing shorts with a very small strap between her legs. Naturally, she isn't wearing any panties under the shorts, because that would constitute "double coverage", which is prohibited by the Dress Code. Also, it is clear that her pussy is barely covered. In fact, when she spreads her legs apart, her pussy lips are visible. For this reason, it is clear that the shorts do not afford very much coverage, and it stands to reason that people will gawk between her legs.


To stop that sort of behavior, this girl has done something very clever. By wearing a fishnet top, she distracts attention from her pussy, and places it squarely on her lovely tits. In this way, she is free to go bottomless, because, as we've already mentioned, her shorts don't cover much at all, and so they're pretty much pointless.


By wearing a fishnet top, she is comfortable taking off her shorts, knowing that her pussy won't really attract that much attention. Here she is pictured with her legs spread apart, and even then, her pussy is barely noticeable. When she puts her legs together, she is, for all intents and purposes, fully clothed.

Decent Girls

As you know, panties are prohibited under short skirts at the college. The reasoning is simple. If girls aren't allowed to wear panties under short skirts, they won't wear short skirts. That is, the lack of panties will be too risky for the girls, and so they'll wear longer skirts. This way, we maintain an acceptable standard of decency at the college.

Still, some girls will be adventurous, and there's nothing wrong with that. Here's a girl who has a very short skirt, and she's following the rules. As you can see, she's pretty decent. By keeping her legs together, she avoids showing her pussy or asshole to any wandering eyes


When she sits down, she continues to keep her legs together. Wearing stockings is another trick she uses to appear fully covered. Only by lowering your head and looking directly between her legs can you tell that she isn't wearing panties.


Naturally, for a girl who isn't wearing panties, skimpy clothing does very little to cover her up. While this may leave her feeling exposed, it also has a flip-side, which is that taking it off doesn't exposer her much more. Here she is again, having removed some of her clothing, and feeling about as "covered up" as she was before.


Here, she has lifted her top, so her boobs are fully visible. This gives her a feeling of freedom, and at the same time, she feels no more exposed than she did previously. Having enjoyed this breath of fresh air, her boobs long to be completely free of her top, and as they are already fully visible, it is a small step for this girl to simply remove her top, and her skirt as well.


Here, above, she is lounging on the stairs, having removed all her clothing except her leggings, which give her the continued illusion of being fully clothed. Notice that this girl has shaved fully, so that there is very little evidence of nudity, even when she is naked. Her lips cover her pussy, leaving only skin visible to the eye, and when you think about it, not much more skin than is ordinarily exposed at, say, a public beach.

Some girls hate to be topless. This girl always wears a shirt, even on "one item day" so she can keep her tits covered.


Here's another girl who proves that panties aren't neaded to stay decent:


These girls are getting ready to leave their dorm room, naked. It's a big deal the first time around, but it gets easier as the girls discover how well accepted nudity is. By stripping together, each girl encourages the other, and they can do together what either one alone is afraid to do.

[link=]Decent Girls[/link]

When they're out and about in the nude, the girls can remind one another to keep their legs together, so as not to show off their fully shaved pussies too much.

Proper public use of vibrator

Girls, I know that public use of a vibrator is a turn-on, but please wear at least a shirt -- minidress is preferable -- when using a vibrator in public. This way, if people see you, they won't be confronted with your heightened sexuality, which could be embarrassing for them.


Before inserting a vibrator, spread your pussy, to allow easy insertion. If you are wearing a dress, lift the dress to expose your pussy to the air, and to any casual glances that come your way. This will cause nearby boys to become erect, and excite you in the process, lubricating your pussy for easy insertion. In addition, lick the vibrator for added lubrication.


Turn the vibrator on before inserting it. The vibration will make it less sticky, easing insertion. Then, as you realize the benefits of vibration, lower your shirt or dress over your pussy, to hide from others what you are doing. You may leave the vibrator inserted and running as you go about your daily business. If your dress is very short (recommended) then be sure to fully insert the vibrator so it is not visible below your dress. Enjoy, girls!

Covering Up

Because of the Dress Code, I sometimes find myself naked in public. It works this way. I like to dress conservatively. For example, I wear pants and a shirt instead of a minidress. I know it's against the Dress Code to wear panties under pants -- that violates the double-coverage rule. I don't mind leaving my panties at home. It even feels a bit exciting to have the rough inside of my pants rub against my fully shaved pussy. The problem for the College is that from outward appearances, it's not possible for inspectors to see that I'm following the dress code. So, from time to time, I'm stopped, and forced to strip, so I can prove that I'm following the dress code. I don't mind this, it's part of the rules. Besides, all the girls have to endure this public stripping, so it's OK.


Where I start to have a little problem though, is in the very strict interpretation of the dress code. In particular, the rule that says I can't wear a dress and pants at the same time. You see, I'm NOT wearing a dress -- just a shirt -- but the shirt is long enough by itself to cover my abdomen, and this makes it a micro-minidress in the eyes of the dress code inspectors. So when they strip me, they make me take off my pants first, and then parade around for them wearing just my shirt. I'm terribly embarrassed whenever this happens, because my ass and pussy are completely uncovered. Then, they take all my clothes into evidence, for a hearing to be scheduled at a later date, leaving me naked.

As I said, I don't mind being stripped by the inspectors, but I really feel that I'm following the dress code, so I should get my clothes back after the inspection is over. Even if my shirt is too long, so it counts as a minidress, I should get SOMETHING back to wear. It would be OK if I just got my shirt back, because if it counts as a minidress, I could wear it that way, and imagine that my pussy was covered. But being totally naked is a scary experience for me. Especially because it's also an exciting experience. My pussy swells up and gets wet, and I'm always afraid people can see this and know I'm getting turned on by my own fear and humiliation.


So I cover my pussy with my hands, and this helps me feel better. After a while -- maybe an hour or so -- I start to get used to being naked. It helps when I see other girls parading themselves about campus naked, so I know I'm not alone. Then I relax a bit, and leave my pussy uncovered. When I see other girls who are sexually excited, it relaxes me further, knowing that I can get turned on and not feel embarrassed. This sometimes happens because of another one of the rules in the college, which is that being naked is a blanked invitation for people to touch me. Usually it's boys who touch me. For example, in the line at the dining hall, a boy might gently stroke my bare buttocks. I'm required by the rules of the college to allow the boy to do this, so I stop, and spread my legs slightly, to give him full access. Even though I wish he would stop, he usually takes this as a sign it's OK to continue, and as I said, the college rules give him that right. So he strokes me between my thighs, causing me to spread my legs a bit more. This gives him access to my asshole and pussy. Before long I'm excited. Sometimes the boy takes this as an invitation to fuck me, which, again, is permitted by the rules. The dean says girls should refrain from becoming visibly excited, but if they do, this can be taken as permission to be fucked. He calls this "Consensual Rape". He says the consensual rape rule is in place to discourage girls from letting their excitement show. Trouble is, I don't know how to avoid it if a boy is fondling me in the dining hall line. So I take it as a matter of course. When I'm naked, boys will fondle me and then sometimes fuck me. The first few times it happens, it can be upsetting. But now I even look forward to a good fucking. Hey, all the girls are doing it, so why shouldn't I?

Dealing with Nudity

I felt shy about being nude in a public setting, so I asked my boyfriend to help me. He put me in the corner of his house on a day when his parents were having friends over for a party. He told me I had to sit there until I was ready to strip, and that I couldn't leave until I was naked.


I sat and listened to the party going in the other rooms of the house. It was only a matter of chance that no one stumbled upon me, in my underwear. I waited a long time, my heart pounding, until finally I built up the courage to take off my skimpy clothes.


I continued to sit in the corner, praying no one would see me. Except my boyfriend, of course. In fact, I was also praying that he would come back and verify that I got naked, and then I could put my clothes back on again.


Eventually, I realized that if anyone saw me covering myself like that, they would know I was naked and ashamed. I also realized that my bald pussy was just skin, like any other skin, and its little lips would hide anything pink and juicy down there.


Once I realized that my skin covered me up just as well as my clothes ever did, I realized I was, in a way, fully clothed. I arched my back, and strutted my stuff right into my parents' party. Sure enough, my extreme confidence in myself was enough for everyone to accept me in my nudity, including my boyfriend, who was very proud of himself for training me to be comfortable naked in public.


The End

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